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  • Huge rats on powerful bikes fighting crime

    One of my favorites shows when i was a teenager. The graphisc were very good. i remmeber how much i loved the muscled up mice. But there was something else i prefered, in each episode Dr. Karbunkle would come up with a different evil invention that would be used to destroy the city/acomplish some evil plan/destroy the biker mice/etc. Dr, karbunkle was my favorite character, he used to have great ideas but Limburger would make them dumb. Nice show, lots of firing and fighting at ugly aliens, not much dialogue and the good guys always win. It is action from the end to the beginning, i love it.
  • cool series,great characters,great villains,great battles,and great gadgets

    This series was cool,cuz it had the sexy motorcycle mechanic charley davidson who always was kidnapped by a villain and made a good damsel in distress. Throttle,Modo,and Vinnie had great origins of how half of vinnie`s face,throttle`s eyes,and modo`s arm and left eye were taken out. It was cool to see what new villain limburger brought to earth in each episode and see how the biker mice would defeat the villain of the day whether they were gigantic or the most powerful.

    I thought carbine was the sexiest female martian mouse in this and would love to see her again in the new 2006 biker mice from mars series,but I think I saw her again now evil with whitish gray fur,and I really want brad garrett to be the voice of greasepit.
  • So long ago...

    I can't believe this show is still on!!

    So long ago! I used to watch it when I was a kid and here the name was Motoratos de Marte... I loved the bikes...

    I used to get up really early and turn on the TV to see them...
    God! Time goes by really fast and I still remember them.

    Then the channel stop passing it and I thought it was over but I guess not... So many hours in from of the TV just to see Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo despite Throttle's name was Bugias

    Os Motoratos de Marte, great show...

    I'm getting nostalgic I think.
  • biker mice from mars is great, mice, bikes, mars! whats not to like. Bring it back jip bags.

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  • The mice from the palent mars escaped from a trecherous and bad life style to planet earth. The each had soemthing special about them. Modo had a metal arm, Vinnie hada mask, and Throttle had mysterious eyes.

    Modo, Vinnie, and Throttle were the Biker Mice from the Planet Mars. They escaped from Mars and landed on Earth with their tripped out super nikes and cool abilities.They were superhero mice that took on the evil Plutarkians. This is one cool show with alot of action, motocyles, and supermice.
  • This was one of the most creative animated shows of the 1990's. The episodes are action packed and often quite funny. Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie are a blast to watch throughout all three seasons. A+++ Biker Mice from Mars is a classic that I'd recommend t

    This was one of the most creative animated shows of the 1990's. The episodes are action packed and often quite funny. Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie are a blast to watch throughout all three seasons. A+++ Biker Mice from Mars is a classic that I'd recommend to fans of all ages.
  • Sci-fi, music, aliens, corny jokes, what more do you want from a children's cartoon?

    The first time I saw Biker Mice from Mars, I was hooked! I laughed quite a lot at the gags between the mice and the constant failure of Limburger. yopu know he's gonna fail and his building's going to go down, it's just a matter of how it'll happen, and it's always fun to watch.

    Limburger's goons Karbunkle and Greasepit always have the view rolling in stitches as per your typical 'moron sidekick' and 'mad scientist' bit.

    The voice acting cast is great (Rob Paulsen always does well) the plots were funny, the show itself was very interesting to watch. Just the thing for kids everywhere, really.

    This show is worthy to be out on DVDs, not just the scarce few video tapes they have floating around.
  • I wish there were more shows like this on T.V. for my kids today. This show totally Rocked!!

    I loved the way these macho heros looked after each other and the world. They were cool! They had there own style and took Charlie at face value. Open and honest. I wish people were really like that. My three sons loved this show. I am trying to find the entire series on DVD.
  • An awesome trip down the memory lane.

    It's been over 10 years since the show was made but it's still once of my absolutely favorite cartoons. I just love the old episodes from 90's. Macho show-off's, bikes and drop dead hilarious verbal fireworks! They still kill me with laughter every time I see these episodes.
    I'm still disappointed of how they ended the old series just in the middle of good plot development and actual character building. The new version... it just doesn't have the same dirty macho humor and even the characters seems artistically and personality vise somewhat out of character.
    I just wish that they'd put out a good uncut dvd box. This is something that I'd love to save for future generations.
  • How can I discribe this show? Fun...crazy...out of this world? All that and more. How many shows out there has "good-guy" Martians?

    But seriously, Throttle Modo, and Vinnie are a fun trio. And they're MICE! MARTIAN mice!

    Biker Mice from Mars has always rocked. Three Martians crash-land on Earth, meet up with a human --female, of course-- and immedantly want to help save a planet that's not even theirs. Throw in an evil alien boss (Lawrence Limburger), a bumbling lead thug (Greasepit), a truely mad scientist (Dr. Karbunkle), and even a lovable, igor-type character (Fred the Mutant), throw in some crazy schemes and outrageous stunts, and wierd hired muscle, and you've got a show that is fun, fun, fun, and more fun!

    Characters that I wish had more screen time: Stoker (the ORGINAL Biker Mouse), Rimfire (Modo's cute teenaged nephew that gets in just as much trouble as his adult friends), and Carbine (Throttle's lady-love --who just happens to be the General leading the Freedom Fighters.)

    The new series promices to be just as exciting. I'm sitting on pins and needles for it to come to the States.

  • Put it on!

    This show deserves to be put back on, it should of never of been taken off. It was one of the best show ever, bikers rule. You got to believe it cause if you don't you'll be in trouble, thats how the biker mice were, so it should be put back on. I don't know who told them to take it off. This show had great artist and great voice actors, they actually fit the characters. Shows like this deserve to be put on and kept that way, no one should be allowed to take them off, that way we could watch the best shows ever non-stop!
  • My favorite animated series!

    This show was one of the best cartoons ever made. Contrary to popular belief, the show was not just some rip-off of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. There were some similarities between the two series but biker mice was completely original. The show dealt with war, environmental degredation, and other issues not usually addressed in a children's series. The show had good animation, writing, and featured a talented voice cast. It would be wonderful if this show was re-aired on TV and/or released on DVD. I was so excited to learn that a new biker mice series is coming out in 2006!
  • Best cartoon ever! Masculine, muscle-bound motorcycling mice with a sassy mechanic sidekick, killer catchphrases, cheesy jokes and off-key singing, how could you ask for more?

    I have always loved this show! When I was younger and it aired at like 6am on Sundays, I would get up for it EVERY week. I still think it is an unbelievable tragedy that this show was ever taken off the air. I love it still! I may be in my 20s, but I still have the BMFM action figures and coloring books nearby *blush*