Biker Mice from Mars - Season 4

UPN (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • The Adventure Begins, Part 1
    Mars is running out of water and soon the Martian Mice will perish. Their only hope is the Regenerator, a machine capable of converting dirt into any substance required, including water. But the evil Catatonians, led by Supreme Commander Hairball, have launched an all out attack in the hopes of capturing the Regenerator for their own purposes. Will the Biker Mice From Mars be able to hold out against the Catatonian assault?moreless
  • The Adventure Begins, Part 2
    With the only Regenerator on Mars having been destroyed, things are looking bad for Mars. The Biker Mice must take General Stoker, the genius creator of the Regenerator, to Planet Earth where he can find the necessary tetra-hydrocarbons required to built another of the precious machines. But there are surprises in store for the Biker Mice upon their return to the City of Chicago- a surprise in the guise of one Ronaldo Rump, land developer extraordinaire, who has joined forces with the Catatonians to get his own greedy mitts on a Regenerator, the ultimate land development tool!moreless
  • The British Invasion
    When Sir Richard Brand-Something shows up looking for his own Regenerator, the Biker Mice are in for a battle. Teaming up with Supreme Commander Hairball, Richard and his robots Bangers and Mash take on the Biker Mice. Meanwhile, Stoker begins to realize the effects of Earth's tetra-hydrocarbons.
  • Changes
    Episode 4
    Stoker's condition worsens after being exposed to tetra-hydrocarbons, turning him into the "Stoker Rat." Hoping to have him create another Regenerator, Rump captures Stoker in New York City. Now the Biker Mice must rescue him before Rump gets richer.
  • Vigilante Vengeance
    Ronaldo Rump creates a reality-tv show where viewers get cash prizes for capturing villains that roam the streets of Chicago. In the newest episode, it's none other than the Biker Mice From Mars who are the villains. This creates a frenzy of citizens who are after the Biker Mice.
  • The Tender Mouse Trap
    After turning their motorcycles into Swamp-Cycles, the Biker Mice take their new rides out for a spin. Along the way, they meet a female mouse in need of assistance. The mouse turns out to be none other than Catalina Cat, an evil Catatonian shape-shifter, who's trying to find out the location of Stoker's secret lab.moreless
  • Bringing Up Vinnie
    Bringing Up Vinnie
    Episode 7
    When the evil Dr. Catorkian turns Vinnie into a baby mouse, it's up to the Biker Mice to change him back. This becomes a problem, however, because they must also battle Ronald Rump and the Catatonians at the same time.
  • Between Rump and a Hard Place
    Ronaldo Rump tries to turn the Arctic into an amusement park by launching the Regenerator into space. Now the Biker Mice must stop his plan by racing the world's top motocross rider on a deadly track.
  • Manchurian Charley
    Manchurian Charley
    Episode 9
    The Biker Mice From Mars are challenged to a motocross race where they encounter some serious foul play. As usual, Charley is using her awesome mechanical skills to keep the bikes on track but strange things keep happening. Could it be that Charley is the mechanic behind the mayhem?
  • It's the Pits
    It's the Pits
    Episode 10
    While the gang is looking for Stoker, they meet some foes from their past. Limburger and Karbunkle are now slaves of the Pit Boss.
  • Surfer Cats of Saturn
    The Biker Mice finally gets their hands on Rump's Regenerator just in time to be accidentally transported to Saturn thanks to Hairball's clumsy control of a transporter machine! With no way off the ringed planet, the mice turn to a race of local hip cats who inhabit Saturn. But they soon discover that these wave-riding kitties are descendents of the Catatonians, the sworn enemies of the Mice! Will the slick surfin' cats of Saturn turn out to be friend... or foe?moreless
  • Biker Mice Down Under
    Rump hires the felonious Flare to create a landslide inside Stoker's cave-bound laboratory, leaving General Stoker trapped inside and his research vulnerable to discovery It is up to the Biker Mice to don their spelunking gear and rev up their cave-cycles to save the General and his work before Rump and the Catatonians can get their paws on him.moreless
  • Driver's Ed
    Driver's Ed
    Episode 13
    The Biker Mice's bikes have been stolen and they are faced with having to drive a VW Van. The only thing in their way is they don't know how to drive. Now the Biker Mice must learn to drive or be run off the road.
  • New Cats in Town
    New Cats in Town
    Episode 14
    After failing to get Stoker again, the Catatonion High Command replaces Cataclysm with some new cats.
  • The Hairy A-Bomb
    The Hairy A-Bomb
    Episode 15
    When the Biker Mice meet an Abominable Snowman named "A-Bomb," they realize that they aren't the only ones looking for tetra-hydrocarbons. "A-Bomb" needs them to protect his family and the Biker Mice must come up with a compromise.
  • Carbine's Conundrum
    Carbine's Conundrum
    Episode 16
    In order to obtain Carbine's new Surge-E-Rator, Catalina Cat-A-Call infiltrates the headquarters of the Biker Mice and abducts her. With the Surge-E-Rator, Catalina could potentially boost a Regenerator's power. It's now up to Carbine to stop Catalina and save the fate of Mars.
  • Rumpity-Dumpster
    Episode 17
    When Dr. Catorkian's initial run of the new Regenerator backfires, Ronaldo Rump loses his memory and wanders the streets of Chicago with a working Regenerator. Fortunately, Rump doesn't know what the machine is for. Now the Biker Mice and Cataclysm are fighting to get to Rump first.
  • Cyber Mice from Mars
    When Stoker discovers that Rump has managed to plant a super-virus into his secret computer data banks containing all the secrets of the regenerator, he transports himself into the worldwide web, intent of killing the virus. But time is running out on Stoker. It's up to the Biker Mice to go cyber and take out the cyber threat before they are deleted. permanently!moreless
  • Break Up
    Break Up
    Episode 19
    Could this be the end of the Biker Mice From Mars? General Carbine pays a visit to Earth to announce Throttle's promotion to a higher rank, meaning that he will need to return to Mars to assume his command. When Freedom Fighter Rimfire, Modo's nephew, is inserted in the team as Throttle's replacement, things don't go exactly as planned!moreless
  • Here Come the Judge
    Here Come the Judge
    Episode 20
    The Biker Mice land a traffic violation and end up in the court room with Ronaldo Rump as "judge for a day." Once in jail, they meet a crazy jailer known as "The Crusher" who wants to destroy them and their motorcycles.
  • Swimming with Sharks
    Vinnie's Auntie Mago, a space pirate, unexpectedly visits and she brings with her a pair of sharks. But when she tries to team up with Ronaldo Rump, the Biker Mice must head underwater to fight off the pirates.
  • Desperado
    Episode 22
    After the Catatonians hurt him in battle, Throttle awakens with the belief that he's in a famous Christmas movie. Now the rest of the Biker Mice must keep him from being captured and get him back to his normal self.
  • First Mice on the Moon
    The Biker Mice head to space after the Catatonians capture Stoker. When they crash land on the moon, they meet a group of rabbit mechanics. It turns out that these rabbits were left on the moon by the Catatonians and they're looking for revenge!
  • Cat and Mouse
    Cat and Mouse
    Episode 24
    Commander Hairball comes up with a plan to get in good with the Catatonian High Command, effictively replacing his own brother, Cataclysm. To do so, he hypnotizes Throttle to receive top secret information reguarding a new Regenerator. But things don't go quite as planned when Throttle messes everything up.
  • Once Upon a Time on Earth - Part I
    At long last, Stoker completes the Regenerator. Now with the help of the Biker Mice, they plan on returning home to save their planet once and for all. Unfortunately, things don't go quite as planned.
  • Once Upon a Time on Earth - Part II
    In the battle to determine who ends up with the Regenerator, the Biker Mice meet an old enemy, Laurance Lactavius Limburger. Things only get worse, when the Plutarkians battle for the Regenerator as well. Will the Biker Mice be able to fend off these new forces?
  • Once Upon a Time on Earth - Part III
    All questions will be answered as the final battle for the fate of Mars is determined.
  • Turf Wars
    Turf Wars
    Episode 28
    In this special episode, the Biker Mice perform songs about their adventures in a rock opera.