Big Time Rush - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Big Time Movie
    Big Time Movie
    Episode 31

    The BTR gang go on a spy mission with an M16 agent while they are on their "All Over The World Tour" in this BTR movie event.

  • Big Time Move
    Episode 30

    Big Time Move is the twenty-ninth episode in the second season of Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. The four band members have a terrible fight, and decide they can no longer live together. So, Kendall takes it upon himself to track down each member of Big Time Rush and convince them to come home.

  • Big Time Interview
    Episode 29
    Big Time Interview is the twenty-eighth episode in the second season of Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos sit down for their first major Hollywood interview. Together as a group, they reminisce about Big Time Rush's favorite moments, share band secrets and show personal footage and photos with the interviewer.

  • Music Sounds Better With U: Music Special
    These four guys are taking their music career to the next level. Go behind the scenes and see their big time rise to success and what is still to come for BTR!
  • Big Time Secret
    Episode 27
    Secrets are being kept at the Palm Woods. Kendall and Camille are spending a lot of time together making Logan suspicious. James reveals he never told Carlos that Heather Fox, Carlos' camp crush, liked him.
  • 10/21/11

    When rival producer Hawk steals the hard drive containing Big Time Rush's second album, the band becomes superheroes in order to foil his evil plan. Meanwhile, Katie helps Buddha Bob fight a Super Clog at the Palm Woods.

  • Big Time Contest
    Episode 25

    A teen magazine has a "Win a Date with BTR Contest" with unexpected results: Logan's date is a middle-aged woman; Kendall's date is a little boy who has eyes for Katie; and James keeps switching dates with Carlos.

  • Big Time Strike
    Episode 24
    Big Time Strike is the twenty-fourth episode in the second season of Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. Gustavo is pressuring the band to record a new song for their follow-up album. Unable to deal with Gustavo's demands any longer, the band decides to go on strike. Mrs. Knight also goes on strike because of the way Katie treats her.

  • Big Time Rocker
    Episode 23
    Big Time Rocker is the twenty-third episode in the second season of Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. A new rocker girl, Lucy, moves into the Palms. James and Carlos both want to ask her out and begin to compete to gain her attention. Kendall takes a different route and tries to impress her with a rock song. Meanwhile, Logan is busy with Camille who has taken her newest role as a spy a bit too far.

  • Big Time Wedding
    Episode 22

    James accidentally proposes to a girl and Logan, Kendall, and Carlos have to stop the wedding before it's too late.

  • Big Time Single
    Episode 21
    The guys must help Kendall cheer up after his big break up with Jo in order for him to get prepared for the band's new summer single.
  • Big Time Break Up
    Episode 20
    When Jo is offered a role that will take her out of the country for three years, Kendall must decide if it's time for them to break up.
  • Big Time Prom Kings
    Episode 19
    The guys vie to see how will be crowned Prom King of the Palm Woods school.
  • Big Time Moms
    Episode 18

    James' mother, Brooke, a cosmetics tycoon, wants to take him back to Minnesota. So the group enlists the help of their other moms to stop her. Meanwhile, Katie helps Bitters fool his mother into thinking he's a married veterinarian.

  • Green Time Rush
    Episode 17
    The Palm Woods goes in battle against each other to make the greenest project.
  • Big Time Girl Group
    Episode 16
    The guys get jealous when Gustavo forms his own female group.
  • Big Time Reality
    Episode 15
    The guys must sign on to a Big Time Rush Reality Show but things go to far. The producer scripts it too much and threatens friendships and relationships. Also, Kendall's butt is shwon on the show and he tries to retriev the footage. The Reality show also effects Kendal's sister and she tries to help Kendal stop the show once and for all. But things get more interesting when they find out one band member will be voted off!moreless
  • 3/5/11
    Big Time Songwriters is the fourteenth episode in the second season of Big Time Rush. Kendall, Carlos, Logan and James are anxious to write a song for the BTR deluxe edition album, but Gustavo does not think they are ready. The boys ignore Gustavo and go ahead with their songwriting anyways.

  • Beach Blanket Big Time Part Two
    Kendall is in big trouble when a girl won't take no for an answer. Meanwhile, James thinks a girl is a mermaid after she saved him from drowning.
  • Beach Blanket Big Time Part One
    The boys invite alot of people to Griffin's beach house. But, Gustavo things they will turn out like Boy Blast and never return. Logan and Carlos fight over a Metal detector when Carlos wants to find money to buy his own Beach House. James Tries Surfing but wipes out and Kendall is helped by an old man.moreless
  • 2/21/11
    The guys get to hang out at Griffin's beach house for day and invite the Palm Woods kids along. Carlos and Logan hunt for buried treasure, James falls for a pretty girl who he suspects is a mermaid, and Kendall Jo's relationship hits the skids.
  • Big Time Crush
    Episode 11
    Kendall and Jo try to find a date for Carlos. Meanwhile, Logan meets a new girl and he is faced with a choice. Also, James helps Katie over come here fear and ask a guy out.
  • Big Time Guru
    Episode 10
    When James is full of hims self, Carlos lacks direction, Logan Lacks sawgger and Kendall talks back the boys try to change that. Carlos gets advice from a talking parrot, James gets a shirt of ALL the BTR gang and not just him, Logan buys an App to give him swagger and Kendall tries to apologize to Gustavo but, he is turned to a world of calmness.moreless
  • Big Time Christmas Part Two
    Big Time Rush has recordedonly one song for their EP CD. But, they need to record 2 more (and it they both need to be Duets.) Can they pull it off and not miss thier Flight. Meanwhile, Kendall's mom now has to pack clothes and Kendall's sister tries to be nice to Bitters since he is all alone.moreless
  • 12/4/10
    It's christmas and all of the palm Woods are going home for the holidays. But, BTR have to stay until they record and EP (A Three song CD). But, this can be very hard. Meanwhile, Kendall's mom packs the presents in the carry-on bags so she doesn't have to pay extra for them and Kendall's sister notices Bitters is alone on Christmas.moreless
  • Big Time Pranks
    Episode 7
    Hollywood is full of pranks when the boys compete in a Day of Pranks competition, while the girls at the Palm Woods also try to pull pranks.
  • Big Time Sneakers
    Episode 6
    When Jo's publicist wants the press to think that she is dating her co-star, Kendall and Jo must hide their relationship.
  • Big Time Halloween
    Episode 5
    In a Halloween special, Kendal dosen't want Jo to learn that he's a werewolf and she may find out at a Halloween concert. Other Monsters include, James who is a vampire, Gustavo and his assitant who are evil scientist, Logan who is a zombie, Carlos who is Frankienstine and the executive producer who is a wizard. Kendal's mom and sister are witches.moreless
  • Big Time Live
    Episode 4
    Big Time Rush are to be featured on a morning show but there slot gets cut. And everyone's mad that they had to work up so early. Meanwhile, Gustavo must be evaluated by the producer.
  • 10/11/10
    Each member of Big Time Rush is trying to deal with a female friend throughout the day. For an upcoming audition, James is trying to help Camille prepare for it. Meanwhile, in order learn about heartbreak, Gustavo tries to help Carlos get his first girlfriend. Also, Kendall and Jo are having a hard time trying to keep up with each other's busy schedule.moreless
  • Big Time Fans
    Episode 2
    The boys get a chance to see one of their hometown friends when she comes over to visit, who happens to be very clumsy. Meanwhile, James gets a visit of his own by a crazed fan.
  • 9/25/10
    The boys have come back from their concert tour and find that they are not popular anymore. Also, Kendall gets jelous of Jo's new Co-star. To top it off the boys find that they must do all the homework they missed when they were on tour and it's due the next day. But, if they don't do it they can't preform in the Rock-tober Fest.moreless