Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap


1.04 – FACE OFF


Jaime runs down an alley, faster and faster, and jumps over a fence with barbed wire. When she lands she hurts her foot. She gets to a car and pulls open the door. Inside is Becca making out with an older boy. Jaime yells at her. She said that she was going to be studying at Rachel's house. Jaime pulls her out of the car, yelling at her for lying. They argue. She yells at the boy that Becca is only fifteen and he could go to jail. She had told him she was eighteen. Jaime takes her home.

Jaime goes to see Nathan about her toe.

NATHAN: What did you do to my toe?

JAIME: It's my toe.

Jaime questions why it has not healed on its own. He tells her that she is an early prototype and as time goes on they will find more imperfections.

JAIME: You're giving me the creeps, you keep staring at it. Do you have a foot fetish?

NATHAN: Actually no, Jaime, I do not. I'm pretty much just a simple "boob man."

He questions that she hurt it surveilling her sister. She is upset she lied.

NATHAN: That's what teenagers do: they lie, they get tattoos, they have wild sex, and then knock off liquor stores.

He tells her that her toe is screwed and he will shock it into submission. He says that it shouldn't hurt, but of course it does. He tells her that he doesn't think she should begrudge a teenage girl the opportunity to make out in cars with older guys. She says that it is about her sister lying. He thinks she is being hypocritical because she is lying to her sister about what is going on. She tells him he is mean. She says that it's not really about what she does – she knows she is going to make mistakes, but she can't help Becca if she lies. He tells her to tell Becca that. He fixes her toe, and she tells him to keep it between the two of them.

Sarah is playing poker with some guys when Jae and some men come in with guns. She tells him that she knew the game was fixed, and then winks at him. He takes her in.


Jonas Bledsoe found out what happened, and tells Jaime that she owes him over $27,000 for the toe. He tells her that her bionics represent the most advanced form of technology known to man, and that it was developed to protect humans, not to spy on her sister. Antonio Pope comes in and also knows about what happened. Bledsoe shows them a video of an American doctor, Dr. Mark Stevens, who is being held in Paraguay. He was taken two days prior by a group that calls themselves The Sons of the Red Sands. They claim he is CIA, and he has sensitive information. They are going to behead him in forty-eight hours unless the CIA will admit he is theirs, which they won't. Pope questions why the military isn't being sent in. Bledsoe says that Paraguay never passed any antiterrorism laws and they aren't about to let the US mount an operation on their soil. Jaime questions that they can. Bledsoe continues that the two of them can – anything that looks like special ops is out, but an American couple moving about the city will work. Jaime doesn't want to fly off to Paraguay because of Becca, and he tells her that her sister will have twenty-four hour security watching her. She agrees to go, but questions what she is going to tell Becca.

Jaime tries to make breakfast for her sister, but isn't very successful. The eggs catch on fire and she burns herself, and then watches her hand heal. Her sister comes in and she tells her that she just wants to clear the air about what happened. Becca apologizes for lying.

BECCA: Besides that guy's a creep anyway. And usually those internet chat room guys, you know, they turn out to be reasonably cool.

She lets her sister know she was just joking. Becca asks Jaime what's going on with her, and she says that Carly invited her up to Nappa to celebrate her getting into law school.

Antonio tells Jaime that they are going to be landing on an airstrip in Paraguay using a small plane. Jaime asks Antonio if he has any anti-anxiety medicine or sedatives. Suddenly Sarah is brought out restrained and makes some comments to Jaime. He tells Jaime that Bledsoe will take care of Sarah.

Sarah is hooked up to machines. She grabs the one man's hand and breaks it. Bledsoe comes in and tells her to let him go, which she does, laughing. He tells her that she is not helping herself. She tells him it's just reflexes. He says that her reflexes were recalibrated through sensory neurons during her original surgery and that that was hostility.

SARAH: You noticed. A girl likes to be noticed.

He says that she has been having hand tremors, night sweats, anxiety and paranoia.

SARAH: Even paranoids have enemies.

Bledsoe says that the medicine Anthros gave her barely gave her any relief and probably made her worse. She questions that he can fix it. She tells him that she doesn't want anything from him and to either kill her or let her go.

BLEDSOE: You know I tried that once before, it didn't work.

He says that this time he thought he'd help. She tells him that he doesn't know how. He says that Will was working on upgrades, and if she tells him where Anthony is, he will help her. She doesn't believe him. She wants to know who made her the way she is. As he leaves she yells at him, calling him a liar, and accuses him of playing God.

Jaime and Antonio are talking on the plane. Antonio thinks that he knows where Stevens is being held. Jaime is scared of flying. She is upset because of lying to her sister. He tells her that she is protecting her by lying. She says that she thinks everybody should know truth and ask how you can trust someone if they don't tell you the truth. He tells her that trust and full disclosure are not the same thing. He asks if she trusts him, and questions what she knows about him - what it is that he disclosed. He tells her that all she needs to know is that they are a team and he has her back. He thinks that should be enough. She squeezes his hand too hard and hurts him.


A man meets them and says to hurry and that no one can know they met. He tells them the only access is through the venting system, but it is blocked by an exhaust fan. He tells that if they get captured, he never met them.

They arrive at the exhaust fan. There is a laser alarm system beyond. He tells her just to get them in. She pulls back the covering. She is scared to stop it, but he tells her she is a machine and just to do it. She says that even if it's not real, it's still attached to her and she would like to keep it that way. She looks and listens, and at the right time she grabs the fan and stops it. She pulls it back so they can get through. He tells her "See, matter over mind."

There are still the laser beams to get through undetected. Antonio just walks through them and kneels on the ground, putting his hands on his head. He tells her to do the same. Jaime doesn't like the idea. Men with guns come and get them.


Jae watches Sarah on a monitor when Bledsoe comes in. He asks Bledsoe why he is making her his enemy - she needs help. Bledsoe tells him that Will found a fix before he was killed - swap out the nerve bundles and fuse new anthracites. Bledsoe tells him that she knows where Anthros is – he's been giving her treatment. Jae tells him that if they fix her, she might talk. Bledsoe tells him to be her friend, and that if he wants to help her, to help her help herself.

Jaime and Antonio are taken with hoods over their heads. When they get there they are removed, but they still have their hands tied behind their backs. Jaime doesn't like his idea, thinking they are about to be executed, but he tells her that it gets them to Stevens. He tells her that she needs to lose her fear and then go bionic. If he had told her what he was going to do, she would have backed out.

They are brought to where Dr. Stevens is being held. Stevens has been told by the terrorists to decode the contents of the flash drive he had. He tells them he is working as fast as he can. One of the men says that he needs inspiration and threatens to hurt Jaime. He insists that it will take time to decrypt it. Jaime starts scanning around with her bionic eye when she sees a gun. The men are about to kill them and Antonio tells her it's a good time. Jaime kicks one of the men. They fight with their arms still bound. Antonio grabs the gun and shoots another man as he enters the room.

Jae talks to Sarah, saying that Bledsoe can help. She says that Bledsoe has every reason to lie. Jae says that Bledsoe is also a man of self-interest, and she is valuable to him. She thinks that Bledsoe is either playing him or Jae is playing her. He says that she can trust him – he wants her back. She says that everyone wants something back, and that even if Bledsoe could help her, she doesn't trust him. He asks if she trusts him, and she tells Jae to bring her proof of the advancements that they can use to fix her, and she might remember where he can find Anthros.

Antonio unties Jaime and tells her to tie up the terrorist and take him down to the fan room. She questions what he is doing with Stevens. He tells her that he stays, because he was stalling and read what was on the flash drive. Jaime wants to know what is on it. Stevens tells her that it is about her and everything about bionics. Stevens says that if he knows what is on it then he knows who gave it to him. Antonio says that he was to decipher it, not to read it. Jaime takes the flash drive and says that it doesn't make any sense – they came there to save him. Antonio says that they would have. Dr. Stevens tells him that he won't say anything. Antonio believes he won't – until he is caught or tortured or his brother is taken. He says that when they put the machete to Jaime's neck he was going to tell them everything. He says that he was just trying to save them. Antonio tells Jaime again to take the man down to the fan room. She questions that Antonio is just going to kill Stevens. She gets angry, grabs Antonio's gun and shoves him. She tells Stevens to go and meet her in the fan room. Antonio tells her that if she lets him go and he talks that she will be in the crosshairs and won't last a month. She replies, "Then I won't." She leaves.

Jaime runs and other men chase her. She jumps over beams. Jaime gets shot and falls from the beam. Stevens is there and helps her. They go through the stopped fan and then she bends it back and starts it up again so they can't get follow them.


Stevens thanks her, but she says it was stupid, because she nearly got them both killed and she has no plan. He wants to stop to get supplies for her wound, even though she says that they shouldn't stop. Jaime breaks the lock and they get inside. An alarm goes off. Stevens asks her if she can use her eye to tell what numbers. She looks at the fingerprints and tells him them. He chooses the reverse order which he says is the combination that has the highest probability, and he is right. She asks him who gave him the flash drive. He tells her that he has a contact - a voice on the phone, and that when he needs help, he tells him where to pick things up. She asks if he knows who hired the terrorists. He thinks that it was just them and that someone tipped them off to what he was doing.

He starts looking at her and says that her body is in shock. She asks if he is really a doctor or if it is just for cover. He is a doctor and works for the CIA. He questions that she doesn't feel the lodged bullet. He tells her that human response is to repel foreign objects and fight it like an infection, but she has anthracites that keep her from rejecting the bionics, so it stops her from repelling it. The anthracites are moving the bullet and it could damage other organs. He needs to take it out now.

Antonio and Bledsoe talk on the phone. Bledsoe is angry at what Pope did – she could have been killed. He tells Bledsoe that he knows the risk involved. Bledsoe says that willingly surrendering a fifty million dollar bionic woman is not in his playbook. Antonio says that it got them to Stevens and the flash drive. Bledsoe says though that he doesn't have the flash drive or Jaime. He tells Antonio to go find her and that if he treats her like she's expendable again, he won't be this nice.

Becca is eating ice cream when the door bell rings – it's Carly. She is bringing back Jaime's shoes and asks where Jaime is. Becca tells her that she was supposed to be in Nappa with her. She knows now that Jaime lied to her.

Jae is on the computer looking for the proof of the upgrades that Bledsoe promised when he walks in. He asks Bledsoe what is going on, and says that he lied to him. Bledsoe says that the told him that Will was working on fixes, not that he had them. The files are on the flash drive in Paraguay. Jae questions how and Bledsoe says that he doesn't think they knew Will as well as they thought.

Stevens tries to remove the bullet. Jaime tells him that she is thinking about the lies she has been told and the lies she has been telling, even to herself, and wants to know how to make peace with it. He says that you don't – you do what you can and sometimes you pay a price. He tells her that three years ago what he deciphered led to a bombing raid in Iraq where many were injured or killed. He came to Triple Border to atone – doctoring people who have nothing. Occasionally the CIA asks him a favor, but he now only deciphers things he can live with. She says that if he had told the terrorists what he knew about her, they might have let him go. He questions that if he had done that, what they would have done with the technology and who they would have sold it to. Her hand starts shaking. She asks him if the file say why it does that. He tells her that the bionic interface is failing and being reset. She says that it keeps happening. He tells her that the anthracites function like an anti-rejection drug, but overtime become fatigued. There is a five year projection until the bionic system will cease to function. He eventually gets the bullet out. She asks what that means. He says that she will die when that happens.


Truewell asks Sarah some psychological questions, wanting her to interpret some proverbs. Sarah just gives her sarcastic answers, including when Ruth mentions that Sarah had a horse as a child.

TRUEWELL: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

SARAH: Or have sex without curtains.

Sarah says that she likes throwing stones – it wakes people up. Truewell tells Sarah that she is trying to understand her. She still is sarcastic and doesn't help.

Stevens apologizes for telling Jaime what he found out, but she thanks him. She is happy to hear the truth for once. Jaime hears someone coming and tells Stevens to hurry. She hides him, hands him the flash drive, and tells him to wait there.

Sarah questions Jae if there is a fix. Jae tells her to tell him that she loves him. Sarah tells him that she loves him and then grabs him. She uses him as a hostage to get out. Truewell tells her to let Jae go. Sarah questions what would happen then, knowing she wouldn't help her. Sarah breaks a man's neck and takes his gun. She lets Jae go and leaves.

Antonio comes into the store and Jaime walks out to meet him. He asks where Stevens is, and she tells him that he is gone. He repeats the question. She is angry and upset and questions that he was going to kill Stevens. He tells her that it is his job. She is also angry that she has been kept in the dark. He tells her that sometimes his job requires it. She says that she refuses to believe that killing an innocent person can ever make things right. He tells her that the information on flash drive could save here – what they were doing was for her. She asks him if he thinks because she cost fifty million dollars that her life worth more than his. He says that they can talk about that later and to give him up. She tells him "no," and stops him from leaving. He tells her that Stevens is collateral damage - killing him saves her, and that maybe one day she'll understand that. Jaime tells him that if he wants Stevens, he will have to get through her, and this time without a crowbar. She shoves him against a shelf and tells him that he doesn't want to fight her – he knows what she is capable of. He slams her into the shelf and tells her that just because she is a machine, doesn't mean she can't be beat. They continue to fight until she kicks him in the stomach, hard, and he falls into some shelves, knocking them over and himself out. She goes over to him and checks his pulse. She then goes to get Dr. Stevens, but he is gone.


Bledsoe tells Jae that the flash drive is gone. Jae asks that if Will's work is gone if Sarah is going to die. Bledsoe just says that he wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

Sarah is at a bar talking to a man, telling him that she has never been snowboarding. He is planning a trip in February and tells her she should come. She tells him that she can't plan that far in advance. They leave together.

Jaime talks to Bledsoe. She questions that she only has five years to live. He tells her that five years is a long time in technology – it's generations. She says she had a right to know. He tells her that he wanted to protect her. She tells him that it is her life and that she was entitled to know. He tells her that she is right and that he is sorry. He says that he will find a way to fix it.

Becca is angry when Jaime comes home because she knows that she lied. She doesn't let her know at first, letting Jaime make up more about the trip. Becca then tells her that Carly was there. She asks Jaime if she is having an affair with a married man or something. She tells Jaime that she is just like their dad, and that she can't trust a word she says. She is angry because it is Jaime who has been calling her a liar. Becca tells her that she needs and deserves to know what is going on. Jaime tells her that she can't tell her. She loves her and wants to tell her everything, but she can't. Becca tells her that trust is supposed to be a two way street. Jaime tells her that she knows, and that it sucks, but that she has to trust her – her new job is complicated. Becca says that she needs to know that she is never going to leave her. Jaime tells her she never will and they share a hug. Becca walks in her bedroom and shuts her door.