Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 24

Big Time Strike

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • So far, the worst "Big Time Rush" episode of Season 2


    I love "Big Time Rush" and it one of the best live-action Nickelodeon shows that I have seen but this episode was just absolutely poor and possibly the worst "Big Time Rush" episode of Season 2. When I first saw the promo for this episode, I knew I wasn't going to love it but I didn't think it would be this unwatchable... I was expecting to give it at least maybe a 6 but sadly it gets a 4 from me. First of all, almost the entire episode with the whole "strike" plot was getting me very irritated and the guys were being stupid also. I did not like Gustavo shocking the guys throughout this entire episode, he just got me furious doing that to the guys. Gustaco deciding to get the guys back but the guys wouldn't come back unless they do all of the requests was just stupid and say to myself "Just come back and don't demand you idiots". I knew the guys are idiots and that's what makes them funny but their stupidity in this episode was just unwatchable and not funny at all. The only parts that did make me laugh was the strike cards saying things like "Where's Katie", "Stupid", and all that (you know, classic humor that the Looney Tunes characters use), Gustavo dressing up as all four of the guys and trying to sing like them which makes Kelly faint, Mrs. Knight going on strike because Katie doesn't think being a mom is difficult, and the very end of the episode. Also, the new song towards the end of the episode was very good and fun to watch. Other than those things, this is possibly and most definitely Season 2's worst episode. Overall, a poor episode of "Big Time Rush"... I hope I never see an episode this bad ever again. On the bright side, it did have at least a few enjoyable moments. 4/10