Big Wolf on Campus - Season 1

ABC Family (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Game Over
    Game Over
    Episode 22
    Tommy breaks the high score on an arcade game that mysteriously freezes as he reaches the next level. This serves to release the game's antagonist, Dirk Stry'kem, who has decided to destroy Tommy and Merton.
  • Don't Fear the Reaper
    Tommy saves a man from the Grim Reaper, known as "Death". Since Tommy has taken Death's original victim, he will pay with his life.
  • The Exor-Sis
    The Exor-Sis
    Episode 20
    Tommy tries to help Merton throw a sucessful party while his parents are away, at the same time that Becky is possessed by a demon.
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
    A new substitute teacher claims to be the werewolf that bit Tommy. While Tommy looks up to Mr. Dunleavy. Mr. Dunleavy tries to bring the bad side of Tommy.
  • Scary Terri
    Scary Terri
    Episode 18
    Tommy is in the crosshairs of a psychic young outcast named Terri after she mistakes his friendship for affection, and then sees him with Stacey.
  • Big Bad Wolf
    Big Bad Wolf
    Episode 17
    Tommy's life is in jeproady when he and Merton speak an Indian chant that unknowingly brings Tommy's dark side to life.
  • Time and Again
    Time and Again
    Episode 16
    A strange man gives Merton a watch that can reverse time, and Merton uses it to every advantage. Sounds good on paper, but Tommy soon realizes that Merton is losing more and more intelligence each time he uses the watch.
  • Fangs for the Memories
    Tommy decides to donate blood, but he and Merton must retrieve it from the blood bank due to his blood being werewolf blood. Coincidentally, this is the same night a group of vampires decide to raid the blood bank for the second time.
  • Interview with a Werewolf
    A florist sets Merton up on a date with her niece. However, the florist doesn't have a niece, and when Merton unknowningly goes out with the florist, she sucks the life out of him, turning him into an old man.
  • The Wolf Is Out There
    Tommy is forced to isolate himself from society when Tim and Travis create a group that is out to kill the Pleasantville Werewolf.
  • Invisible Merton
    Invisible Merton
    Episode 12
    Merton's old nemesis, Alistair Black, comes to Pleasantville, not only taking over Merton as president of the Gothic Fantasy Guild, but also casting a spell on Merton, rendering him invisible.
  • Flugelhoff!
    Episode 11
    A lycanthropist called Flugelhoff arrives in Pleasantville claiming that he can cure Tommy. In reality, he is performing tests that are not only going to be used to create a werewolf army, but will also kill Tommy in the long-run.
  • Stalk Like an Egyptian
    When Tommy and Merton unknowingly resurrect an old mummy on a school field-trip, the dead mummy becomes a teenage boy, and is out to make Stacey his queen, forever...
  • Muffy the Werewolf Slayer
    When a new girl, Muffy, starts to leech information from Merton on who the Pleasantville Werewolf is, Tommy must also deal with a soul-sucking door-to-door salesman.
  • That Swamp Thing You Do
    Twenty-five years ago, a hippy teacher fell into a toxic swamp, and mutated into a monster. Now, he's back, searching for his old fiancé.
  • Stage Fright
    Stage Fright
    Episode 7
    A crazed cable man by the name of Santini visits Pleasantville, and transports those who use pirated cable in to television shows.
  • The Pleasantville Strangler
    When a murdering ghost is accidentally freed from the bottom of a well, he sets out to strangle the person that killed him - Thomas Dawkins. Since the Thomas Dawkins that killed him is dead, his descendant, Tommy, will just have to do.
  • Witch College
    Witch College
    Episode 5
    Stacey is acting a bit weird after she joins a sorority that Tommy and Merton suspect may be full of witches.
  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman
    Episode 4
    As Hugo finds a strange cat in the building at night, Tommy is hit with shocking news the next day. Stacey tells him that she only wants to be friends, but Tommy is having a tough time accepting such an arrangement. On rebound, Tommy decides to focus his attention on a new foreign-exchange student called Carole. Although Tommy is a bit happy getting to know Carole, he realizes that he just isn't over Stacey yet, and he decides to tell her. However, he just has to mention Stacey's name as he does, and Merton soon begins to suspect that Stacey is a cat woman. He informs Tommy of the notorious jealousy of cat women, and it hits them like a bunch of bricks that Carole is going to harm Stacey! Although Tommy and Merton save Stacey, they must now deal with Carole, and cat women are much tougher than they look...moreless
  • Butch Comes to Shove
    As Tommy beats Merton at a video game, Hugo prepares the detention film for the next day, should any student be sent there. As it turns out, Tommy and Merton are unwittingly sent to detention the next day, and as Hugo turns on the projector, he opens a portal for the film's antagonist, a young man named Butch, to escape into the real world. Tommy and Merton are confused, but they soon realize what happens as Butch begins to hit on Stacey, and they figure out that Butch is just as dangerous and deadly as his film counterpart. Then they realize Butch's plan... to take a beautiful girl from the real world back into the film world with him, but Tommy and Merton barely stop him. However, Butch is much tougher than he looks. Will Tommy and Merton stop Butch from accomplishing his mission?moreless
  • The Bookmobile
    The Bookmobile
    Episode 2
    A strange bookmobile makes its way to Pleasantville, with a rather eccentric librarian at the helm. As Tommy continues to pursue Stacey and Merton continues to find ways to deal with the various dilemmas Tommy faces as a werewolf, the librarian is secretly turning her patrons into books. However, when Stacey is turned into a book, Tommy and Merton figure out what the librarian has been up to. However, the librarian can transform into anyone she has ever turned into a book, and she has a rather large collection...moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Every year, Tommy Dawkins and his friends go down on a camping trip to the lake to celebrate their last weekend of freedom before the first day of school. But this year, Tommy doesn't really mind, until he's bitten by a werewolf in the woods. The next day, Tommy finds strange things happening, all part of the transformation. He must now find a way to keep his new secret identity just that: a secret...moreless
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