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  • The show's funny but not ha ha funny

    It doesn't take long to tell if a show is a good one while watching the pilot & it didn't take long for me to realize this show was a joke & not the kind you laugh at, the kind of crap joke someone tells in a large group that just leads to an awkard silence. It baffles me what John Thompson, Tony Robinson & Patrick Baladi (Neil in the British version of The Office) were thinking about signing up for this. There talents are far superior than the rest of cast, which was painfully clear & they have earnt the right to be working with writers who have the talent to write a decent script. It's a comedy but it failed to do what a comedy show should do (make you laugh) infact it failed to do what a TV show should do (make you glad your not reading a book) however to be fair there were a couple of moments that made me smile (embarrsed to mention that) which shockingly came from Robinson, Thompson & Baladi which makes it marginally better than the worst shows I've seen in 2009 but it only just JUST escapes that shame because the rest of the script was awfully bad.

    The clowns (see what I did there) at the BBC that gave this crap the go ahead need to hang their heads in shame & in my opinion resign because they clearly can't spot a badly written, unfunny & terribly acted show when it's quite literally in front of there eyes. Whoever decided to make Amanda Holden the lead in a show that has actors with the comedy background of Robinson & Thompson deserves to be shot.