Big Time Rush

Season 2 Episode 17

Green Time Rush

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Moral: Don't end up like Jett

    As much as I love Big Time Rush,this was one of their best episodes. This episode is about The Palmwoods school's teacher assigning all of her students to Social Studies assignment about saving energy and going green. However,the boys have trouble with their projects. Kendall was going to get Jo,but she's in production of something,so ends up with Jett,but he's wasting electricity. James and Carlos project is about getting a cow in every room,but try to hide the cow from Bitters and Logan pairs up with a bully. Meanwhile,Katie tries to get Griffin to use paper cups,not foam cups. At the end,Kendall wins with his project on Jett and how he wastes electricity. Now this episode was just plain out funny. The chase through town with James and Carlos was just an LOL moment,Jett wasting electricity was hilrailous and Kendall's project was just very funny. Overall,this was a very funny episode with hilrailous moments.
  • Superb but not perfect

    So, the class gets an assignment, and the have to find ways to go green, and things start getting ugly when Kendall is paired with his adversary (enemy), and Logan is paired with a bully. This episode was an absoulutely great episode, but I have one question: Was the subplot necessary? I'm not talking about the one with the cow project, but the other one. It wasn't really necessary and it's the reason I lowered my score. So, anyway, back to the scoring.

    9/10 A- It's a great episode with a suprise ending, which was sort of great too.

    See You Next Time!
  • A perfect Earth Day themed episode of "Big Time Rush"

    I thought that this was a perfect Earth Day themed episode of "Big Time Rush". This episode had me laughing very hard. Although, Jett was a little irritating in this episode but I can let that slide. Anyways, I loved all of the plots except for maybe the Kendall/Jett plot since Jett was a little irritating. I thought it was very funny that Logan is partnered up with that bully. It was very nice that the bully and Logan became very good partners with each other at the end of the episode. I thought it was funny that Kendall tying up Jett as their Earth Day project at the end of the episode was very funny. I thought the plot when Carlos and James' Earth Day project was a cow was so hilarious that it's stupid. It was hilarious when they were running around to look for the cow. It was funny that Mr. Bitters can sense where the cow is located since he grew up in a farm. It was also hilarious when Carlos and James were downtown with the cow on the news. Katie's plot was also hilarious when she wanted paper cups instead of foam cups and Griffin refused to do that. Griffin couldn't take it anymore and decided to recycle paper cups at the end of the episode. The ending was kind of a letdown but I can let that slide since I enjoyed this episode so much. Overall, a perfect Earth Day themed episode of "Big Time Rush". 10/10
  • Green Time Rush

    Every year, Nickelodeon makes a huge deal about Earth Day which causes a string of Nickelodeon episodes that have too do with "going green." I have nothing against going green but when used in story lines, it's hard to make it not seem all too familiar. And that was the verdict here for Big Time Rush.

    I mean yes, this episode was entertaining and for the most part funny. Just the story line wasn't very well thought out and some of the lines were pretty weak. I think Katie's story line I was the most impressed with, but that's pretty much it.

    Logan/Bully was cliche. Carlos/James/Cow was stupid. Kendall/Jet was mildly entertaining but predictable. Katie's story line was funny and genuine. Fair episode of Big Time Rush.
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