Biker Mice from Mars

Season 1 Episode 1

Rock and Ride!

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 18, 1993 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • During the first two seasons, the mice hang out at Wrigley Field. The Friendly Confines depicted does not look like Wrigley at all, but more like a cross between Comiskey Park and the old Soldier Field.

  • Quotes

    • Throttle: Guys, le'me tell you something. In this wild and woolly universe of ours, there are only three things you can count on: your brains. Your bros'. And your bike!

    • Vinnie: Yep, that's me! I'm the baddest motorcycle mamma-jammer in the universe!
      Throttle: Modest, too.

    • Throttle: Vincent, it works better if you shoot before the weapon flies out the door.
      Vinnie: Yeah, well, um... timing is everything.

    • Exterminator: I'll be back.
      Throttle: Yeah, well don't forget to write.

    • Dr. Karbunkle: Speaking of inventions. I have one you might like to meet. Exterminator!
      Exterminator: Hasta la vista, rodents.

    • Greasepit: This is one crummy place you got here– it's crawlin' with rats!
      Modo: My momma didn't raise no stinkin' rat!
      Throttle: It's tail-whippin' time!

    • Charley: I don't believe this. I've just been saved by a bunch of giant.... gerbils?
      Throttle: Mice, ma'am, we're mice.
      Charley: Mice…?
      Modo: You were expecting turtles, maybe?
      Charley: Mice. With antennas …and biker clothes... and motorcycles... and–
      Vinnie: Don't forget your basic studly bod.
      Charley: I've seen better.
      Vinnie: Maybe, but not with this much charm.
      Charley: Where on Earth did you guys come from?
      Modo: Mars.
      Charley: Mars?!
      Throttle: Mars.
      Charley: Mars?!?!?
      Vinnie: Is there an echo in here?

  • Notes

    • A 3 issue comicbook series was released and all 3 parts were all the 1st episode,though the comicbook versions had a bit more mature content. Like Greasepit calls Charley a bimbo and Greasepit is seen smashing through the window where limburger's office is and falling on top of Limburger after the biker mice defeated him the 2nd time.

    • This episode is released on home video along with 1x02 and 1x03 on the same tape

  • Allusions

    • Exterminator is a spoof of the cyborg Terminator featured in The Terminator trilogy of films. Terminator catchphrases are paraphrased within the episode, such as "Hasta la vista, rodents," and "I'll be back" voiced to recall the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who plays Terminator in the trilogy. Also, Exterminator makes the "I'll be back" comment as he's sinking into the oil container which is a reference to the end scene of Terminator II, where he sinks into a pit of red hot liquid.