Big Wolf on Campus

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Apr 02, 1999 on ABC Family

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  • Tommy gets bitten and Merton gets a friend.

    Good introduction to the series. Having Tommy be the narrator is not a bad idea. We see things from his perspective, and even though it may sometimes be jarring, it's not awkward.

    So Tommy's bitten by a werewolf, the scene at the forest hilarious (especially with Tommy screaming in terror), and back at school Merton recognizes him as a wolf about as soon as he sees him. Merton's lair is totally cool btw!

    Liked the way Tommy's trying to live his life even after the bite, the denial kind of cute. He wants to be the football captain and date Stacy, but it's not easy with the wolf stuff. Merton looks like he will be a great sidekick. Hopefully Stacy will become more than the cliched potential girlfriend, unless that's her role in the series, that is. The werewolf effects aren't bad, even with the obvious two dollar budget, but the silliness of the full werewolf effects take a moment to get used to. Not exactly the best of episodes, but an intriguing pilot ep. Will definitely watch this again.