Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 7

Big Time Pranks

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Boys vs. Girls prank war competition... who will win?

    FINALLY!!! I finally watch this prank themed episode of "Big Time Rush". I missed it when it first aired on Nick in November and everytime I change the channel to this episode, I always end up watching the last 4 minutes of the episode but finally on June, I watch the full episode of "Big Time Pranks". I can't believe that I have seen every single "Big Time Rush" episode except for "Big Time Pranks" but now I finally saw this episode and I wish I watched it a long time ago because I really enjoyed this episode. The boys vs. girls prank war was a very interesting and pretty hilarious idea. Mrs. Knight was very funny in this episode when she just kept reading the magazine. Logan pranking himself was hilarious and it was funny when Logan became the medical assistant for a day. Everyone's pranks in this episode were pretty funny and some of the pranks I didn't expect to happen such as when Camille was crying and then she just pretended to cry so all of the girls can throw pie at the guys. Gustavo and Kelly switching places for a day had me laughing hard all the way. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was the ending... I mean, I hated that Mr. Bitters closed down the pool for two weeks and I wanted to see if it was the guys or the girls that won but both sides won... Kendall and Katie both got the prank crown (I guess that part was a little nice though). I still can't believe I finally watched this episode today and I regret not watching it a long time ago. Overall, an excellent episode of "Big Time Rush". 9.5/10
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    Although this was an enjoyable watch, the plot was just too unoriginal and cliche for this to be a good episode. I mean come on, we've seen this on almost every Nickelodeon show. A prank war, not original. We've seen this on Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, and even Ned's Declassified. The plot just felt too familiar. It was fun to see these pranks play out, and who the winner was in the end, but like I said, not original.

    The plot was original yet unrealistic was Logan being a med assistant for a day. Pranking himself was absolutely hysterical. Ms. Knight was also significantly funny with her magazines. The role reversal day was funny as well, I found myself laughing at the sugar packet prank for some reason. Anyways, a fair episode overall, despite some very enjoyable scenes.
  • It's boys verses Girls in a very big prank war.

    At first the boys were going to do it with themselves, but then Katie and the girls basically say, "We can do it too."

    Meanwhile Gustavo and Kelly switch each other's roles under rule of Griffin.

    Carlos accidentally pranks himself and becomes a deputy doctor under Dr. Hollywood's rule. But he realizes that he has a choice: Stay with the band or go be the doctor that he so wishes to be.

    The pranks get quirkier. And Mr. Bitters doesn't like it.

    He tries to stop the pranking, but fails miserably.

    Mrs. Knight also gets into tabloid magazines as well.

    I find this episode to be fun. No heartbreak whatsoever in this eppie.