Biker Mice from Mars

Season 4 Episode 9

Manchurian Charley

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 04, 2008 on UPN

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  • This episode has all the ingredients that make an episode bad. A huge step back for this mediocre series.

    Let me just start by saying that the original Biker Mice show is one of the best animated series to hit televisions. When I heard that there was to be a new series, I was thrilled. After all, they managed to make a great new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. So the cartoon genre isn't entirely dead. So my hopes where high. But after witnessing the show's intro, I was incredibly disappointed. The animation was a weird mixture of 3D and 2D and looked pretty messed up. I saw the first episode and thought it was decent even with the weird animation, of course not even close to the original, but that would be practically impossible. The animation varied from mediocre to downright crap. The humour was still there, although not nearly as good as the original. The action was not very impressing, again mostly due to the strange animation.

    Right, so I could write on and on about how mediocre the show is overall, that it never comes out as excellent. But I'm here to talk about this monstrosity of an episode. First of all the story itself is weak as hell, as is the limited intended comedy that falls flat instantly. Worst of all, and the main thing that basically ruins the entire episode is the horrific animation, which is a hundred times worse than usual and never improves. I could cry over this episode. As I said, a huge step back for the series.