Billable Hours

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Billable Hours

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Billable Hours is a Canadian comedy about a group of young twenty-something lawyers whose 80-hour work week of paper-shuffling is so mind-numbing that they turn their attention to other ways of having fun at their downtown law firm.

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AIRED ON 12/3/2008

Season 3 : Episode 8

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  • amorality and ennui made fun!

    Seeing as quality Canadian TV shows are an utter rarity (comedies being no exception)one has to appreciate the extraordinary quality of this show. It rivals even the biggest budget American comedies and surpasses many in both outright hilarity and uniqueness. Each of the characters

    are so uniquely absurd but only marginally outside the realm of believability.

    The clever allusions to real life Toronto events (the opening events of S2E1 is based on a real occurrence). The main characters complete and utter amorality becomes such an endearing trait that I've come to wish I had more friends that would mess with me on a daily basis (to keep things interesting). The dark comedy with it's sensitive subjects and pervasive ennui made this show a hilariously endearing one.moreless
  • This show is consistently witty, has great characters and even the theme song is hip. I rank it right up with The Office but I haven\'t met anyone else who knows about it, really needs exposure. Try it and let your friends know!moreless

    Sam is the perfect past nerd that now has the \"instant cool\" of being a lawyer and so doesn\'t care what anyone else thinks about him.

    Clark was always a winner but thrives on doing as little work as possible with maximum credit.

    Stu is another comic genius with the timing of a master, each time you watch him you notice the extra mannerisms he adds to beef up the joke.

    Another favorite is Robin, her nerosis with being under appreciated makes her constant sucking up and relationships all the more funny.

    This show is a winner, I hope it comes back with new episodes soon. One more great thing is that the episodes don't need to be seen in order, they don't need continuity to be funny.moreless