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  • Overrated, big time

    Overall, this show is one of the generally better shows on present-day crap nickelodeon. u can definitely get a chuckle out of it which has been hard for other nickelodeon writers to proceed with. it's goofy, the characters aren't the most unappealing possible, and it is made by the company of ned's declassified (a good show) but..... there's always the catch.

    big time rush is in a way just another one of the nickelodeon shows that is used as a ratings trap. nickelodeon is super eager to sell there CDs and big time rush drastically controls that will. it is overlooked by many commercials who host the music videos and especially the previews. the god dang previews make this show seem more overrated than any other show on nick. the preview for a new episode or heck, a new season will give u a summary about their, uninspiring, non-interesting adventures. big time rush believe it or not went into a bit of a downfall on my opinion. back in season 1, it was all about them building their way up into being superstars which was pretty interesting. now, the show is about love, how 'hot' james is, and the unbearable quirkiness of the show. this show has really started to take the naked brother's band route. the show was decent enough at first, but when their lives are as perfect as possible except for one tiny error it makes me start to itch. another thing is maybe these writers have made it into a decent enough show but it's still a boy band, it's still about non-relatable teenagers and it will give off forgettable, non-interesting side-plots. that episode about them being in the pop tiger magazine, god that was awful, god i'm just watching 1D's daily lives.

    overall, this as an average show, but nickelodeon standards, pretty good.
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