Bill Nye: The Science Guy

Season 5 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Jun 20, 1998 on Disney Channel
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In this episode, Bill talks about Motion and how it works.

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      • Luke: (Staring at 2 cinnamon buns) Move. Moooove!
        (Princess Lea stares at him.)
        Obi Wan: Luke, use force.
        Luke: Huh?
        Obi Wan: If you want to move those cinnamon buns, use force!
        Luke: Okay!
        (Luke picks up cinnamon buns and places them on Princess Lea's ears.)

      • Bill (dressed as a crash-dummy): "An object at rest tends to remain at rest... unless acted upon by an outside force." (looking down over the balcony at a gleaming white Chevrolet Geo Storm sitting on the test-track below him, and noticing the car keys dangling on a hook right near where's he's sitting) "Now's my chance! I'll just take it for a little test-spin! Nobody'll ever notice!" (Walks stiff-legged to imitate a mechanical person, lifts the keys off the hook.)
        Security alarm: "Bwwoy! Bwwoy! Bwwoy! Bwwoy!"
        Man (over outdoor loudspeakers): "Red alert! Red alert!"
        Security lights: "Foomph! Foomph! Foomph-foomph-foomph!"
        Man (over outdoor loudspeakers): "The dummy is in motion! The dummy is in motion! The dummy is in motion!"
        Bill: (hurriedly) "An object in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon by and outside force!" (running downstairs with the same stiffly-awkward side-to-side rocking motion, pursued by a growing number of staffpeople) "Oh, my! Ohhh, boy! Better get going here!" (hopping over the cement safety barrier and running a few steps toward the sports car until his pursuers hop over the wall themselves, then hopping back over the wall again and running a few more steps till the staffpeople hop back over, too, then leaping over the barrier onto the track once more and heading for the sports car again, knowing that the hopping back and forth over the barrier will confuse his pursuers and slow them down a little) "They won't get me! They won't get me!" (opens the car door and dives inside, then slams the door and takes off, with the staffpeople shaking their fists at him in frustration)

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