Bionic Six

(ended 1989)


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  • Excellant Cartoon Gone Too Soon

    I loved this cartoon. It had the best animation and some great action/superhero stories. The series had a sort of animated take off the "Six Million Dollar Man" in which Jack Bennett, a bionic secret agent in the near future helps fight the criminal mastermind known as Dr. Scarab. To defeat his enemy, Scarab endows five lackeys with bionic/mutant powers, but then Bennett's family with two children and two adopted sons is nearly killed in his absence in an avalanche while on a skiing trip. They are also given bionic powers and secret identities to help him against his increased gallery of rogues. My favorite character was Rock-One; a sort of adolescent Madonna with an exuberant and vivacious personality who acted as if she had seen too many "Jem" cartoons. The animation was top of the art with computerized special effects - almost a predecessor of the Anime-style seen today. This would be great done live action with Kevin Costner and Markie Post as the parents !
  • A very cool sci fi animated show.

    This show should get a big screen treatment. It's a very cool show about a CIA operative facing an evil egomaniac trying to take over the world. This is a sci fi action adventure show that features a family of 6 with superpowers fighting evil to save the world. It's a battle between good and evil with a family theme. It's kinda like The Incredibles with a more serious tone. The show has a very cool premise which is cinematic, this show needs to be translated for the big screen one day, it'll make a really cool movie. The bionix six really rocks.
  • This was one of the best ever shows made, I remember watching when I was a kid.

    The story was about a family being exposed to radiation, thus getting powers. Funny thing was that the whole family was not blood related, which made it interesting as the characters could develop with different pasts.

    I wish they made the series longer, as I believe it was a classic!