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  • Great idea

    Love this show. Great info.
  • An excellent program from which we can all learn a great deal, regardless of how young or old we are.

    "Biography" is one of those shows that has something (or someone) for everybody. From long-dead famous figures throughout history to those who have shaped our lives in some way in more recent times.

    With in depth discussions of historians and people who knew those to whom each episode is dedicated, there is a wealth of information to be had that never gets predictable or boring. The people featured in this show are all a part of our past or present in some way and it is a pleasure to watch the series which never goes too far and always researches each subject superbly.

    Great television.
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  • you can learn alot

    this is one of my favorite shows. i have watched many, many episodes, but i do not think i have seen them all. you get a myriad of stories. people from history whether entertainers, heads of state, pioneers, and the ever present oddball. i cannot see any reason for this show to ever be cancelled.
  • The name sort of tells it all.

    This show is often interesting. I have found myself absorbed by the life story of people I thought I found completely uninteresting. When they are profiling people I was already interested in it is even better. Bill Curtis, Harry Smith and Peter Graves (Airplaine!) trade off hosting this show that takes you through the life of people from every age of history. It is educatonal & informative. As I sit here I realize that A&E really never misses. They aren't all homeruns, but Bill Curtis and company run a very engaging network. Here's to hoping they are around for a long time.
  • This is one of my favorite shows on television. I love watching educational programming, and learning about people as well.

    Biography is extremely informative and versatile. This show is a great pick for everyone. It may not be something you can watch every single day, but at some point they will do an episode on someone you would like to know more about. And it's not limited as some shows of this nature are, such as E! True Hollywood Story. Biography encompasses people from all walks of life and all points in history. It covers everyone from Jesus to George W. Bush. One of my favorite aspects of the show is that I always learn something new about someone. I would definitely recommend this to everyone, but if the first time you check it out there's not an episode you want to see, check again later...there will be!
  • This show is great

    I love watching this show when it has something on that I am interested in. It is well written and it surprises me at time. When I do watch something that I think I might not be interested in and watch it anyway it is presented in such a manner that makes it interesting. Presentation is 50 percent of the battle in a show. And this show has got that all the way.
  • I love A&E Biography very much.

    I have always loved A&E Biography ever since I layed eyes on it. I really wished they would show more and more then they do though.

    I was so happy that they made a whole channel of it. But sad that Biography Channel doesn't really show Biography as much as I like them to. I always love look to the Biography or A&E channel when nothing is on. But is a downer when they don't have a biography on.

    I do wish they would show more and all the time. I love them and have been addicting into watching it.