Billable Hours

Sunday 9:30 PM on Showcase Premiered Apr 16, 2006 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Insane in the Membrane
      Clark has never had chicken pox, so when it starts going around the firm he unsuccessfully tries to avoid contracting the disease. Robin is headed on a vacation she won for having billed more hours than any other at the firm. Unfortunately she instead instead finds out that all she has won is an invitation to her own roast.moreless
    • A Manson for All Seasons
      Robin invents a lawyer named Allen McBeal in order to attempt to secure a promotion in her male dominated firm. Unfortunately it all goes awry when Millie begins to have feelings for her alter ego Allen. Sam's movie is going to get made by Leonard St. Cross. Initially Sam is extremely happy but that begins to change when he realizes that St. Cross is planning to make the movie far more adult than he intended.moreless
    • Creepy Artwork
      Creepy Artwork
      Episode 6
      When the firm institutes a program of mandatory lie detector tests, Sam and Clark learn some interesting things about Robin. Vic gives Sam some of his artwork after learning that Sam dislikes the art in his office. This of course forces Sam to pretend to like this gift of artwork that Vic has presented him.moreless
    • Citizen Clark
      Citizen Clark
      Episode 5
      When Clark goes on vacation his father enters him in the city council elections. An opponent launches a smear campaign so in a bid for attention Clark pretends to be gay. Sam has a confrontation with Clark Sr. all because Sam refused to push an elevator button.
    • Pigeon Lawyer
      Pigeon Lawyer
      Episode 4
      Clark turns Robin into Kaplan as a problem drug user for not sharing a Joint with him. Rather than reprimanding or disciplining her, Kaplan asks Robin to supply him with drugs thinking she is a drug dealer. Sam is mistaken for a furry by Fagen's Children's Charity coordinator when he is required to dress in a Pigeon Costume.moreless
    • Lil' War Photo
      Lil' War Photo
      Episode 3
      When Robin accidentally destroys a war photo which Fagen prizes. Clark gains a nickname of Lil Nut when he appears in the firm calendar.
    • Shortstop
      Episode 2
      Robin joins the firm softball team when she discovers that she has a powerful pitching arm. Sam befriends the IT guys at the firm in order to get around a restrictive new firewall that they have installed. But Clarke causes problems that leave him in a battle with the IT guys.moreless
    • My Millie for a Muffin
      Clark trades a muffin for his assistant. Meanwhile Sam makes a deal to get a date in order to win a bet with Clark.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1