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  • Not Bad, But Could Have Used A Little More Effort & Touch-Ups

    Big Time Rush is somewhat of a wannabe show, a show that wants to be of family entertainment by being a show about a band, but it doesn't deliver that strongly as it is. The show is about 4 band members of a band including: Kendall, James, Logan, & Carlos. I would have liked this show better if two of the main characters had more unique personalities, which are Carlos & Logan. I saw some good personalities in Kendall & James, but not great. Carlos & Logan I honestly thought looked a bit alike, & they both talked somewhat the same. The side characters are not bad, they seem phoned in, especially with the character Gustavo. The actor does OK, the only problem is that he screams a lot. Out of all the side characters, Gustavo is slightly the best to me, while the rest are kind of generic. I also thought that the show could have been a little more realistic: Instead of having the band seem unpopular towards the public in the show, why not have them actually be really popular & tell more of the struggles of holding a band? That would have been more interesting but instead, the story seems kind of generic too to me. Overall: Big Time Rush does have certain problems, I was a little disappointed when I watched the show, but it didn't horrify me as it did have some good characters, decent writing, so-so humor, & an OK plot. You could give it a watch, but don't expect it a classic.

    2.5/4 Stars

  • HowToRockIsAwesome, you're an idiot and clearly don't understand how reviews work.

    Also, this show is trash. Fake actors with really poor acting skills with really flashy pauses and immaturity all introduced into a kids' show. Makes kids act really strangely, as TV has a very prominent influence in a child's life.

    HowtoRockIsAwesome, the system of reviews depends on people informing other people that it's bad. As a human race, working together to communicate general ideas is how we can advance. If people have taken enough time to write bad reviews, then we can completely understand how useless watching this show is. By promoting not giving bad reviews but simply only giving good ones, not only are you "showing how childish you really" are, but shows how you simply don't understand anything about basic logic.
  • Great

    I think Big Time Rush was great. I was upset when it got canceled. It had great songs and a great cast. Like i said on How to Rock review, you shouldnt waste your time writing a bad review if you dont like it! Its just showing how childish you are really.

  • A very good show, with some of my favorite songs

    Big Time Rush, was a show that I liked. Not so, as Dan Schneider shows, but it was still a very good show, with a couple of songs from the band, who enter on my list of favorite songs. I did not care much to cancel it because I did not like as much as other shows.

    Balance of seasons:

    * First season: This season had many of my favorite episodes of the series and was a good way to start (8)

    * Second season: This season was not as good as the previous one, until the middle of this season's episodes were gold, then became less quality and imagination. It might be better than the previous season (7.9)

    * Third season: Similar to last season (7.9)

    * Fourth season: good season, but with less quality than the previous (7.7)
  • Big Time Flush!

    The show was weird and their music was bad! I am SO HAPPY it was cancelled.

  • Great show!

    Ok, so I am a huge fan of the show Big Time Rush, based off the boy band of the same name. It has an all star cast of daran norris, Tanya chisholm and ciara bravo. the show was sadly cancelled in 2013. i actually love this show. I wish it wasn't cancelled! I love most of the episodes
  • too loud, and obnoxious

    I love Neds Declassified because it was original and had great actors. BTR tried to use the same formula, but not to much avail. The characters are too loud. Gustavo screams almost all the time, and so does every one else.

    The humour is forced. The side stories have no substance. It simply relies on random silliness and it gets tired quickly. Although the show makes fun of the celebrity life, it still falls they are still just a boy band making money off of girls
  • Nick done diddly fucked up.

    This show is just flat out terrible. I'm sure its aimed at preteen girls whose nips shoot up whenever the guys start singing their songs, or whatever you wanna call them.

    The only upside to this show is that it doesn't have any of that damned canned laughter every that tells us when we should laugh. Other than that, its terribly terrible.


    Kendall: Stupid.

    Logan: Stupid.

    That other band member: Stupid.

    That other other member: Stupid.

    The little girl: Annoying.

    The fat guy with glasses: Annoyingly stupid.

    Jokes- 0/10

    Songs- Nope, nope, just nope.

    So unless you want to watch a show filled with annoyingly stupid grown men doing annoyingly stupid shit, then avoid this show at all costs. Trust me, I'm doing you all a favor by warning you to turn the channel whenever this show comes on.

    @Rusher1: I pray that you're not being for real.
  • The best show ever of the best band ever. BIG TIME RUSH FOR EVER

    The most amazing awesome TV show who ever created. Is the most funny show and makes anyone happy when see it, but the most amazing thing in it is the music of the band, they have the best songs ever and the deserve to be always first. I love Nickelodeon and everything creates is awesome but Big Time Rush is the best. I always love BTR and I am proud to be a Rusher.
  • Thank heavens this consumeratic piece of junk against humanity ended.

    Ok then, i was nice and i gave this one for the songs but there is more to it..

    The plotlines are generic, the sound effects are out of control, the boys are brain-dead. Not just that, one episode focuses ENTIRELY ON AN INTERVIEWER TRYING TO CHANGE THE BOYS' SCORE TO A POSITIVE RATING. Just stupid. The sound effects are annoying and stupid. Ned's Declassified did that, but not as often as this disaster. If i were to give the worst episode of this disaster it would be either Big Time Mansion or Big Time Sneakers.

  • Its okay, but I`d expected better

    The show permeried in 2009 and I got to admit, it did feel funny at some moments. I do admit that Big Time Rush did sing a few songs that were worth listening to but then again, it feels like I am watching a self promotion series. The band makes a song in an episode and then the song comes out. Feels like a subliminal advertising thing going on you know. The humor has had a few moments of being actually funny with some memorable episodes and such but ultimatly I think that there`s a few areas that need some work on. BTR also does`nt completly break new ground. A show about a band; The Monkees already covered that idea in the 60`s. It`s enjoyable to watch yet I would`nt put it on my favorites list too soon.
  • The Best Show Ever

    Big time rush should come for season 5 or nickelodeon ratings will go low. It is only the best show on nick and we love it.
  • Pretty awsome.

    I don't watch it much, I like it though. My mom even watches it without any problems.
  • Rock on, BTR!

    If there is one thing I must say about Big Time Rush. It is this. I think the guys are great. But I kinda love Ciara Bravo, the portrayer of Katie Knight, for just one reason and one reason only. She is similar to what Miranda Cosgrove, (my celeb crush) as Megan Park does on "Drake & Josh": trick them into believing they should be grounded because they did something they really didn't do. On the bright side though, I like the kind of heart Ciara Bravo has. She has a good heart. Rock on, Big Time Rush! Can't wait for wait should be either season 5 or your first made-for-TV or theater film.
  • love this show

    i love this show and band .big time rush songs are so awsome and there show is so awsome too i love this show and btr . I wish u guyzzzzz very gud luck in the future and I hope u guyzzzzzzzz to do season 5 and I wish u best of luck for big time movie 2 and next episods of season 4 and i love ur song sooo much !!!!!!!!!!!:)
  • Love the show

    My thoughts on the show Big Time Rush are good. I think they have done a really good job through out the year and worked really hard on it. I wish you guys good luck in the future and hope you get to do a season5. I also hope for a Big Time Movie 2, because I heard roomers about it in magazines I have read!!! :)
  • Love the show but the episodes are getting really bad

    I love Big Time Rush, the band and show. The show is really great but the episodes aren't great like they used to be. They're a lot more corny and the last episode, "Big Time Cartoon" made me cringe. It was a great idea, just not a great script. I really hope it gets better.
  • Great Show

    I hope they make a new season 5. Because almost every other show on Nickelodeon isn't that great. They already got rid of victorious and i don't know if its just me but do we really want to watch the legend of korra again it wasn't a good show. But hopefully the views and rates will go up for big time rush its the best for everyone.
  • Pretty good show

    Big Time Rush is a really great show. If you don't like Big Time Rush you are all hope there will be a season 5 of Big Time Rush because if there isn't i would really miss it
  • Why the hate?

    I love this show. The jokes are pretty funny, there are good plots, and there's no laugh track.
  • This show is horrible.

    My eighth TV review.

    OMG, why did Nickelodeon even make this horrible show? This show is just as bad as Marvin Marvin, but, a little better than Fanboy and Chum Chum. This show is about 4 teenagers who go on pointless adventures. This show is stupid, boring, pointless, idiotic, and uninteresting, and I also can't stand the idiocy of this horrible show. This show needs to get cancelled from Nickelodeon for good since Nickelodeon needs to bring back the GOOD shows that it used to air, such as Rugrats, CatDog, Hey Arnold, Doug, The Wild Thornberrys, Chalk Zone, Kenan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Invader Zim, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Rocket Power, All That, Ahh!!! Real Monsters, Kablam!, and even My Life As a Teenage Robot and As Told By Ginger, and Nickelodeon definitely needs to cancel this and Fanboy and Chum Chum. This show is awful.

    My rating: 2.5 out of 10
  • Big Time Rush? How about Big Time GUSH?

    This show has nothing special to offer, and GOD the pilot was horrible and boring. Some toilet humor there, some "Hey, let's fight each other to death to see who gets to f*** that new girl", etc. this show is for fa**, fa**oty tweens, and more. Cancel and vaporize this show.
  • Watch Big Time Rush Season 4, Episode 7 Big Time Pranks 11L3F6j


    Watch Big Time Rush Season 4, Episode 7 Big Time Pranks 11L3F6j

    Watch Big Time Rush Season 4, Episode 7 Big Time Pranks 11L3F6j

    Watch Big Time Rush Season 4, Episode 7 Big Time Pranks 11L3F6j
  • Big Time Success

    In all honesty, this is the best show Nickelodeon has right now. Less overbearing and random than iCarly. More understandable than Victorious. It was created by Scott Fellows (creator of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide) who clearly knows how to make a decent show. I think this is the one show that has improved over time, because Season 4 has been an absolute riot. Other than iCarly and Victorious, which both grew past their prime. The humor is top-notch, the storylines are decent, and the music is great. All four members (especially James) show talent and potential for successful post-Nick careers. This is a very underrated show that's doing everything iCarly and Victorious couldn't: Stay entertaining.
  • Big Time FLOP

    This was Nickelodeon's downfall...
  • It's ehh

    I used to love the show but now it's really corny. All i watch it is for Jo (Katelyn Tarver)
  • Big time shit

    it's a boy band show ... what can we all say more than that? Apparently 12 year old girls run our economy
  • Overrated, big time

    Overall, this show is one of the generally better shows on present-day crap nickelodeon. u can definitely get a chuckle out of it which has been hard for other nickelodeon writers to proceed with. it's goofy, the characters aren't the most unappealing possible, and it is made by the company of ned's declassified (a good show) but..... there's always the catch.

    big time rush is in a way just another one of the nickelodeon shows that is used as a ratings trap. nickelodeon is super eager to sell there CDs and big time rush drastically controls that will. it is overlooked by many commercials who host the music videos and especially the previews. the god dang previews make this show seem more overrated than any other show on nick. the preview for a new episode or heck, a new season will give u a summary about their, uninspiring, non-interesting adventures. big time rush believe it or not went into a bit of a downfall on my opinion. back in season 1, it was all about them building their way up into being superstars which was pretty interesting. now, the show is about love, how 'hot' james is, and the unbearable quirkiness of the show. this show has really started to take the naked brother's band route. the show was decent enough at first, but when their lives are as perfect as possible except for one tiny error it makes me start to itch. another thing is maybe these writers have made it into a decent enough show but it's still a boy band, it's still about non-relatable teenagers and it will give off forgettable, non-interesting side-plots. that episode about them being in the pop tiger magazine, god that was awful, god i'm just watching 1D's daily lives.

    overall, this as an average show, but nickelodeon standards, pretty good.
  • big fan

    they are prety boys and kind they show its very nise and more more more more more