Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 8

Do Not Disturb

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2007 on NBC

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  • Jamie takes a vacation with Becca, and it turned to assassinate a man, during her apparent time off. Starring Michelle Ryan, Miguel Ferrer, Molly Price, Lucy Kate Hale, Will Yun Lee, Chris Bowers, and Mark Shepard.

    This was one of the best shows that came to the 2007 television schedule. I really enjoyed the episode, and the series while it lasted. Meanwhile, this was a cleverly plotted episode, with Jamie (Michelle Ryan) and Becca (Lucy Kate Hale) going on a vacation. This was a really good idea, and a way to show that no matter what happens Jamie will always be working, and really neve have a break. The show kept getting better and better, and i think this was the best jumjp the shark episodes that was filled with the best action that could've been asked for.
  • Premature finale - Its good...

    but could have been so much better! Given the disjointed nature of the last 7 episodes, its no surprise that the same afflicts this one. The plot has a good premise, even if its out of character. It provides suitable setting for an exciting if flawed plot full of intrigue (Jonas mystery job, and his ultimely death), action (Jaime's attempt to kill the traitor scientist and then switch to helping him escape his goons) to an action packed ending that unfornately doesnt leave you satisfied.

    The change in location is good, if purely functional. A lack of special effects doesnt really convey Jaime is bionic - just not enough to make you overlook the numerous production flaws. Admitedly though I love Michelle Ryan, she doesnt make this role her own, and it probably came too early in her career. Her onscreen sister however was a bundle of much needed enery and liven's up what is a times dull and morose episode/series.

    Given that that this is the last episdoe of the show, I can see why it was canned. That isnt to say it could have become a great show, but given the competition you need to get it right near enough from day one! The fact that after 8 shows there is no standardised pace, format and style - its probably a good thing that this was cancelled. Maybe if theyd kept Sarah Corvus for the last 4 episodes, it may have had the kind of arc to allow them a platform to build from. As it is I only hope we see more of Ryan and Lucy Hale in other productions!

    Thanks for the brief glimpse of what could have been.
  • I'm sad that it's over.

    After Pope's death, Jonas makes Jaime go on vacation. There, she and Becca meet Nick and his father Vincent. Vincent must be killed, but Jaime can't do it. Jonas tells Jaime that if she wants, she can tell Becca about her job. From coming home, Jaime decides not to tell Becca about her work. Jae teaches Nathan how to fight.

    This was a really great episode! I was sad to know that it was the last one and they didn't finish the story. I really liked this show! I wanted Jaime to tell Becca. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Coming along OK but a little fine tuning. And ripping cars doors of is getting old.

    The series is coming along OK. There seems to be something missing to make it a great show. And the old gage of riping the door off a car is getting old, and not realistic. I have tried to ripe car doors open in the past and the only thing that gets riped of the car is the door handle.

    I had to get into my cars a few time in the winter stuck out in a blizzard, doors frosen shut banging ice off around the door pulling as hard as I could and only to fall on my but and the door handle still in my hand. Thats when I learned to get into a frozen car door from the passanger side first, that way the driver door will still work.

    P.A.R.T(People Against Reality Television) I am starting this movment to get TV stations to stop making any more reality TV programs. They need to get They're thinking caps and there pocket books out, and stop making generic programs and start making quality television
  • great episode

    Jaime deals with the death of antonio. She's ordered to go on a vacation, but the vacation turns into a mission when an assassin commits suicide. Jaime needs to take his place and she needs to shield her sister from witnessing anything she's doing. It's an exciting episode. Jaime's got herself into a middle of a mess that she's not supposed to be a part of. The writers came up with another great episode. It's fast paced, each scene was shot and edited properly. The running effect is the big draw of every episode. They used it again on this one, it's a great one.
  • Jamie's really grieved about Antonio's death, but she has to deal with it as well as with another assignment, which can bring up some personal issues related to her relationship with Becca.

    Nice episode, though the show hasn't taken off so far. The highlights: when all the gang is mourning Antonio's death: Ruth shoots out of the blue: 'I slept with him (Antonio), and it was awesome!' Everybody was astonished and then started laughing. Nathan and Jonas watch while Jamie beats the hell out of a 'bad guy', and then Nathan comments: 'She's so PMS'd'. When Becca and Jamie are in bed eating junk food, they watch a Heroes episode (Hiro's crying out 'Yatta!) I also liked the way she used her abilities, busting up doors and doorknobs, throwing scums in midair... It reminded me of the original series back in the 70s, when Jamie's abilities were more conspicuous and amazing.
  • What may be the final episode of the troubled series

    This episode may be the series finale, depending on the network and the length of the writers' strike. That may seem premature, but at this point, it comes down to network expectation. The series debuted with solid numbers, after all, but the ratings have plummeted to mediocre levels. With all the creative woes plaguing "Bionic Woman", I'm not sure the network will want to give the latest showrunner time to right the ship.

    This particular episode was written by one of the executive producers, and despite a few flaws inherent to the earlier scripts, this is one of the better efforts since the disappearance of Sarah Corvus. While the crisis at the center of the episode still has nothing to do with nanotechnology, it continues to underscore the idea that the Berkut Group covers a number of sensitive intelligence concerns.

    One thing the writers had to sell to the audience is the idea that the whole "bionic" project was about building the perfect intelligence operative. So far that's been sketchy at best, especially since the writers haven't been particularly creative in applying Jaime's technology to new situations. It's still not clear how the Berkut Group is supposed to work or what their relationship to the federal government is. They are treated like private sector contractors, but they seem to get a free pass on activities that would normally be covert black ops.

    Equally disturbing is the lack of formalized training by these operatives, which is something pertinent to this episode. For one thing, Jaime gets caught up in an assassination mission, which she's simply not ready to execute (no pun intended). It's good to see the writers acknowledging that Jaime is still, at best, an unskilled recruit, but this could have been an interesting way to touch on concepts from the first few episodes (such as the idea of embedded combat programming battling with Jaime's moral preferences).

    Instead this was about balancing the needs of the mission against the needs of the family, and the odd way that Jonas has managed to become part of that equation. I still think Jonas is too much of a mystery, but there's no question that he recognizes the value in keeping Jaime's home life in order. I've grown to like that dynamic, and it could have gotten better with time to develop the characters.

    If this is the final episode of the series, at least it is going out on a better note than expected. If the series does come back, there are elements that could be emphasized to bring the show back into focus. This is still obviously a work in progress, but it was worth taking the time to see how it might end.
  • Not a terrible episode really not much happened from where I was sitting. The episode was part Jamie dealing with the death of her partner and trying to get closer to his sister.

    Not a terrible episode really not much happened from where I was sitting. The episode was part Jamie dealing with the death of her partner and trying to get closer to his sister. The case had some interesting quirks with an assassin with a drug habit and Jamie being asked to kill a man. She of course didn't which caused a chase scene ending in a valet being killed. He was really an assassin that Jonas knew about thanks to a caller id that give a face and background history to anyone who calls in and Jaime used the phone he had stolen earlier. Jamie still didn't fully confide in her sister nor did she kill anyone. Had some good character interaction but nothing really happened.
  • Jaime has more abilities and beyond!

    Well we see more of Jaime's abilities as she and her sister go on vacation but it doesn't go according to plan as something distracts them. Jaime debates on whether telling her sister or not about her super ability. Because sooner or later, she will have to tell her sister. And not keep lying about her powers all the time. Keeping Becca in the dark because you can see Becca is really getting suspicious about her sister and why she is hiding behind her back. Jonas contact dies as that will set up a story you can see. Despite having a soul and is sensibile to Jaime and her sister, Jonas don't be fooled by that as he can be a cold-blooded killer in the lurking.
  • A very interesting episode that shows more of Jamie's capabilities, and her sister.

    A very interesting episode that shows more of Jamie's capabilities, and her sister. Jamie has to debate whether to tell her sister about her real job or not, and come to terms with her friend's death. The show does leave some puzzling ends, such as how Jonas' contact died, but manages to convey the overall theme adequately. We also see more of Jonas' character, who has the ability to feel, but can be a cold-hearted killer when the need arises.

    We also see that Jamie's relationship with Tom is still ongoing, although we do not see him returning her calls. Hopefully the network will put in more orders for the series.
  • I thought this episode was well written but if Mitchell Ryan is from the (UK) then they should have her speaking like she is from the (UK).

    I liked this episode because it had a lot of twists and turns and I see they finally got rid Acid Rock music I'm just so happy they did that. If the rating bar had 1.0 - 100.0 then I would rate it 100.0 because it's such a well made show. I got one question is that a continuing saga from Bionic Woman (1971)?. I hope NBC orders a full season for this show and two more seasons after that don't let this show fade away. But still in order for my ratings to go up some more this show can't copycat my favorite show Alias witch they are doing now.