Big Windup

FUNimation (ended 2007)


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  • great anime

    Many regarded Big Windup as Yaoi, which is partially true! Yaoi in Japanese means Boys' Love or Brotherly Love - BL. However, there are two genres of it, firstly we have the homoerotic type - gay manga" which I do not wish to explain myself further and also the "straight" type such as Captain Tsubasa and Kyo Kara Maoh. Many manga artist carefully distinguish these two when it comes to Yaoi/BL content manga. And definitely Big Windup is considered to be fall under the "straight" category haha..

    Big Windup gradually catches my attention with their vivid brotherly relationship among the team players. Deep platonic relationship witnessed, which make this anime so irresistible and unique. On the downside, the shortfall of this anime is distinctively visible as well, the big game in every baseball match is somewhat unenthusiastic to me. Could have been more interesting!

    If one's looking for a good anime to add to their list, I throughly suggest this anime