Biker Mice from Mars

Season 2 Episode 1

Steal of the Century

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Sep 20, 1994 on UPN
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Episode Summary

Steal of the Century
With the Pulverizer on his side, Limburger decides to steal the newest piece of military destructive weaponry.

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    Brad Garrett (I)

    Brad Garrett (I)


    Ian Ziering

    Ian Ziering

    Vincent "Vinnie" Van Wham

    W. Morgan Sheppard

    W. Morgan Sheppard

    Lawrence Limburger

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    Throttle Van Wham / Fred the Mutant

    Dorian Harewood

    Dorian Harewood

    Modo Van Wham

    Susan Silo

    Susan Silo

    Dr. Karbunkle

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      • MODO: So, the jarhead's got a power-fist, huh?
        THROTTLE: As it happens, so do I, Come to Uncle Throttle, you ham-fisted headcase

        MODO: You thinkin' what ah'm thinkin'
        VINNIE: I'm thinkin' what you're thinkin'

        to the Pulverizer
        THROTTLE: You tried to bruise my bros…

        CHARLEY: Just don't do anything stupid, okay.
        No guns…
        …no wheelies…
        …and most of all no rockets
        VINNIE: Anything you say, sweetheart Anything you say

        THROTTLE: Another job well done, bros
        MODO: Yup, What say we head back to Quigley and get these hardbacks off our hogs
        VINNIE: Aw, let 'em wait I say dogs and root beer first, bikes later

        Vinnie's bike suddenly bucks and knocks him right out of his seat.

        THROTTLE: I don't think your bike sees it quite the same way, Vinnie
        VINNIE: Okay, okay, the dogs can wait! Now let's get outta here before this bike has anything else to say

        CHARLEY: (about to be crushed by a tank) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
        VINNIE: Got a real way with words, doesn't she?
        CHARLEY: (almost blasted by a laser) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
        MODO: Brief and to the point!

        CHARLEY: Thanks for giving me a lift to the store, guys.
        VINNIE: No problem!
        THROTTLE: Yeah, it was the least we could do after our ball game benched your fridge.
        MODO: Vinnie's fault!
        VINNIE: No way! Body checks with bazookas are legal!
        (Modo glares)
        VINNIE: On Mars.

        PULVERIZER: Ahh, covert operations. I love modern warfare.
        LIMBURGER: But this is not warfare, my dear Pulverizer. This is business.
        PULVERIZER: Same thing.
        LIMBURGER: You'll do well, my boy. Very well, indeed…

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