Bionic Six

(ended 1989)


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  • Season 1
    • Valley of Shadows
    • Enter the Bunji
      Enter the Bunji
      Episode 2
      Karate-1 enters a crooked martial arts competition.
    • Eric Bats a Thousand
      This episode starts out with the students of Albert Einstein High School engaged in a baseball game. One fan is watching the players intently, especially Eric. Back at home, Eric answers the door and finds the mysterious fan standing there...and with an offer for Eric to try out for the New York Yankees the next day! The whole family is about to leave for New York when Professor Sharpe summons the six to the S.P.L.. At the Special Project Labs, Sharpe informs the Six that a meteor is on a collision course with earth. I.Q. estimates that it will impact with the force of a 10 megaton bomb! The collision site: New York. As the Six leave, Eric remarks that he may get to try out after all. However, Sharpe is not the only one who has detected the meteor. Scarab has discovered that the meteor contains a large amount of Bertonium, an element that can help him achieve immortality. He sends Chopper, Glove, and Mechanic to retreive the meteor. In New York, the city is on emergency status. The Six manage to stop the meteor by using a large reinforced net, but Glove blasts the meteor out, sending it speeding toward a new part of the city. Sport-1 makes use of Rock-1's speed and uses his bat to send the meteor into the water surrounding the island. In tryouts, Eric doesn't do as well. A cocky kid named Corky is outperforming everyone, but the manager suspects Eric is "holding back" and gives him another chance. Back in the locker room, Eric looks at the pad on his wrist and remarks that his bionics are a part of him, so it wouldn't really be cheating... He bionicizes before leaving the room. The Six are visting the Natural History museum (where the meteor is being displayed) when Scarab breaks in using a hi-tech subway train and steals the meteor! (After the Six toss his cronies around.) Scarab manages to escape using the subway tunnels, but the Six easily track him once he emerges onto the streets. Back in Yankee stadium, Eric is about to sign on after blowing everybody else away (due to his bionics), but refuses as the Six fly by in the M.U.L.E.S. van fighting Scarab. He leaves, saying he's already part of the greatest team in the world. Corky signs on instead. The Bionic Six manage to catch up to Scarab's train on the bridge, and are locked in combat when Sport-1 shows up. Together, the Six manage to defeat Scarab as his train ends up in the water. Scarab escapes due to a submarine and darkness grenades, but leaves the meteor behind. Once again, the Six triumph.moreless
    • Klunk in Love
    • Radio Scarab
    • Family Affair
    • Happy Birthday, Amadeus
      Professor Sharp's special day turns into high noon for the Bennetts when Doctor Scarab's Minions of Destruction invade the Professor's museum.
    • Brain Food
    • Just a Little Handicap
    • Bionics On! The First Adventure
      While the Bennet Family is on a skiing holiday in the Himilayas, alien visitors land in the same area, and gives off a weird energy pulse. Dr. Sharpe registers it on his computer and asks Bionic-1 (so far the only one with bionics) to investigate. Using his Bionic hearing, Jack quickly locates the source of the emissions. However, seeing how close the object is to discovery, start an avalanche that buries the Bennett family. Trapped, Jack activates his bionics and quickly digs his way out. The kids, who were unaware of Jack's augmentation, are suitably impressed. However, the aliens are not. They attack the family. Jack (after telling his family to stay behind him) defeats the aliens by hurling most of them into the side of a mountain, where they quickly teleport away. This has the unexpected side-effect of trapping Jack's family in a hail of ice and snow, and are then affected by the mysterious energy emanating from the buried object. Jack, seeing that something is wrong, takes them back to Sharpe's lab. Back in Sharpe's lab, he concludes that the reason Jack wasn't affected was due to his bionics. As Jack's family is still in their coma-like states, he suggests that his family receive bionics. Jack soon agrees, and the Bionic Six are born! Meanwhile, Scarab (after being beaten by Bionic-1 again) decides to make his own gang. He takes in five misfits and offers them power in exchange for their help, and they agree. He then converts them into their new forms, but fails to tell them the process also brainwashes them. He then leaves to take on Bionic-1. The family returns to check out the mysterious energy readings, when Scarab arrives. The family surprises Scarab and his crew, and quickly beat them off. They then start to investigate the site, but Mother-1 tells them to stop, as it is leaving. Sure enough, a black star-shaped UFO lifts-off.moreless
    • Back to the Past (1)
    • Back to the Past (2)
    • Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.
    • Nick of Time
      Nick of Time
      Episode 14
      We start out by seeing the Bennet family in the middle of a crisis...Eric doesn't want to take the garbage out. After a lecture from his 12 million dollar parents, he starts out with F.L.U.F.F.I. in tow (to help). Whil tossing out the refuse, he notices his first baseball glove lying in the can. He rescues it from his mother's treachery. We now meet up with Scarab, who is attacking a microwave transmitter. The Bionic Six are quickly dispatched to thwart him, but not before a recharge from the Professor's new and improved Bionic Recharger! At the transmitter, the Six charge into battle, but during the melee, Eric inhales a gas launched by Scarab and is promptly knocked out and recovered by Scarab. Having captured Sport-1, the baddies flee the scene. Sport-1 wakes up to find the Scarab has aged considerably. Scarab informs Eric that the gas reacted unexpectedly with his circutry and caused him to be placed in suspended animation for 30 years. During this time Scarab has given up his quest for immortality and is now working for peace. He gives Eric his first baseball glove back (which Eric notices is still in great shape) and they leave to show Eric what has changed. They tour L.A. (now floating above the smog) and visit Scarab's cronies who are now working on their own. After they return, Eric is told that the Bionic Five (as they are now called) have turned to evil after a malfunction in the Bionic Recharger warped them. He needs to know the identities of the Bionic Six members and where they reside in order to help them, but Eric is suspicious. Scarab then searches for Bionic Five activity (to prove it to Eric), and finds them attacking the Transatlantic tunnel. When they arrive (to try and stop the Bionic Five, Eric is roughed up by his former teammates and almost gives Scarab the identities, but his magnetic power disrupts Glove's hologram (as Bionic-1) during the scuffle, and Eric quickly realizes the set-up. Scarab blasts the roof of the tunnel and leaves Eric to drown. The Bionic Six arrive on the scene and rescue Eric, who is grateful for the assist. Scarab activates a neural scrambler he has implanted in Sport-1. This causes him to hallucinate and see his family as a hostile group. He then takes off on a Quad-Runner. I.Q. and Karate-1 take off to help him as the other members repair the tunnel. Eric stops in a secluded forest, where Prof. Sharpe finds him. He asks Eric who he and the rest of the Six really are in order to verify his identity. The Six show up, Jack uses his bionic eyes to disable the neural scrambler, and Glove is exposed as "Professor Sharpe". Back at home, Eric remarks on how he's glad to be a member of the family, and everything that goes with it. F.L.U.F.F.I. asks "Everything?" as he hands Eric a trash bag. "Me and my big mouth!"moreless
    • Youth or Consequences
    • Extra Innings
    • Return of the Bunji
    • Crown of the Scarab King
    • 1001 Bionic Nights
    • The Perceptor File
    • Masterpiece
    • House Rules
      House Rules
      Episode 22
      An unsupervised party gets out of hand...and threatens the Bennetts' secret identities.
  • Season 2
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