Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures

CBS (ended 1992)


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  • Great Show

    I had forgot about this little show. It was fun to watch and should have never been cancelled.
  • What a fabulous and inspiring work of art!

    This show provided a reason for rising on Saturday mornings. Not only does this series provide educational basics with time travel through history, but it also entertained with most excellent music!! Ted "Thodore" Logan was such a fabulous character that brought smiles every Saturday. It is unfortunate that the creators were unable to hold it together and provide us with more enjoyment.

    For those few short years, Saturday mornings were fabulous when I could watch an excellent show complimented with tasty cereal (the Bill & Ted's Most Excellent cereal). I am fortunate enough to also have a couple of the action figures. This afforded me the opportunity to smile a little longer!!
  • Bill and teds bogus animated adventures But if we throw in the word dude every know and again no will no what utter rubbish this is

    A weekly adventure show about the time travelling adventures of bill s.preston Esq and Ted theradore logan .
    Unfortunately it completely misses the point of the movies.
    The charm of the friendship between the two main characters.absent
    Their simple minded dude speak in the face of strange and unusal events.absent

    rufus apears to give exposition to the viewers and tends to limit his dialogue to things that have already been said by his character in the movies."greetings my excellent friends"

    In short its stupid with no heart
    a cheaply animated shameless unfunny cash in on a good film series
    dont watch ever evn if your dyeng
  • Splitting the difference here: excellent Hanna-Barbera show, heinous DIC show.

    In 1990, the making of a cartoon show based on the movie "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" was a given (the "Adventure" part pluralized, obviously), as cartoon shows based on movies were a hot commodity (ABC's "Beetlejuice" not only being a hit but winning an Emmy). Hanna-Barbera's take, airing on CBS in 1990, works like a charm, thanks to their faithfulness to the movie, some of their best animation for a Saturday morning show, and getting the original movie voices of Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves and George Carlin.

    All that came crashing down in 1991 when the show moved to Fox and DIC took over making the show. The voices were changed (presumed to be the cast of Fox's short-lived live-action "Bill & Ted" prime time series) and the storylines were dumbed down to DIC standards. Really bad, and Fox knew it--the network replayed the Hanna-Barbera episodes the following summer.
  • Um...

    What the livin' **** is this? I have seen better adventures on a toothpick than on this show. I have watched it a few times but could not stand i. Maybe if i see it again, i may change my mind about it. Until then, i do not like it at all.
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