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I am GLAD this show was CANCELLED!

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    This show simply SUCKED! That is all there is to say. It had NOTHING to do with Jamie Sommers other than stealing her name!

    This show was WAY too "dark" of a show. Jamie Sommers on the original did not believe in using violence unless it was absolutely necessary! But the opening sequence on the pilot with a crazy bionic woman killing everyone just set my teeth on edge! It was stupid and uncalled for.

    The writers of this show could not make up their minds if they wanted a "battlestar galactica" feel...."resident evil" feel....or WHAT they wanted!

    I am glad this show was cancelled. It sucked and the actors and writers deserve to be out of work if all they can come up with is this garbage!

    There is a lesson here for those thinking of screwing with the classics....DON'T! This show and the new knight rider are examples of what will happen if you do.

    You will get your show cancelled!

    It is time TV shows started being original instead of STEALING other shows ideas!

    'nuff said.

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