Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 14

Big Time Songwriters

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Perfect episode of "Big Time Rush"

    I thought that this was a perfect episode. It was also a pretty funny episode. The boys want to write a song but Gustavo keeps telling them "no" so the boys distract Gustavo by telling him that there is a Palm Woods spa and it's up to Katie, Camille, and Buddha Bob to distract Gustavo at the Palm Woods spa while the boys write a song at "Rocque Records". It was funny when Gustavo has grass hair. It was funny when Katie, Camille, and Buddha Bob try to stop Gustavo when Buddha Bob blurts out that the boys are writing the song. It was funny when Gustavo is in the cement and his rage helps him get out of it. It was funny when Camille dressed up as a ninja and hit Gustavo. The boys trying to write a song and fighting over it is funny. Kendall and Carlos try to write the "Oh" song while James and Logan try to write the "Yeah" song. It was also funny when the boys are fighting with music tools making it look like it's from a war movie. Kelly told the boys that could put the "Oh" and "Yeah" together and make a song called "Oh Yeah!" and sing it at the end of the episode. I also thought that the "Oh Yeah!" song was really good. Overall, a perfect episode of "Big Time Rush". 10/10
  • Big Time Songwriters

    Weak attempt on tonight's episode of Big Time Rush. I really can't see anyone liking this episode in it's entirety. Sure, we got a few noteworthy gags but overall, it just seemed so pointless. The ending was predictable, and the musical number in the end is getting old.

    The only scenes I found myself laughing at was when the group was trying to keep the guy in the spa, but everything else was pretty juvenile. The "Oh" and "Yeah" songs were annoying especially since I called the ending from a mile away.

    Overall, weak episode of Big Time Rush, I was just embarrassed to be a fan tonight.
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