Biker Mice from Mars

Season 1 Episode 13

Hard Rock

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jan 29, 1994 on UPN
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Episode Summary

Hard Rock
The Heavy Metal mouse that the mice despised on Mars, heads into Chicago, but with an all-new attitude.

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    Brad Garrett (I)

    Brad Garrett (I)


    Ian Ziering

    Ian Ziering

    Vincent "Vinnie" Van Wham

    W. Morgan Sheppard

    W. Morgan Sheppard

    Lawrence Limburger

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    Throttle Van Wham / Fred the Mutant

    Dorian Harewood

    Dorian Harewood

    Modo Van Wham

    Susan Silo

    Susan Silo

    Dr. Karbunkle

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      • Charley: How will you get there? You just trashed Karbunkle's transporter machine.
        Darla: We thought we'd take the scenic route back.
        Modo, Throttle, Vinnie and Charley: The scenic route!? [Darla levitates the car she and Hardrock are sitting in and they fly away]

      • CHARLEY: Besides, you guys are way too sweet to nurse a grudge this long!
        THROTTLE: Yeah, well, don't count on it, Charley!

        THROTTLE: You see, we're holding' all the cards here. We've got the numbers
        VINNIE: --we've got the guts!
        MODO: --and we've got the guns!

        DARLA: Boo-Boo?, Do you they ought to 'get it'?
        HARD ROCK: "Dearest, I can't think of anyone who deserves to 'get it' more!
        DARLA: Right you are, love!

        THROTTLE: Oooh, Limburger, you better do right.
        MODO: You'd better not steal…
        HARD ROCK: And you'd better not fight.
        VINNIE: Or Hard Rock will grab you…
        THROTTLE: …and the Biker Mice will run you down!
        MODO: And the next thing you know, cheese-face…
        HARD ROCK: You're prison-bound!
        THROTTLE: Oh yeah!
        ALL (CHORUS): Let the Midnight Special
        Shine a light on me
        Let the Midnight Special
        Shine a light on me

        VINNIE: I wonder if she has a sister
        CHARLEY: Oooh, men
        VINNIE: What? What?

      • THROTTLE: (regarding Vinnie and Modo's godawful singing) Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah! Donny, Marie, would you save the harmonizing for later?

        THROTTLE: Now just a minute! You crashed into us!
        HARD ROCK: An accident! I apologize.
        VINNIE: You grabbed Charley!
        HARD ROCK: Tryin' to get her to safety.
        MODO: Yeah, well, you shot at me!
        HARD ROCK: I had to make you move fast, or those four weirdoes would've landed on you

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