Big Time Rush

Nickelodeon (ended 2013)



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  • A better show that I was impressed with and worth watching.

    For me Big Time Rush is a great show and it is seriously a huge improvement over Icarly and Victorious. I seriously didn't have any problems at all with this show and I just love it and it is a lot more better than Icarly or Victorious. Lately because I seriously didn't like Icarly much I I got bored with it because Icarly was overhyped on the slapstick jokes and Victorious is probably worse than Icarly. But I love this show Big Time Rush and it has lots of improvements over Icarly and Victorious. This show has a light comedy tone and its nowhere as overhyped as Icarly or Victorious and it never gets boring at all thanks to Scott Fellows the same guy who did Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide which is also one of my favorite shows in Nickelodeon and this show is very good overall. I like the music of this show. The characters are funny and likable and of course Katelyn Tarver who played Jo Taylor in the movie is so gorgeous and I just adore this show a lot because it has all of the goodies that was missing in both Icarly and Victorious. Big Time Rush is a great show overall and I just love watching it a lot.
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