Billy T. James Show

TV3 (ended 1992)


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Billy T. James Show

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Billy's Australian wife Thelma (Illona Rodgers) and her brother Greg (Mark Hadlow) have emigrated from Queensland. While Thelma has settled happily into married life in small town New Zealand, Greg however, is still a little challenged by his new surroundings. Billy's eldest daughter, Lydia the activist, comes head to head with her father's more conservative views. Their conflict breed plenty of humorous situations but inevitably forces Billy and Lydia to confront the chaning society they live in. The show starts off with Billy as the host of CUZ FM, and shows a few callers calling in about their problems or discussions. This show was one of the last great works of Billy T James before his death in 1991. Classic New Zealand comedy with is being bought back to life on the Maori Television every Saturday night at 9.00pm.