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Help me find this episode!!!!

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    I downloaded the complete series of Billy Nye the Science Guy (can't tell you how, but I will say go to the "yarrrr bay") and I'm looking for a very specific clip that made me LMFAO back in the day:

    It was an experiment with one of the kids, I don't remember exactly what he was doing, but halfway through he says "and then you add boo foo coloring" and the announcer guy says "uhhh, what?" and the kid repeats "boo foo coloring" and the announcer says "uhhh, ok." The kid was obviously trying to say "blue food coloring," but the way he said it combined with the announcer is just amazingly hilarious and I want to make a clip to send to friends. Please avid Bill Nye fans, refer me to the name of this episode! (already have it, just not sure which of the 100 it is).

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