Billy the Cat

Black Family Channel (ended 2001)


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  • Billy is one cool cat.


    Billy was once a rotten human boy who used to bully and terrorize everyone around him, espcially animals. One day, however, he went too far when he tormented a magician's cat, and the magician then punished him by turning him into a kitten. Now Billy must spend nine lives as a feline.

    Based on a French comic strip, this is avery good show. In the comic, Billy is ran over by a car and gets reincarnated as a cat, but otherwise, the show is very faithful to the darker comic. I give it a ten.

  • Billy the Cat is a boy turned cat. He is still learning the ways of a cat and he can't even meow. He has a few cat friends and he uses his human intuition to help him live as a cat.

    Billy the Cat is a cat that used to be a human boy. Billy was a boy that one day, a magician turned into a cat and gave him the form of his (the magician's) cat. Billy has a different lifestyle to most other cats. He still loves the human pleasures and hates many cat delicacies like eating raw fish and cat food. He prefers human food. He is a pretty wild cat and lives life on the edge. He believes in being friendly with dogs and all other creatures. He likes to act as if he was still a boy. He does not back down from a challenge and enjoys the company of his friends and likes to eat with them, sleep in their company and do cool stuff with them. Billy is just a pretty cool cat.