Bindi The Jungle Girl

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Bindi The Jungle Girl

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In this children-oriented nature program, Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi introduces viewers to new worlds of wildlife from her rainforest treehouse. Bindi interacts with various animals from the biggest elephants to the cutest koala to the smallest snake all the while explaining that all animals deserve respect and protection. Various guests, including the Croc Hunter himself drop into Bindi's treehouse to join in the fun as the show looks at animal habitats from various regions of the globe.

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AIRED ON 1/11/2008

Season 1 : Episode 18


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    • Bindi the jungle girl is a very good show.

      Whenever it is on I always like to watch it and love to learn about animals and learn how to stay salf.I fell bad for bindi because she lost her dad when he was stung by a jelly fish and she is only like 7 years old.I realy like bindi the jungle girl because she is so cute and i love the croc men and the cool information about animals that her mom gives on each episode.Bidi the Jungle Girl mit be a little kid show but i will always love her show and herself for being so cute and innocent.moreless
    • A great nature show...

      A great nature show, that really expresses the need for nature. A good tribute to Steve. If you are looking for a TV show that includes personality, songs, and an adorable kid, then Bindi the Jungle Girl is what you have been looking for. Great for a new generation of environmentally conscious kids. All in all, a good show that expresses the way a lot of kids are thinking these days. I give it a ten out of ten. I think that it should be on more often so that kids could actually see it, as it is on at 8:30 am, when most grade school kids are at school.moreless
    • A bright and accessible show starring the daughter of the late Steve Irwin.

      We all were shocked when Steve Irwin passed away after being attacked by a stingray. He was only in his 40s, but was survived by his wife and daughter. Now his daughter, Bindi, hosts a likable show that introduces young viewers to the facts about animals and the environment. The show is written for the very young, grade-school level perhaps. So it's not going to be as deep as "Nature," for instance. But it is exciting and has plenty of jokes to keep the kids interested. Bindi looks for crocodiles, lizards, marsupials and other denizens of the wild. She adds an explanation to each discovery, keeping up with the educational goal of her father. It's a lot better than most morning shows for kids.moreless
    • Great Show. But it moves to fast, the camera, the subject matter. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. The children and I couldn't absorb the information because it flew from one topic to the next.moreless

      Great Show. But it moves to fast, the camera, the subject matter. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. The children and I couldn't absorb the information because it flew from one topic to the next. Terri --you are not at all comical so don't try to, just be yourself. Leave the expression Crikey to clips of Steve saying it. I love the little globe. And do we really have to know all the pet names for the animals. Maybe the pet name and the kind of animal they are should appear on the screen. Like I would like to know what kind of bird Fredo was. Good show, continue it, but slow it down.moreless
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