Billy the Exterminator

Wednesday 10:30 PM on A&E Premiered Feb 04, 2009 In Season


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  • Billy vs Bugs

    Great show hope it comes back
  • Great show

    Reality show that i can enjoy with my family members, good going guys. However the term exterminator reminds me of
  • This is an awesome show!!!

    Thank God they finally have a new reality show that I like. Many of the good shows are getting canceled. Billy was great when he was on "Dirty Job"!!! I think they need to show more of Mary on this show. She seems to be a little camera shy and I think that once she loses her shyness we will see more of her. I think that A&E needs to spread out their shows more. They have two good shows on the same night that the History Channel also does. Keep making more episodes of The Exterminators! This show is great!!!
  • Cool show with real a real family and all the drama that comes with a family and a family business. Interesting situations and hazardous work. Keeps me on the edge of my seat at times.

    Family business Vexcon is a pest control company in Lousiana dealing with everything from Honeybees to Alligators. This show covers everything from business dealings, to the interesting clients and their unique pest problems. These are real people who have problems and successes just like everyone else. Billy the star of the show actually explains what he is doing to solve the problem. They kill pests when necessary and relocate racoons, gators, snakes and other critters to safer more suitable homes. The family drama with Big Bill's health and Ricky's relationship problems keep this show real and down to earth. Tonites episode, Donnie the mother is actually trying to find a date for Ricky since he seems to have problems finding a decent gal.