Big Time Rush - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Big Time Concert Part Two
    The Boys return to Hollywood in hopes of being able to get James and their old jobs back. Successful in doing so they must prepare for a concert that night. But, an enemy kidnaps the boys.
  • 8/20/10
    The first ever Big Time Rush CD is about to come out! But, the Boys soon learn the CD has been canceled and their dreams are over and they must return to their homes. They must adjust to going back to their regular lives But, James is offered a solo job.moreless
  • Big Time Video
    Episode 18
    The guys learn they will be shooting a music video and promise all their friends parts for the video.
  • 7/12/10
    7 Secrets: Big Time Rush is the place for all the scoop on the four guys we know and love as Big Time Rush: Carlos, Kendal, Logan and James. Want to know the deep dark secrets they've only told each other? This is your chance!
  • Big Time Fever
    Episode 17
    Hollywood Fever affects Logan (who becomes a mellow bongo dude), James (who gets obsessed with tanning spray) and Carlos (who becomes the new Jenifer after one of the three returns home). It seems Kendall is the BTR member not affected by Hollywood Fever. Meanwhile, Katie opens up a shaved-ice stand to cool residents at the Palm Woods off.moreless
  • Big Time Sparks
    Episode 16
    The boys are told to stay away from the studio when Gustavo works on a song with Jordin Sparks, but of course they don't listen.
  • Big Time Dance
    Episode 15
    The boys want to choose the location of their first school dance. However, when they choose Gustavo's recording studio as the location things become even more complicated.
  • Big Time Terror
    Episode 14
    With Gustavo's place being flooded, he decides to live with the boys until it's finished. However, the boys want him to leave as soon as possible and decide to trick him. Meanwhile, Logan, Carlos, and Bitters try to capture the ghost that has been haunting the Palm Woods.
  • Big Time Blogger
    Episode 13
    Big Time Rush's album is being released soon, but they get a rude awakening when they find out that a well-known blogger could decide whether or not it will be a hit. Meanwhile, Gustavo accidentally says he doesn't like Brussels (a town in Belgium) when he meant to say he doesn't like brussel sprouts.moreless
  • Big Time Jobs
    Episode 12
    The boys get into trouble when they cause some damages at the Palm Woods. So, Gustavo punishes them by making them get jobs to pay for the damages.
  • Big Time Party
    Episode 11
    With Big Time Rush staying to record their first record, Gustavo celebrates by throwing a party. However, much to the boys' dismay, Gustavo is throwing the party just for the executives involved. So, the boys throw their own party in their apartment, but with two strikes from Mr. Bitters already they have to keep the party small or else they will be kicked out of their apartment. Problems arise when Carlos accidentally invites all of the people on his contact list to the party, causing Mr. Bitters to be on the lookout for the party. Meanwhile, Kendall gets concerned when he finds out that Jo doesn't like hockey, and Logan tries to impress both Mercedes and Camille, who are both trying to spend time alone with him.moreless
  • Big Time Demos
    Episode 10
    In order to stay in California, the boys must convince Griffin to green light their demos. However, Big Time Rush isn't the only group that is trying to get their demo picked and the one who chooses the winning demo is a mystery. However, when Griffin's daughter, Mercedes, picks up the demo, the boys figure out that she is that mystery person and they try to make her happy. Meanwhile, because Big Time Rush may have to leave Hollywood, Mr. Bitters tries to move into their room. However, after hearing about an employee discount, Katie helps Mrs. Knight get a job at the Palm Woods so they can stay, but Mr. Bitters doesn't make it easy.moreless
  • Big Time Break
    Episode 9
    After spending so much time together, the boys decide that it would be better for them to just take some time off from each other. Carlos spends some time with his dad as they try to find Carlos' missing helmet, and Logan tries to sneak into a math lecture. Also, James and Camille try out for an audition and Kendall tries to connect with Jo.moreless
  • 2/26/10
    The boys are having their very first photo shoot as Big Time Rush for Pop Tiger magazine. However, due to a court order, Gustavo and Kelly are taken away and are forced to pick up trash for their community service work. Griffin decides to take over the shoot, but his idea for space matadors does not sit well with the boys. With the boys trying to stall for time, and Gustavo and Kelly trying to get back as fast as they can, a simple photo shoot becomes a race for time. Meanwhile, Katie and her mom try to get an autograph from pop star Dak.moreless
  • Big Time Mansion
    Episode 7

    Gustavo is away on business, so he trusts the boys with watching his mansion. However, things go very wrong when the boys accidentally drop pudding on Gustavo's expensive sofa, which snowballs into an even worse situation. Meanwhile, with Kendall's mom being depressed due to the fact that Kendall doesn't need her help anymore, Katie pretends to be sick in order to make her feel needed again.

  • Big Time Love Song
    Episode 6
    The boys find out that they're each after the same girl, which leads to big time problems for the band. Gustavo makes matters worse when he has the band record a love song.
  • Big Time Bad Boy
    Episode 5
    In order to boost the appeal of the band, an executive decides to add a self-proclaimed bad boy to the group. However, will this go over well with the other four members?
  • Big Time Crib
    Episode 4

    The boys find their new apartment to be plain. So, they give it a makeover by bringing in the gadgets and games from a nearby sound stage.

  • 1/18/10

    The boys learn that they must attend school, but are not happy with Gustavo's plans for them to be taught at "The School of Rocque" (a.k.a. Rocque Records). So, the guys devise a plan to get into the Palm Woods school.

  • Big Time Audition Part Two

    When Kendall is the only one Gustavo wants to send to Hollywood he refuses to go without his friends hoping that Gustavo will give in.

  • Big Time Audition
    Episode 1
    Four guys jump at a chance to make it big time. Missed the special preview? Watch it now.
  • Big Time Audition Part One
    When James, Carlos, Kendall and Logan, four small Minnesota town hockey players, hear that a big music producer is in town searching for talent the boys decide to audition.