Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 19

Big Time Prom Kings

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 21, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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    I was beginning to think Big Time Rush had lost whatever it had in it's first season after a few disappointing installments from it's second season, but this episode proved me wrong. Looks like BTR needs to do "dance" episodes more often!

    Every story line was great and hilarious. I was most impressed with how the writers tied in every story line like that. With Jennifer chasing Carlos, Jo getting caught, James & Camille switching outfits, and the final out come of prom king/queen was fantastic. They really did a good job there.

    The song was actually pretty good. Liked the little music video half-way into the episode. Overall, this was a successful installment of Big Time Rush. If only it was like this every week.
  • Overall great episode of "Big Time Rush"

    I thought that this was an overall great episode of "Big Time Rush". There was a great prom themed episode "Victorious" tonight and there was a great prom themed episode of "Big Time Rush"... so both of the prom themed premieres tonight were both overall great and I like both of them equally. Some of the parts in this episode were pretty boring and just kind of weak. Kendall's plot was pretty funny. James' plot wasn't that great and could have had a better plot. Carlos' plot is probably worse than James' plot AND Logan's plot was kind of funny (although he was mainly part of James' plot but he kind of had a plot as well). Gustavo and Kelly's plot was probably the funniest of this episode. I'll do this review by plots which is hard for me to do in reviews when there are so many plots in shows sometimes but I'll try my best. (Kendall's plot) I thought it was hilarious when Buddha Bob was pretending to be Jo so Kendall and Jo can go to prom together since Jo is grounded. The cutaway with Kendall and Jo missing curfew (which got Jo grounded) was funny. It was hilarious when Buddha Bob said "Good night Dad" to Jo's dad which made Jo's dad curious and made him found out that Kendall and Jo were at the prom. (James' plot) I didn't like this plot too much but I guess it was watchable BUT the only part I laughed at in that plot was when James was in a dress and I didn't like how James can't dance with Aubrey Stewart. (Carlos' plot) This plot was probably worse than James' plot because I thought Jennifer was being obnoxious and kind of gross when she was Carlos' date because she would stuff salad all over her mouth and then talk with her mouth full and this plot wasn't watchable at all and is the worst plot of this episode. Logan's plot was mainly part of James' plot when he helped James get Aubrey Stewart as his prom date but his kind of plot was when he didn't want Camille and that other guy (I think his name is Steve... not sure) to win prom king and prom queen and I thought it was pretty nice because you know that Logan still cares about Camille and I hope they get back together in the future. Gustavo and Kelly's plot was the funniest of this episode because Gustavo and Kelly are running around the prom doing things such as serving food, DJing, and taking prom photos. Overall, this was an overall great prom themed episode of "Big Time Rush" but it wasn't my favorite episode. 8.5/10