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  • A howling good show

    You've got a high school senior/jock Tommy Dawkins who got bitten by a werewolf during a camping trip before school started. He is now transformed into a werewolf trying to control his new wolfy side and side effects who turns to a fellow classmate later friend Merton Dingle who is a goth and fantasy fan who also doubles an expert in the supernatural and has a comic side to him. Later in season 2 you get Lori Baxter a kickboxer.

    Tommy deals with all sorts of supernatural beings and foes such as vampires, ghosts, demons, mummies, zombies, and even other werewolves.

    This show is full of interesting story lines, characters, jokes, action, and even romance. Plenty of villains and challenges they face. There's lots to enjoy from this show although I wouldn't recommend it for everyone mainly to young children who won't understand it and others who get frightened easily. Still it's a very good show and is so much better than most shows today.
  • A Howlingly Entertaining Hit

    Okay I have to admit I really do love this show, it's a good introduction to horror for children, the episodes are scary but not too scary and have just the right amount of humor, the horror movie references are great and the characters are memorable.

    Merton is one of the most lovable tv characters to date, and he's the reason why I wanted to go goth at one point.

    I first caught it in during the second season and it has been one of my favorite tv shows since, I heavily reccomend watching it.

  • This show is definitly the best of ABC family before kyle xy.

    This show stopped my life when it was on television. Whatever i was doing, I dropped it. This show was my personnal favorite nd was very sad when it went. One day, it just disappeared, as if it never existed. Furious, i wrote letter to the show's production company which was never responded. If possible, the show should be brought back. The actors and actresses aren't too old to not do it again. Brandon Quinn has been on a couple of shows as guest stars since the show. This show is my all- time favorite. It had werewolves, evil villians, great scripts, it had it all. I wish the show could be brought back or at least put onto DVD!

  • A jock turned werewolf, a Gothic ally and comedian, and a kick boxing female. For three seasons Big Wolf made the audience smile with its jokes and characters. It was a personal favorite of mine as a child, but was under appreciated by many.

    Big Wolf on campus was a great show. It always made me smile and it still does to this day. Unfortunately, the episodes don't flow with one another besides a few simple facts or returning characters, but it still was a amazing show to watch.

    I think that the 65 episodes was a great way to end the series and give it is bow with the finale and talks with the cast. this show had movie references and no matter how many times Tommy would ask "What happened in the Movie?" and Merton would discuss the rating and opinions instead of the plot, you had to smile. Danny Smith "Merton", probably my favorite character and GREAT actor who really became the funny goth kid and loyal friend. His lines were genius and made me laugh or smile. Few actors today really show a dedication to a character like he did. Each villain had its own spin to the original. Sure, they were very easily defeated with little complications, but it still kept you watching,kept you wanting more.

    Overall, Great show especially for younger kids, but it can be watched and loved by anyone. Its charm seeps into you and you can't help but say that it was a really good show.
  • A Canadian Supernatural comedy

    I remember my sister and I used to watch this show. Fortunately I never really understood the jokes until I re-watched the episodes online. Tommy Dawkins whose the star quarterback of Pleasantville High, does live in the city named after the movie. It's quite quirky, but in a good way. I think Merton is one of my favorite characters in the series. He'd always make pop culture references, even at times when it doesn't seem relevant. This show could last longer if it hadn't been for Disney purchasing the then Fox Family (at least that's what I've heard). As the show goes on, some of the characters either get axed or that they appear less and less. Overall great show.
  • Nice, but not that as it should be.

    Growing up as a kid there were always those couple shows that we really love but get discarded for bigger long lasting shows. One of these shows was big wolf on campus. Its a simple story: guy turned werewolf, fights evil. But it is so well written and they are always funny. I love that show and if they never come out with the seasons on DVD, i will be sad but then again there is always Anyway this show has been one to remember. All the characters are really fun and interesting to listen to. The villains are very well thought out and are also fun to watch. Its not a ten because it is not the perfect show and it was cut down in its prime, but i can live with that. Good show a must watch.
  • i dont remeber much about thi show, other than the fact that i liked it!

    they dont even play re-runs anymore! i used to watch this show faithfully, and i was really dissaponted when the cancel it, even though i cant have been much older than 10 years old at the time. i only remember two of the charcters, unfortunatley, and both thier names escape me at the moment. i jst remember the episode where the main character's best friend was like taken by these spider women who wnated to eat him, and they made him really fat and the wolf guy had to save him.

    good times, and a good show, they should start showing reruns somewhere.
  • One of my favorites from the 90s

    When I first started watching this show I thought it was very interesting. I was sad when someone told me it was going off the air. This show had great characters, amazing story lines, and it was just really fun to watch.

    One of my favorite episodes is when butch comes out of the movie in season one. Merton was my favorite character in the show. He was very original and then goths were not as big as they are now. Tommy was a typical jock but it seemed he got dumber as the series went on.

    I didn't really like stacy's character that much and liked it when Lori took her place. She was a much easier character to like.
  • Pretty interesting show

    I'd never heard of this show until my friend told me about it. So I watched it one day... and wow. I thought it was pretty good! The acting is decent, and the story lines are VERY original. For example, when Murton got pregnant by a alien. I'd never think of that! One of my favorite episodes is when Murton's imaginary friend comes back. I can't remember his name, I think it was Vince, but it was just hilarous. The show is actually pretty funny as well. Some of the fighting looks pretty silly, but it doesn't really matter. The characters are enjoyable and funny, and the plot is good as well. Tommy Dawkins, the lead character, gets bit by a werewolf, and now he must battle all sorts of fiends, helped by his best friend Murton and his other best friend Lori. So, this show is pretty good, and I'll tune in occasinally. Oh, and p.s to all my Canadian readers out there: This show airs weekdays at 7:30 on BBC Kids. It's a shame this show got canceled, I think it could have ran for a good other season.
  • tommy dockins was bitten by a werewolf. its about him his two best friends (merton j dingle, and lori baxter)and how they fight the evil that comes to pleasentville.

    this show is was one of my favorites, until of course they took it off the air.. sigh.. now im stuck watching repeats over and over again. although the show had somewhat bad grafics i had a feeling that they did it on perpose to give it that always funny feel to the scene. Merton J. Dingle, is by far my favorite character within the show. him in his gothic, dorkiness he kinda grows on you. my least favorite character i would have to say would be tommy's brother. just because he doesn't really do anything within the show. i haven't seen all of the episodes yet, but from the repeats i keep seeing, im woundering if lori and merton actually ever get together, yes i know they kissed once (from what i know of) but do they ever 'date'?
  • This show was the highlight of my afternoon for 2 years! Pleeeease either make a movie, new season or release the DVDs!!!!!

    This show was the highlight of my afternoon for 2 years! Pleeeease either make a movie, new season or release the DVDs!!!!! I loved this show in every way, no episode was boring. I loved following the lives of Tommy, Lori & Melvin every afternoon & was disappointed when I found ou it had ended. Why no Dvds yet? It truly sucks & I am really anticipating the release of the Dvds if they ever come. This was probably one of my fave shows ever & I don't just want to forget about it like most people have. Thank you for you time.
  • Tommy Dawkins, a jock going onto his senior year gets bitten by a werewolf, making him one.

    I remember watching this show as a kid, when the reruns were being showed on ABC Family. It was always the highlight of my day, week, and month whenever I caught an episode. Then it stopped showing and I became really disappointed. About a year ago, I remembered the show and went crazy trying to track down the episodes, buy them on dvd if I could. Luckily for me, there have been exceptionally nice people from a fansite who taped and posted the videos. I feel in love for the second time. The often confused but cute Tommy, geeky Merton, and flirtatious Lori. It was like being 10 years old again. I am 14 now and I still enjoy the show with all my heart.
  • I used to watch it everyday after school, and i was really upset when they quit showing it.

    "Big Wolf On Campus is just a plain old great show. Not only are the actors great, but every episode of the show is great, too. It has a certain quality about it- it intermixes the horrors of high school life and the "fun" stuff that you really want to see on television. I've never seen one episode of the series that made me cringe, like some of the other "teen" shows that are out there. The show has a great humorous quality to it that really makes the show what it is. Besides of the humour, the actors also make you love the show. Every single actor makes their role come alive and they all bring a lot to the show. This show is especially one of the best on the air because it really is a "family" show. People of every age can get enjoyment out of it. I guarantee that if you watch this show you will love it and fall in love with the characters themselves.
  • i really liked this show

    this show was great when i wanted to watch some random monster movie from the 50's type show with a bunch of weirdo teens, and maybe a few secrets that noone really knows about. the fact that the main character was a werewolf really got me interested. good show for kids
  • Tommy Dawkings becomes a werewolf, just when his senior year at high school starts.

    I laughed so hard during this that I cried tears. It was cheesy at exactly the right places and the chemistry between Tommy and Merton is just awesome.

    The episode was filled with dialogue ranging from innuendo to down-right silly. It was hilarious to watch at times, but it is so worth it.

    The plot itself is pretty much cheese itself - it's the execution of it that just makes this episode so great. I look forward to seeing the rest of this series - there aren't many comedy shows that I enjoy, but this is one of the few.
  • Tommy and Mertion were a dynamic duo!!

    Big Wolf on Campus was a show about a football player, Tommy Dawkins, who got bitten by a wolf turning him into a werewolf. Tommy then gets the help of the school freak, Mertion J. Dingle. Tommy and Mertion become friends and everyone in school is shocked that they have become friends, especially Stacy, Tommy's true love.
    Tommy isn't the only one in Pleasantville that is different, Tommy and Mertion have faced cat woman, vampires, ghosts, zombies and more. But they always find a way to defeat 'em.
    Overall, this show had comedy, action, love, horror! It's was a television show for those B-movies from the past. The cast was great, Metion was hilarious! Tommy was the typical jock stereotype. The supporting cast was great, Stacy, Dean, Becky, let us not forget TNT. The show was good slowly the episodes wheren't as good as other ones, but I love the show anyways, I wish all of the cast goodluck in the future!
  • A great show

    I watched this show on a regular basis back when it was on FOX/ABC Family, and I loved it. The show is a supernatural comedy that spoofs on movies and shows. The series is about high school senior Tommy Dawkins, who is bitten by a wolf the night before his senior year begins. He begins to notice changes going on in his body, but it's definitely not puberty.

    His situation is noticed by goth Merton Dingle, who offers to help Tommy. Tommy eventually accepts and the two become odd friends. The goth and the star of the football team?

    Together they fight the forces of evil who come to terrorize Pleasantville. This includes cat women, witches, ghosts, vampires, other werewolves, mad scientists, etc.

    I loved this show, although not as much as "So Weird", which was premiered on Disney the same year. The show is hilarious, and usually corny, although the intentional corny that's funny and pleasant to watch, rather than painful. However, the show is not for younger kids. There's a good amount of violence and sexual references, so the show is intended for ages 13 up.
  • A fun show to watch...

    It's always fun. Low production values don't detract from it, they add to this series because they know it's not EMMY time!
    It's fun time!
    They were a lot like Buffy Lite, and had fun with it. A solid mythos was built up over three seasons, and many other horror cliches were neatly recycled and twisted.

    HEY! i remember this show! i forgot about it until now but now i remember it. i liked it i laughed, i cried,(i didnt actually cry because that would be sissy but i laughed.) It was about a werewolf who went and beat up people for trying to ruin his town. it was funny and good.
  • bring it back

    ohhh myyyy goood i love this show it was really cool i really want to bring it baack cause it would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo o o o o oo o o o o o o o o oo o o o o cool and awsoume i really want it back put it on please:(
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