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  • One of the only science shows that is funny

    What a classic. This is a nicely put together show and the jokes are actually funny. This is probably the best Disney show of all time. I wish there were new episodes, though. Skip other science shows (except Beakman's World and Magic School Bus), grab the remote, and go watch Bill Nye!!!
  • A great and quirky way for beginners to learn about various sciences

    Hosted by the great Bill Nye (nicknamed the Science Guy for good reason) teaches/lectures about the facts, characteristics, and properties about various sciences such as chemistry, biology, zoology, astronomy, physics, and more mostly aimed at younger audiences. Although adults can watch and enjoy him as well since he's not too childlike/childish. Quite funny, offbeat, and quirky (but in a good way). This show is dated but is still a classic.
  • Top Shows (of the 90s and best science show)

    This and Beakman's World: best science shows. I normally don't like science unless it's health. It makes science fun, humorous, and quirky.

    Various ep (98-04) VHS at school
  • It's been years since I seen this show

    I've forgotten many of his segments since then, but I still remember the fun times I had watching this show. Bill Nye is a great scientist and knew how to get kids interested in science and used many comedy sketches to help teach the science lesson of the episode. If you somehow come across this show, you should watch.
  • Oh, Yeah...

    Forgot about this show! I remember first seeing this in science class in 2nd and 3rd grade!

    Its was an awesome show :D
  • Full of knowledge

    Bill is the best! I wish they make more shows like this... a real classic for school children and for anyone interested in science. He finds the coolest inventions and helps youth find a passion for science while showing us cool science facts. A remarkable scientist he is. His lab is great too. I love this show for giving me an appreciation and a deep love for science. He is fantastic for you to learn from him!
  • Edunnoying

    I have to admit--Bill Nye was cool. He was annoying, but educational and cool at the same time. The skits weren't ha-ha hilarious, but they were clever, and sometimes my geophysics teacher would (if the Nye episode dealt with the subject we were in) show an episode before we took our notes. It was too bad the show ended around my time, and what was worse: she showed Bill's sequel instead, or, as I like to call it, Executive: The Series. The skits in his sequel were one-note and wooden, unfunny and not clever in the most--added by the seeming woodenness of the Science Guy himself and the actors in the 'skit'.

    Stick to the original, the one, the only Bill Nye, teacher.
  • Who'd of thought that science and TV could be made fun?

    Science was my favorite school subject in school so I was eager to check this out. I like the combo of the TV and science aspects to make things more interesting (not to mention funny). Bill Nye is indeed a very funny guy both intentional and unintentionally. I managed to record about 17 episodes on one VHS tape (some of them are incomplete) and I watch it today every now and then. I even used a few episodes in class! Among my favorites include Momentum, Food Web, and Matter. I bet the kids in this program are already out of college and have some science majors.
  • That science guy named Bill Nye.

    I'm such a nerd, I still geek out when I watch this show. My grandfather and I use to watch this on pbs all the time together. Then I entered school, and I was happy that I got to watch it through out the years. Heck, I even got to watch it in the eleventh grade. Sure, it's corny at times...But it's too amazing to really fret about. I still got the "it's blubberrrr" little song in my head. This was one of the shows that got me caring about learning. Without the wonderful program, I don't think I'd be the same person I am today.
  • I miss Bill Nye!

    The first time I ever saw this show was in school, I was into some of the cool experiments they did on the show, and I did some of them at home :P, this show kept me entertained with all the hijinks and silliness Bill Nye did! I even loved some of the fake commercials they did during the show. It's too bad they don't show it at my school anymore, I'm guessing we got too big for it?,So I'm hoping to buy some of the video tapes from Ebay. I don't like any educational shows, but basicly just this one! Also I never knew this show aired on Disney before! I really miss this show, and I hope it comes back... :(
  • Annoying but educational.

    It was very annoying but also very educational. Basically, in order to learn some new things, you had to sit through a bunch of annoying sound effects, cheesy lines, and weird characters and sketches. I think this is an okay show, but I have had a hard time taking it very seriously. I watched this when I was a kid, but even then I thought it was annoying and odd. One thing I will say about the show is that it is fun to learn from the way they teach things. Overall, it is an okay show that sometimes gets out of hand. Thank you.
  • The Show.

    This is the show I would rush home after school to watch when I was a troublesome young adult. Before that I would catch it on saturday morning and think it was neat. Now, I hope for a new episode of Stuff Happens to appear on my DVR. I saw him at the North American International Auto Show around 2001, and he remains my second favorite celeb. behind Bruce Campbell and in front of Anna David. I would say Bring It Back! but he has had several series since then, and all I can say is he better get more air time, he makes learning fun! You listening, new administration?
  • i love bill nye (his show not him personaly)

    omg i love bill nye (bill nye the science guy!! bill bill bill bill bill bill bill!!) omg i love that show soooo much. his show rocks! i want it to come back!!! well.... if anyone knows were i can get a show of him like on the internet please tell me so i can watch it. on one of the eppasodes i saw in 5th grade it had a mini show at the begging and we were lerning about the planets it was godzila V.S. the commet and my really dumb and stuped science teatur brought a durtie snowball and called it a commet lol.but i love the show.
  • Bill Nye teaches us science.

    This is a great show! even though I never saw it on tv, I still watch it on DVD. I get it from my local library. It's the best show EVER!!!!!! I will never stop watching this series. I can't wait to get another episode. I even watch ones that I've already seen! My fave episode the food chain where he gets stuck while showing us how the food chain works. The last one I saw was the erosion episode where he show us how erosion works. Another fave is the volcano episode when he screams "Volcanoes!!!" in the middle of his theme song. Also, the Aa soap (made out of volcanic rocks)cracks me up!! Love this series!
  • Now THIS is a show.

    I love this show beyond any educational show ever created!!
    This show was not only educational, but it was hilarious to the core. I always found myself almost falling off my chair laughing when I watched this in the 6th grade. The humour is absolutely random and stupid, but it's hilarious too.

    Scalllleeee tttimmmmmeee!!!!

    Humour: 128096598123659823658213657323853.0
    Oh. my. fu**ing. God. This. Show. Is. So. Funny!!!!!! I just can't go a minute in this show without almost pissing myself of laughter.

    Education: 10.0
    It teaches science in an excellent way. Even if you're probably dieing of laughter, you'll still understand what Bill's telling you.

    Overall: A million!!

    It's educational and funny! I swear, Bill struck GOLD when he thought of this show. It's perfect, flawless, spotless, TEN-worthy, and all holes are filled. Anyone who hates this show is the biggest bastard in the world. Watch it right NOW! Please!
  • Ya! i am so glad i'm not the only one who had/has a crush on Bill Nye! this is the best show. I wish my teachers would use it in class

    Bill Nye the Science Guy! this was my very favorite show when i was 6. (yes 6, i only watched pbs when i was younger) I would watch it every day as soon as i got home from kindergarden. It was so funny, and it's a big reason why i'm so into science now. i think more techers should use Bill Nye as a teching aid, maybe if you're gone for a day, or just want to use a movie. I was so sad when they stopped showing it on pbs, i think i cryed. I watched the videos of it for a while, but then they got lost when we moved. I would love for Bill Nye to start showing again.
  • You know you're a nerd when you have a crush on Bill Nye. You know you're a huge nerd when you announce that you have a crush on Bill Nye on the Internet.

    I am someone who rarely watches TV and yet really enjoys discussing it-- especially shows I love. Because I rarely watch TV, there are a small handful of shows that I keep close to my heart and still obsessively discuss even if I haven't seen them in years. This is one of them. Technically when I started watching it I was already "too old" for it-- it was late high school at the earliest, possibly college. My brother, ten years younger and a big science nut at the time, started it, and somehow the rest of the family just MANAGED to find our way to the living room every day at the same time. Pretty soon it became family habit to quote Bill Nye at every possible opportunity; to this day my sister and I have this conversation: "FATHEAD!" "I'm not a fathead, YOU'RE a fathead!" "We're ALL fatheads!" And everytime I hear a song by Soundgarden I have the unquenchable urge to tell my husband "You know Soundgarden was on Bill Nye?" Basically, it's entertaining AND educational-- I always learned something new-- so what more could you want?

    And you have to admit, he IS cute. Really. Admit it. Please?
  • i am in ninth grade and i still think that show is awesome.

    I first saw this show in sixth grade science.
    Sometime, in the summer after that i checked some videos of it from the library, and my siblings(lucky them...) still watch it at school.
    But the point is that i am in ninth grade and i still think that show is awesome. My high school has this disturbing 'musical moment' everyday during the announcements and they once put the Bill Nye theme song and a lot of people in my class sang along.
    I think it is funny and sends the point across...eventually. i find this show educational and halarious...if you do not then i will send my army of hobos, janitors, and albinos after you.
  • Daily fix in third grade

    Bill Nye made science interesting and make sense. He even guest starred on Numb3rs a year or two ago. He was really funny and should've ben used more in classrooms. While it's obvious that you were watching an educational program, he made it way more fun. In third grade, it was one of the shows I rushed right home to watch.
  • Bill Nye goes through science in a fun way to get kids more interested in science and is very educational.

    i love this show i watched it everyday with my mom and i was so sad when it went off air, and i wish i could buy all of the episodes but of the disney website the whole collection costs 1000 dollars and some of the episodes by themselves are at least 30 to 70 dollars alone.
  • learning entertainment

    here is an example of good informative learning television. bill nye uses his show to teach people the basics of science in a very entertaing way. he keeps the attention of young people and adults. i remember when the only show you could learn anything from was on pbs. generally made on a show string budget and not very entertaining.
  • "Science Rules!" This was THE educational show to watch when my kids were small. Fast paced, funny, and highly informative, Bill Nye taught me more about science than I learned in school, and helped me teach science to my own kids as a home schooling mom

    OK, I confess that part of my continuing attraction to "Bill Nye The Science Guy" is a certain nostalgia for simpler times when my children were small. I probably have over 60 episodes on VHS that I drag out and watch even now with my son, who is now high school age. While I am enjoying the memories, he enjoys understanding the jokes now that he did not understand in elementary school, and especially the reworking of classic songs to fit the science topic du jour - songs that he did not know in their original versions at the time. His favorite memory, though, is the voiceovers of announcer Pat Cashman, whose offbeat (and usually hilarious) comments were sometimes the most memorable feature of a particular episode.

    That sounds like it has nothing to do with whether Bill Nye delivered good science content, but it is actually the secret of this show which had a successful run from 1993-2002. In the same way that "Sesame Street" provided some humor for parents that included clever send-ups of shows that the children didn't really understand, Bill Nye often drew humor out of fragments of older shows and songs that the kids probably didn't appreciate nearly as much as their parents or teachers. His parodies of old commercials, and clever use of what appeared to be old newsreel films was often a springboard for me to share something about my own childhood with my kids when they would ask me "what that was supposed to be about?" The music videos were always amazing in the way they related the song to the topic, even down to using vocabulary that mimicked the rhythm and rhymes of the original song.

    And lest it seem that the only good thing about this show was the off-topic humor - nothing was EVER really off-topic on this show. Every "commercial", every song, every experiment, every random moment (Naked! AAAAAAHHH!! Mole Rat!) was somehow related to the topic. It was like a unit study on steroids, utilizing the very best of humor, music, action, hands-on experiments, "historical footage", technology and repitition of key phrases to cement the material in your mind.

    When my daughter was in the 5th grade, my mother became gravely ill and I packed up the kids and went across the country to take care of her. During that three month period, and through the grief of her subsequent passing, not to mention the stress of packing up a lifetime of memories and putting my childhood home up for sale, I was in no condition to home school effectively. In my opinion, the year was basically a waste, and I was sure that we would have to spend the better part of the following school year making up for what we missed. But that summer, when it was time for my daughter's annual assesment via the California Test of Basic Skills, she scored far above grade level. In fact, she scored in the 99th percentile in science, having done little more than read a few library books and watch scores of daily episodes of Bill Nye and "The Magic School Bus".

    Bill Nye made science fun for all ages, but was a kinder, gentler show than "Brainiac", which has a lot of the same academic strengths, but has a lot of very inappropriate humor for little children. It would be nice to see a kid's show again that was smart and funny without relying on that sort of shocking, in-your-face humor that characterizes the style of today's young writers.

  • A silly, down-to-earth "science geek," Bill Nye, brings us fascinating science facts. Not just for kids!

    When I was lived in Germany, the American Forces Network broadcast this show on Saturday and Sunday mornings, mostly for kids only. Boloney! I started watching out of inertia (and not wanting to clean house), but found Bill Nye and his crew of weirdos utterly fascinating. He never talks down to his viewers, he never assumes that he knows more than we do --- though he does! --- and he makes otherwise "boring stuff" interesting. Here's a scientist with a sense of humour! I wish I had had such science teachers when I was in high school; I might have retained more. Now that I'm back in the USA, I plan to watch Bill a lot more than I used to. Can't hurt, might help.
  • Science rules!

    How do clouds form? How does blood circulate throughout the body? What happens to trash after you throw it out? These and many other real-life questions about the way the world works are answered in brisk and witty episodes hosted by scientist Bill Nye.

    In simple but clever experiments, Bill demonstrates the processes of nature, using mostly things you can put together at home. (He is careful about safety and always recommends adult supervision.)

    Nye celebrates 'real science,' the simple and testable ways of sound research. No fads or half-baked ideas here.

    Put your thinking cap on--you're in for some fun.
  • Jokes!

    I'm sorry, but I find it hilarious that a kids science program with an absoultely lame (you know it too!) theme song and some wierd geeky dude in a lab coat is rated higher than a ton of the shows on TV today. I'm not saying that in a bad way...during my time Bill Nye was the one to watch! I loved his show...his remix of RESPECT to RECYCLE was actually classic. Like, that will actually go down in imfamy. But regardless, this show is off the tube and it's not coming back. That doesn't mean that it wasn't a good show or that you shouldn't go out and buy the box set on fact...quite the contrary. It's good to know that Nye still has some fans out there..
  • ok wow this was and still is an awesome show wish it kept going, so combining comedy with informative things kids should know this was great. I don't remember much about this show but it was a great show.

    As a child i was interested in science and all that and i like to laugh (what kid doesn't) so this was the perfect show for me. I just loved it i kept saying the theme song alot i was a big fan. Science usually is boring alone watching a teacher explain how the human body works with acids and organ systems, then the ecology was a bit boring but with bill nye he spiced it up with comedy. very educational and funny for the kids was an excellent combination for kids to get a liking for science. Awesome show
  • This is a great show for all you people who want to make safe and fun expirements.

    I like this show because it has tought me alot of things in the past years of watching this.Bill Nye the science guy has tought us that safety is important in all places when you are doing a science expirement.One of the things I remember about this sow that tought me was never to crack my knuckles and ever since i have never cracked my knucles.The comedian bill nye has made this show a great one because he teachus us educational things and he has being funny as well.If you are looking to try new expirements each day and don't want to get hurt Bill Nye the scince guy will teach you about how to do things safely.He will teach you about motion,space,electricity,about nature and about geenetica as well.This show will teach you everything about science and you won't feel bored at all.My reasons i like this show because it has a lot of comedy and things about science that we might never discover like the secret of the universe or how we became to be.Another reason is it has good things to talk about like how to be safe during an expirement and how to do some as well.So if you get to buy the videos or DVDS you might like this show.
  • This is a funny show that is very educational and lets you do experiments at home, safely.

    This show is something that I still watch in school to learn. It is funny and is also a very educational show that can offer alot to younger kids. This is like the grown-ups Magic Schoolbus. It is one of the shows that I really liked even though it was educational.
  • Funny and educational. BUt mostly funny YAY FUNNY!

    Who could not love this awesome show? This is a funny show where you can learn about science while laughing your ass off at the jokes and skits that are performed. I cannnot believe they took this off. It was so funny and really awesome. At least there is still videos to watch.
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