Billy Bunter

BBC (ended 1961)


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  • This was a BBC tv programme broadcast from 1952-1961 centering on Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School, his school mates and their various adventures.

    The series was shot live in the studio and the handful of episodes that survive appear primitive blurry stuff and are definitely not a substitute for reading the author Charles Hamilton's original stories published from 1908-1961, but nevertheless are still pleasant viewing for fans. Thirtysomething Gerald Campion played the main role of 14 year old Bunter perfectly, but because everyone else had to bounce off or revolve around him no other characters ever stood out and were mere shadows of their story-selves. Deemed to be politically incorrect nowadays BBC has so far refused to pass any episodes for DVD release either by themselves or any other production company. At least the books and storypapers are still widely available on the internet.