Big Time Rush - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Big Time Bloopers
    Episode 13

    Ciara Bravo (Katie) and Stephen Kramer Glickman (Gustavo) present an episode of bloopers and outtakes from the filming of the series.

  • Big Time Rescue
    Episode 12

    Kendall and Jo try to rescue Carlos from his one-side relationship with Blonde Jennifer, while Logan and James try to rescue a handful of dogs who weren't adopted. Meanwhile, Gustavo and Katie get trapped in Gustavo's safe.

  • Big Time Camping
    Episode 11

    When Gustavo won't let the boys go camping, the boys go "camping" with Jo, Camille and the Jennifers inside a movie studio. Meanwhile, Katie and Mrs. Knight camp overnight outside an electronics store to buy a new tablet.

  • Big Time Gold
    Episode 10

    Kendall's birthday gift for Jo (a gold bracelet) is inadvertently given to Camille by Logan and both Kendall and Logan try to get the bracelet back. Meanwhile, after BTR earns a gold record, Carlos and James try to play the record to hear what it sounds like.

  • 10/13/12

    Kendall and Logan must babysit an aging rocker to keep him out of trouble prior to his acceptance of a music award. Meanwhile, Mrs. Knight asks James and Carlos to babysit Katie, as Katie tries to outwit the boys and escape.

  • Big Time Decision
    Episode 8

    When Jo returns to the Palm Woods, Kendall must decide between Jo or Lucy. Meanwhile, Carlos has to choose whether to share his last bottle of zombie prevention with James or Bitters. Meanwhile, Griffin puts Katie in charge of Rocque Records.

  • Big Time Surprise
    Episode 7

    Just as Kendall is about to ask Lucy out, her two-timing ex-boyfriend returns to complicate things. Meanwhile, Griffin asks Logan and Carlos to try to kidnap him.

  • 7/16/12

    Griffin's ideas for new merchandise for the band doesn't sit well with the boys, who take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, Katie battles Bitters over a hotel robe.

  • 7/9/12

    Kendall goes out to dinner with Lucy and her parents, while Lucy tries to hide the fact from her folks that she's not a classical musician, but a rocker. Meanwhile, after a fight with Camille, Logan goes out with a girl with whom he may have too much in common. And James tries to help Carlos on his first date with one of the Jennifers.

  • Bel Air Rush
    Episode 3

    Big Time Rush doesn't feel safe or get their privacy anymore when the paparazzi keep taking pictures of them so Gustavo decides to move the BTR gang to Bel-Air. Bel-Air becomes a paradise for the boys at first but then it becomes a nightmare when they aren't allowed to move out. Meanwhile, the security won't let Gustavo and Kelly through the gates to Bel-Air.

  • Big Time Returns
    Episode 2

    Big Time Rush returns to the Palm Woods after their world tour. Kendall needs to follow the Dibs code that the guys came up and if he talks to Lucy then we must run in public in his underpants since James called Dibs on Lucy. Griffin and Gustavo are pressuring and forcing Carlos to pick a song for a radio interview because Griffin wants the song "Love Me Love Me" on the radio interview but Gustavo wants the song "Elevate" on the radio interview... will Carlos actually pick a song?. When Logan sees that Camille didn't tackle him once he returned to the Palm Woods, he gets Katie's help in order for Camille to tackle Logan but Buddha Bob keeps telling Camille that Logan needs to make "the first move" this time.

  • Backstage Rush
    Episode 1

    It's the last day of Big Time Rush's tour and the boys decide to beat a record. But, a cricket, a lost book and a recalled trampoline stand in the way.

  • Party All Night