Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • Poor conceptually, thus fails in execution

    The plot in this one returns to one with a feeling on underdevelopment. I understand why they took the route of having BW schematics turn up on the open market, but the way it was written wasnt convincing enough for me. The feeling is worsened by the quality of some of the acting, which isnt to say its bad, but the feeling of not being convinced pours forth from the actors themselves.

    The main problem I found reoccuring through the various episodes is the lack of credibility in this show. For a top secret highly classified organisation they sure do have alot of problems keeping a handle on their assets! Maybe they should fire Ferrer and put someone else in charge.

    Putting that aside, I found the whole rescue sequence possibly one of the worst contrived action scenes ever made! The idea that the supervisor leads Jaime into what is essentially an apparently lose/lose situation, where she has to start thinking as a bionic superperson and not plain old Jaime just didnt cook properly. When they let their captors take them, why would anyone take them directly too their rescue target? Surely, they would quarantine the two new captives, ask for orders and probably take them to another part of the complex or at least different holding cells - not to someone/thing important to the bad guys!

    Then the escape sequence was very poorly done, as Jaime gets shot striding the girders. As for the end, well that just about had resonance in that Jaime was always warned she should focus on completing her mission and not let sentiment in. And predictably she does and the mission fails with a uncommonly (for this episode) spark of a twist at the end. It was predictable enough though.
  • I liked it!

    Jaime lies to Becca about her work. Jaime and Pope go on a mission to save an American doctor that is being held by terrorists. When Pope wants to interrogate him, Jaime tries to save him. While trying to escape, Jaime is fatally shot. She and Pope have a disagreement and fight. The team captures Sarah. Jonas wants to know where Will's father is, but Jae falls for her and she escapes. Becca learns that Jaime lied to her about going with Carly.

    This episode was pretty good! I like the Jaime/Becca storyline. The whole thing with trust. This episode reminded me of Alias. In Alias, there was an episode where Sydney and Dixon are on a plane and they talk about how they can't tell anyone what they do. In Bionic Woman, in this episode, Jaime talks to Pope about not telling anyone what they do. This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!
  • Such bad writing!

    I literally think a high school writing class could do better.
    Maybe during the writers strike the fans could rewrite the dialogue?

    Seriously, "no I'm a boob man" is supposed to pass for good writing?

    I like all the supporting actors (except the homophobe guy) and have seen them be good in other shows. The plot is good and is building nicely.

    However the dialogue is so bad it makes my ears bleed and my brain hurt! It's so bad my boyfriend won't watch the show anymore and it makes me want to watch the show on mute and just get a synopsis of what new information we found out.
  • This show still isn't clicking.

    I'm quickly running out of patience and wondering if anyone's finally going to decide what direction they're going in. While there is still a draw for me based on concept and potential, the show's writers desperately need to sit down in a room together and talk. I've noticed that we've had different writers and directors for every show so far. While I realize this isn't necessarily unusual, it does begin to explain some inconsistencies. On the plus side, they seem to be finding a place for the Antonio Pope character. He's finally finding a place in the story where he isn't being redundant. It does seem strange that Jonas is the sympathetic one while Antonio is more business. You'd figure that it would be the other way around. He also seems to posses super powers as his character miraculously got out of a building jam packed with armed bad guys. Looks like someone's been dipping into the anthracite jar.

    Now, while I enjoy the Sarah Corvus character, I wish they were a little more consistent and clear on her motives. I thought it was an interesting idea to portray her as a junkie in the previous episode, even if it was done clumsily and a little heavy handed. But in this episode we have her walk into a situation she said she wouldn't put herself in and ends up walking out without them really accomplishing anything with the whole situation. I also don't feel like anything was really revealed in this episode other that Jaime's degenerating condition and the presence of a flash drive that will probably come into play at some point. They could have better utilized the time to at least straighten out Jaime home life (meaning clean up the direction rather than resolve the conflict), which has been handled poorly by the writers. Barring that they could have used it to actually build up Sarah as a dynamic villain rather then just have her tread water. They need to focus . . . fast.
  • Brain rotting program

    I have been watching this program from the start and the more that I watch it the more I am sure that my brain is becoming soft.The story lines have holes that you could drive a truck through sideways.The main character Jamie is a complete whiner who even though she was nearly killed is given a second chance at life and just whines that her life is ruined.Then you have the bionic aspect that she can hit with almighty force and yet when someone is hit they don't get hurt and keep on coming back for more.Also how the hell can she run in stilletos at high speed.These episodes are the pits .And yes I will stop watching this rubbish.
  • Lies! Lies! Everybody lies!

    It seems like everybody is lying and not teling the truth to one another in this show as Jamie is mad that her younger sister, who isn't squeaky clean at all, had sex with an older boy. Then Jamie has to lie to her sister in order to protect her from finding out the truth. As Becca finds out that Jamie isn't with someone on a trip. But that is where ex-Grey's Anatomy Isaiah Thomas comes in. As they go on a trip to Paragray. While her sister is being under round the clock protection. Loved the interaction between Nathan and Jamie as he's fixing up her toe. This episode shows where lies and truth collide into play. That maybe sometimes, bending the truth to save a love one!
  • Ups and downs. Ups and downs.

    Funny thing that after watching last week's episode what I really wanted this show to give me was a field mission. I certainly got that, but not nearly the way I expected or hoped for. In fact, it was mostly a deception. Apparently, this show is built under a concept of ideas that the producers think will atract most people: the inner conflicts of the personnas over everything else in the storyline. This, actually, is a very widespread concept. And, in fact, many terrible shows are continuously being aired due to the sole fact that there aren't so many good storylines as there were before. And this episode is certainly the proof of bad writing since Jaime and Pope invade a building full of thugs and when it comes down to the fight most of them are conveniently somewhere else. Or yet, can anyone explain to me how could Pope escape alone when they did show up? And, by everything sacred, what was Sarah's role in the episode? Fill in time? The episode certainly has its attributes (like Jaime being told she has only a five-year lifespan), but until now we have had good characters being wasted under an unfocused storyline.

    So far, worth watching, but by a thread.
  • Bionic woman goes south!

    I like this episode of "bionic woman" a little better than last week. I think the relationship between Jaime and her sister is improving. Her sister is played by Lucy Hale. I think she's coming into her own character. hale is becoming a wonderful actress. I heard that the ratings of the show is down, but I'll stick to the show as long as possible. Jamine goes down to Paraguay to save an American doctor. While there, she learn about her future life and it's not good. Michelle Ryan continues to improve on the show. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • great episode

    Jaime is assigned to fly to Paraguay to rescue an american doctor who is being held by terrorists. When she goes there she finds out that the american doctor is hiding a secret that the government is hiding from her. Jaime saves the doctor, but faces a dilemma once her mission partner decides to execute him on the spot. Jaime realizes that the doctor knows something about her. Jaime takes the doctor out of the terrorist hideout. It's a nice episode, the writers came up with a great story this week. The jumping effects looked awesome, I wish they used more. It's a great episode.
  • Uru-why?

    After the mild increase in quality last episode, it's depressing that Bionic Woman collapsed into another suckfest this week.

    One of the biggest problems with this show is in the missions-of-the-week. Ever since episode two, every mission starts promisingly, but usually derails half-way through, resulting in irritating philosophy crap centered on Jaime dealing with her Bionics. It's tedious, and this episode especially suffered because of it. The terrorists-in-Uruguay story was slightly intriguing, but it seemed the writers had no clear direction for it, instead just making the rest of the script up as they go along.

    This is most obvious in the characters. It's irritating to see Jaime and Becca find some common ground and start bonding, but then backtracking and having Becca start to hate her all over again. It's lazy, and almost like the writers completely ignore past episodes. Antonio is also irritating me. I'm unaware of his true allegiances, and not in an awesome "is he good, is he bad" kind of way. More "will the writers create some kind of purpose for him already?".

    The dialogue is still laughable. Sarah Corvus has already become an over-the-top caricature of a bad guy, but her ridiculous scene with Ruth made almost no sense. Did anybody else burst out laughing when she said something along the lines of "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones... or have sex without the curtains shut!!!". This kind of random and unnecessary dialogue completely sums up the show: unexpectedly stupid, and without any clear direction.

    After taking a step forward last episode, Faceoff forces the show to take two steps backward. I understand there were some behind-the-scenes issues for these first couple of episodes, but even that isn't an excuse for such lazy writing and nonsensical plot twists.

    Director: Paul Shapiro
    Writers: Robert Rovner, Jon Cowan
    Rating: D
  • Loved it soooo much! Jamie kicks butt!

    This was a great episode!!! Loved how Jamie chose to see the best in people even though he turned out to be bad. Antonio shouldn't of made Jamie mad. It is soo funny seeing Isaih Washington on this show. He had it commin to him. I will always think of him as Dr. Burke. Loved Sarah in this eppie. She adds soo much humor to the show. poor Jae he loves Sara soo much. I can't belive Jamie only has 5 years to live but they will probebly find some way to add on her life. Really good episode and hopefully it continues. I love it!!!
  • The show is growing on me. I was very excited when i heard they were doing a new series and i knew it would be cool. I was very disappointed by the second episode though but episode 3 was better and episode 4 better yet.

    I watched the last episode this morning for breakfast and i really liked it.
    The show is growing on me. I was very excited when i heard they were doing a new series and i knew it would be cool.
    I was very disappointed by the second episode though but episode 3 was better and episode 4 better yet.

    Michelle Ryan/Jaime Sommers .
    I think her acting's good. I trust the writers are willfully going slow with the character and that Jaime will grow stronger, more agressive and in control of her powers and emotions as the series goes on, and at the same time Michelle will be given the opportunity to express more. And i like witnessing an actress improving with every episode.
    I like the special effects on her bionics, specially the eye.
    I think the "5 years to live" twist is a very refreshing, cruely realistic, highly dramatic, and completely new take on "the bionic woman"
    I also like the fact that she is very contemporary, and would deal with loss by getting drunk and having cheap sex on a bar's toilets. What i like less is her up-and-down moral standards with her sister. The writers should decide once and for all if she's a cool big sister or an uptight parent. I'd prefer a liberated groovy sister but hey, it's an american show...
    What i don't understand is why they didn't go with two bionic arms! I mean, they gave her Steve's bionic eye, why not go all the way with the second arm? It makes her weak, and most of all, it's not realistic at all: how can her non-bionic arm endure the stress of keeping with her right arm when she's fighting or running at super speed? Now i think the writers saw an opportunity for a future dramatic twist: Jaime, tired of being beaten by her blonde counterpart or being held down by her human arm, will ask Bledsoe to have it replaced with a fully operational bionic one. I'm placing bets that at the end of season one she'll have two bionic arms...
    Katee Sackhoff/Sarah Corvus
    At first i didn't like her at all. I liked the character and the idea of a first and screwed-up bionic woman as a nemesis, but i thought the actress was terrible and overplayed everything. But she had grown on me. And on the parking scene on episode 3 i found her excellent and extremely funny.
    Did you notice how Kim was inspecting the strains she broke on episode 4? It was like he had no idea how she could have freed herself. I think our vilainess is becoming stronger and stronger...
    Lucy Hale/Becca Sommers
    urh... You know how furious i was when i discovered they had replaced my beloved gothic curved deaf sister from the pre-air version of the pilot with this pale Katie Holmes wanna-be... BUT i'm getting used to her now, and i think the sisterhood between those two is believable, at least physically.
    And i'm seing a great moment coming...
    Do you remember "Alias"? (Forget the fourth and fifth seasons, for me this show ended with season three) God! i loved that show. One of my favorite moment was on episode 21 of season 1, when Sidney has to rescue Will and she blows her cover and Will can't believe his eyes his best friend is in fact a spy who fires guns and kicks serious ass! I think we have a very similar moment coming with Becca... Can't wait to see that happen.
    As a matter of fact this show reminds me more of "Alias" than the first "Bionic woman", with the underground agency, the pissed off character who's constantly lied to and is constantly lying to her beloved ones to protect them. In that case her beloved ONE. That's my last critic about the show. I think Jaime's personal life is awfully poor in the way it only extands to her sister and her assuming the role of a parent to her. I think Jaime should have friends to hang around with, but PLEASE not those two idiots from episode 2...

    All in all, a very good show that is improving with every episode.
  • This episode was as consistent and a slight improvement over last week's and hopefully it will start improving even more over the next couple episodes.

    This was more like what I expect to see early on with the show. It starts off with a humorous scene of Jamie tracking down Becca and later being in the lab getting her toe fixed as a result. Then we're quickly introduced to the mission of the episode which is to recover a captured doctor. Jamie and her advisor Antonio head off to retrieve him.

    Once they're on the rescue mission, Antonio unexpectedly throws the two of them right into the mess of it. His plan was to have Jaime go all "bionic" on them. Well she does and we learn the doctor has a flash drive with research of the bionic program on it. Information he was not suppose to see. Antonio decides he needs to kill the doctor to protect the organization and Jamie. Jamie thinks otherwise and escapes with the doctor. The doctor reveals to Jaime what he knows about her and we see Jaime have a hand tremor like we've seen with Sarah Corvus. It's revealed that the implants currently have a five year life span and that's what's killing Sarah.

    Meanwhile back on the base, Sarah has been captured and brought in for questioning of the whereabouts of Anthony. She told there's a cure for her if she gives up the location, a cure that was discovered by Will. But it also turns out that the flash drive contains Will's research and it's suggested he may have been double crossing his organization. The doctor escapes from Jaime along with the research so it's left up in the air what the real intentions are of everyone involved.

    So, if Will had found a cure, and he's the one that brought Sarah back to life, why would he keep that secret? Especially if Jaime would need that research as well. Could it be that Anthony knew of his son's discovery, had the research stolen and had Sarah kill Will? All this so he could retain control of Sarah and continue his own research? It seems unlikely Will double crossed his people, but the fact that he brought Sarah back to life without telling anyone and that it appears he was studying Jaime as a candidate long before they started dating implies some dark secrets we've yet to discover. I also can't help but think we haven't fully seen the last of Will. He's too connected to everything to have only been a character in the first episode. Could he perhaps be secretly in stasis until he can be saved by bionic implants? It seems odd they wouldn't use this father-son dynamic along with the Sarah/Anthony:Jaime/Will relation. But for now it appears they're playing up the Sarah:Jaime similarity dynamic. We'll have to wait and see what transpires but it's good that the core story line is being quickly developed.

    Now, what happened to Becca's court order? It appears to have been written out of the show as we've seen seen her using a computer in front of Jamie and mentioning talking on IM with no mention of it. It's a bit sloppy but if they need to rework some things to get this show on it's feet, then so be it. It's not like they're the first show to do it.

    This episode was as consistent and a slight improvement over last week's and hopefully it will start improving even more over the next couple episodes. Bionic Woman still has a way to go before it becomes "must watch tv" but it looks like it might get there if given the chance.
  • Really well played out episode this time focusing on conflict with Jamie at work and home. At work Jamie must decide if she's going to listen to her handlers or follow her heart. To complicate these issues she working with the highly volatile Pope.

    Really well played out episode this time focusing on conflict with Jamie at work and home. At work Jamie must decide if she's going to listen to her handlers or follow her heart. To complicate these issues she working with the highly volatile Pope. His unpredictable nature ends up pushing Jamie over the edge. First he puts both of them in danger banking on her bionics to get them out of all danger. Then per his organization's orders he tries to kill the doctor they came to rescue for knowing too much. In the process we learn that Jamie's bionics are killing her body and unless a cure is found she'll be dead in five years. We also learn this point from Sara's recapture by the agency. On that note and after a confrontation with Jamie over the same issue. Jonas is shown to truly care for his subjects underneath him. On the home front Jamie is caught in a lie to her sister and the question becomes how can you expect trust from me when all you do is lie. Good episode the show is really finding it's stride and distancing itself from any new series scifi cheesy-ness.
  • Slowly getting better

    The first few episodes left me concerned, so I was happy to note that this episode was a lot more coherent. There are still some basic storytelling issues at play (something that may never be fully resolved), but the series is making a little more sense.

    The major sticking point continues to be the main character. We're told that Jamie is young, yet it's hard to imagine that she's so naïve. She never seems to think things through. The other characters have to explain everything to her, and it strains the credibility of the situation (which is a relative statement as it is). If Berkut was half the secret ops group they claimed to be, they would tell Jamie to shut up and get in line, and they wouldn't hesitate to enforce their control over her existence.

    This episode does moderate that slightly. A lot of people at Berkut feel guilty about what Jamie is going through, even as they continue to use her to their advantage. The bionics are essentially unstable, so under the current circumstances, she's a terminal patient. They've already seen the effect of the breakdown process with Sarah Corvus, so they're trying to find a middle ground between compassion and self-interest.

    I'm not sure that's consistent with what we've seen previously, which may be part of my concern. I'd rather see Jonas and the others at Berkut act like Antonio: willing to take Jamie's lack of experience into account, but demanding in their expectations of her performance. Jonas was far more self-interested in the pilot, and I found that more convincing.

    On the other hand, if there's an inherent guilt felt by those behind the project, it would explain why they've been willing to listen to Jamie's whining about her personal life. If they were purely concerned with military applications of the technology, they would dismiss Jamie's personal troubles. In fact, they would probably find a way to eliminate the problem (perhaps less harshly than that implies).

    Thankfully, Sarah Corvus is interesting enough to keep the series from faltering completely. Her character has much of the polish and depth missing from Jamie. She also has history with the rest of the characters, which gives the conflict more meaning. Sarah's interactions with Jae, Jonas, and Ruth were far more credible than Jamie's conflict with Antonio. Sarah is important to the story because it's what Jamie could, in theory, become if things don't change. The signs are there already, which is a nice touch.

    It boils down to consistency. Consistency in how Jamie is portrayed, consistency in how Berkut is portrayed, consistency in how Berkut deals with Jamie. If those three items were brought into focus, the series would improve tremendously. As much as it might annoy the writing staff, given the existing comparisons, they might want to look back at "Alias" for guidance on presentation of concept. Shows like "Buffy" and "Alias" would typically have a "briefing room" scene that would state the situation, the plan of attack, and use the opportunity to inject characterization into the conversations to clarify motivations.
  • Trust and Life Expectancy

    This episode is all about trust and life expectancy. If you have ever seen an episode of this show than you know that trust is rally an reacourance. At the beginning of the episode Jaime finds out that her sister Becca lied to her about going to her friends house and was instead making out with an older boy. Jamie tells one of her co-workers that she just wants Becca to not lie to her. Jonas sends her and Pope to Paraguay to stop a terrorist organization from killing an American CIA agent. Once Jamie and Pope rescue the agent Jamie decides to save the agent while Pope was thier to dispose of the agent. The agent who is a doctor for the CIA had a file on bionics and opened the file and now knows everything about Jamie. He tells her that she only has about five years to live. Jamie gets crossed by the agent when she tells him to stay in an elevator and he decides to leave. Back at the bionic reasearch facility Jonas tells her that he will find a cure and that she will not die in five years.
  • Come on people, it is Sci-Fi and in this age, TV watchers are a little more intelligent than what you give credit for.

    FaceOff. Poor graphics, poor plot and weird anti-hero acting and it tells us that teenagers do a lot of crap and society and guardians cannot do a thing to direct them in the right path.

    Whats the deal with Bionic Woman's sister? In the First episode, she was not allowed to use computer, now she is creating websites with their family pictures? Come get the story right. If you are writing a Sci-Fi, it need not be real, but it has to be a little logical. Even in fantasy, there should be some logic to make the serial / episode interesting.

    Whats's with the Bionic Woman 1 and her weird smiling and behaving as an anti-hero? If she is mostly Bionic, why use a gun or a pistol to shoot her? she is electronic, jolt her with electricity or get an EMI gun(ha ha). When Jamie runs and jumps, while being shot at, her arms and legs moves faster than her actual motion and her jumps do not seem realistic. In this age of Matrix and other graphics enhanced Video, it shows poorly on the production team to have such bad and obviously noticeable flaws.

    Would it not be easier to let your family members know that you are working for a Government agency than tell lies after lies? What are we still in the age of "True Lies?" Come on! Todays kids and teenagers are more intelligent that what most give credit for.

    This serial / TV show is getting bad by the week. I may stop watching it.
  • Lies, lives and secrets mix for both Bionic ladies.

    The show is starting to find its footing now as Jamie goes on her first mission. I enjoyed the beginning of her running and leaping only to have it shown she was busting her sister. I loved Jonas telling her "You owe me $27, 000" for the broken toe. The mission was quite telling with the revelation that Washington is willing to go to such lengths but Jamie not ready to go for that yet. But I also liked Jonas annoyed too, telling him Jamie was not expendable.

    The bionic effects continue to be done well with the leaping and the nice bit of Jamie using her eye and ear to figure out how to stop the fan. It was funny with her on the plane freaking out about being a person of mostly metal in a lightning storm. Of course, the big thing is her discovering her life expectancy and shocked by it. Ryan did a great job of Jamie tackling that and also the great scene at the end of wanting to tell her sis the truth but facing up to what Washington said about sometimes lies being necessary. Once again, Sackhoff was just amazing as Sarah, captive and showing that great nerve. You could tell she could get out any time she wanted, she just wanted to show them how dangerous she was and what they made her. And seeing the final scene of her saying "can't waste more time" brought home once more the way she and Jamie are so alike.

    So another great ep that shows the series is starting to really click and become something cool which we all wanted.
  • Sarah and Jaime are in the same boat when it comes to their life expectancy

    This didn't have the amount of fighting as last episode, but there was plenty of action to satisfy. We get some more character development that was just enough not to bore or weigh down the hour. It looks like we will get the Drama and conflict similar to the defunct, but awesome series Alias. I am seeing more challenges within the group than out. You would think that we are looking at the workings of the Sith instead of an organization with a goal to save the world. I just now saw a video interview with Michelle (and Miguel) showing the range of talent this woman has.
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