Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • Poor conceptually, thus fails in execution

    The plot in this one returns to one with a feeling on underdevelopment. I understand why they took the route of having BW schematics turn up on the open market, but the way it was written wasnt convincing enough for me. The feeling is worsened by the quality of some of the acting, which isnt to say its bad, but the feeling of not being convinced pours forth from the actors themselves.

    The main problem I found reoccuring through the various episodes is the lack of credibility in this show. For a top secret highly classified organisation they sure do have alot of problems keeping a handle on their assets! Maybe they should fire Ferrer and put someone else in charge.

    Putting that aside, I found the whole rescue sequence possibly one of the worst contrived action scenes ever made! The idea that the supervisor leads Jaime into what is essentially an apparently lose/lose situation, where she has to start thinking as a bionic superperson and not plain old Jaime just didnt cook properly. When they let their captors take them, why would anyone take them directly too their rescue target? Surely, they would quarantine the two new captives, ask for orders and probably take them to another part of the complex or at least different holding cells - not to someone/thing important to the bad guys!

    Then the escape sequence was very poorly done, as Jaime gets shot striding the girders. As for the end, well that just about had resonance in that Jaime was always warned she should focus on completing her mission and not let sentiment in. And predictably she does and the mission fails with a uncommonly (for this episode) spark of a twist at the end. It was predictable enough though.