Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 2

Paradise Lost

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

BIONIC WOMAN 2.02 - PARADISE LOST TEASER: Jaime Sommers and her sister Becca go to William Anthros's funeral. While there, Jonas Bledsoe stops her, saying that he wants to talk to her. She tells him that she is going to pretend it all never happened, so not to call her. After, her sister asks her who he was, and she tells her it was nobody. Jaime goes to Will's home and cries. She looks at a photo of them, and then goes to his closet. She accidentally finds a loose panel in the floor and under it is a folder with classified material all about her. Inside are her IQ test, photos, and more. Upset, Jaime goes to the bar. As she drinks she tells the bartender, who isn't listening, that you never really know someone – they turn out to be a creep with a weird dossier on you. She says there is no thing as Mr. Right and for now she needs Mr. Right Now. A man there hears her and greets her. They end up making out in the bathroom until Jaime pushes him too hard into the stall door, possibly cracking a rib. Bledsoe comes in and tells him to go home. Jaime just tells Bledsoe to go away and quit following her. He tells her that she has fifty million dollars of his property in her. She complains that she isn't in Harvard because she has to watch her little sister. As she is getting sick, he tells her that he knows she didn't ask for it and that it isn't fair, but he is not going to let her flush her life down the toilet. She is angry that Will had the dossier on her starting two years before she even met him, and wants to know who they are. He says that they are a private group that stops rogue groups. They save the world, and they could use her help. He asks her if she is in or out, but she just laughs and says that she is definitely out - and that she thinks she has to throw up. ACT ONE Jaime has been called to see the principal because her sister was caught smoking pot on campus. Jaime talks her out of punishing her sister by keeping her out of the talent show, and tells her that ever since she got involved in the drama department, Becca been more positive and more focused on school. Outside, Jaime's sister thanks her but thinks it was no big deal, and is angry because Jaime is hung over. She tells her that maybe she should move in with her father. Jaime counters that maybe she should because she is doing a terrible job raising her. Bledsoe and Ruth Truewell are watching security video footage. There are many animals and people lying on the ground. They count at least fourteen people dead from the footage. Truewell thinks that it seems like it was a biological attack. Jaime sits and talks to her friends in a diner. She keeps getting weird ringing in her bionic ear. Her one friend just got into Columbia Law and wants to celebrate by going shopping, but she doesn't want to go with them. She goes into the book store and while looking at the book What Color is Your Parachute, she ends up talking to a man with a dog who introduces himself as Antonio. She tells him that she just got out of a relationship because her fiancé died. She doesn't know why she is telling him other than that sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger. It just feels like all of her friends are moving on with their lives and she isn't. He tells her that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and she says that he has no idea how true that is. Antonio tells her that she just needs to find out what she has to offer the world. She is sitting in a diner reading her book when she hears on the news about a quarantine. She suddenly hears something coming from outside and goes to check it out. Among other sounds she picks out that of a woman crying, and then with her bionic eye, she sees the woman on the roof, ready to jump. She runs extremely fast up the stairs and out to the roof. She grabs her as she jumps off and pulls her back. When the woman asks how she did it, she tells her that it might be the Pilates. She goes to see Bledsoe, and he tells her to tell him that he was right that she should work for him. Now that she saved a woman she knows she could have a larger purpose in her life. She tells him that she won't say that he was right, but that she will work for him – on her terms. She tells him that she has to be home at 7 pm, won't work weekends, and that she wants her sister on a health plan. Her ear starts ringing again, and he says that they are working on it. He then tells her that he needs to introduce her to her supervisor, but he thinks that they actually have already met. Antonio walks in. ACT TWO Jaime goes to a tech guy, Nathan, to see if he can fix her bionic ear. He eventually just knocks her on the head, but it works. Antonio comes in and asks if she is ready to start her training. She is angry because they didn't meet by chance. He doesn't even have a dog but borrowed a Jack Russell terrier from his neighbor because she had one when she was young. He tells her that he needed to find out if she was compromised or working for another group. He says that he found out she was smart and honest but doesn't quite know who she is yet, and that she is sad right now. She ignores him, asking about the training. Jae will be the one to train her. Jae Kim fights Jaime and she has flashbacks of fighting Sarah. He asks her if she is feeling any déjà vu, because she is defending herself now exactly how she defended herself from Sarah. It is a combat program she was given and that Sarah was calibrating it for her, and probably for herself as well, knowing her. He tells her that the "machine is nothing without the woman," and that they are going beyond. Jaime does one handed chin-ups and practices running. She fights Jae again and wins, also punching and denting a metal pole in the process. He tells her that she has 2000/20 vision, meaning that she can see two thousand feet in front of her when others can only see twenty, and she can hear up to twenty feet as well, as if she is there. He tells her that if she can hone her skills she can become one of the most powerful weapons, but that if she fails she could go insane. She asks Jae if that is what happened to Sarah, and if that is why she killed Will. She then asks if he was in love with Sarah and if he still is. He says that he doesn't know if that is the right word – he shot her in the head. His loyalty is to his agency no matter what he feels. Sarah is his enemy. He then asks her what she wants to do next, but she wants to be let loose on some real bad guys. Truewell tells Bledsoe that she wants to go to Idaho to find out what happened, but he says to let the government take care of it. She thinks that it is possible that Paradise was just a test run. Having listened in, Jaime says that she will go with her. Bledsoe agrees that a field test might not be a bad idea. While driving there, Truewell asks Jaime why she wanted to go with her. She tells her that she simply wanted to try to do something other than sit around and think about Will. She asks Truewell if she and Will were close, but she tells her that the first thing they teach you in the game is never to get too close to anyone. When they get there, they see all the dead bodies lying on the ground. Truewell warns her to keep her eyes open and her mouth closed. They are stopped by people in Hazmat suits as they are entering the city of Paradise. Truewell tells them that she is expected there and that Jaime is her "muscle." They let them through. Truewell meets Marty, who works for the CDC. She thinks Truewell works for the Department of Agriculture – whatever gets her through the door. Marty shows them a body, saying that she has two hundred more. There are no survivors – everyone in the town is dead. Jaime is not handling the dead body as well as Truewell. ACT THREE Once they are outside, Jaime gets sick. She asks Truewell how she can be so cool about it. She tells Jaime that if it is any consolation, today was a very bad day. Jaime thinks that the people have a right to know what's going on. Truewell asks her what good that would do – people don't really want to know the truth, they would just panic. She says that Jaime just found out and already she wishes she didn't know. Bledsoe calls Truewell and she tells him about what is going on – the whole town is dead. It was an airborne synthetic called DMC30. He asks what they know about it, and she says they know everything – they are the ones that developed it. However, they are safe now because it was only toxic for twelve hours. She tells him that she is going in to get samples and find a distribution system, but if she is right about it, then it is just the first domino. He tells her he will put a team on stand by, and that he will call Haliber. Jaime questions her about this, and she tells her to quit eavesdropping. She says that maybe she wouldn't have to if someone said something to her for a change. Jae arrives at his office to find a yellow rose and a card on his desk. He opens it, and it is about couples counseling and says, "You know where to find me." It is signed "Sarah." Antonio tells Bledsoe that the security checkpoint twenty miles northwest of Paradise was breeched. They received a distress call, but they lost all communications. Bledsoe says they need to pull out all non-combat personnel. He asks him who is there, and questions why he sent Jaime in – she has only been there for three days. Jaime and Truewell enter one of the homes there. The television is on, and it is Battlestar Galactica. Jaime hears something with her bionic ear and they follow it to another house and into the basement. Truewell pulls her gun, but it is only a girl brushing her teeth. She obviously doesn't know what happened and asks where her grandmother is. Jaime tells her that they need to talk. Jae arrives at the Yellow Rose Hotel where he is greeted by a bellhop who calls him "Mr. Park." He tells Jae that his wife is waiting upstairs. Jae enters the room with his gun drawn, to find Sarah on the floor sitting against the wall. She tells him that he was always good at following instructions. She questions if he is going to kill her twice. She walks over and puts her hand on his gun and he puts it down. She tells him "happy anniversary." ACT FOUR Back at Paradise, the girl is telling them that her grandparents were good to her. She asks what did it. They are trying to figure that out. She wants to know why she is the only one alive. They don't know. They ask her if she remembers anything out of the ordinary, and she tells them that she remembers a weird truck driving around the previous night, doing circles around the town. Truewell leaves them and tells Jaime to stay out of trouble. As they walk, the girl tells Jaime that she feels like a freak, and she responds that she can relate. She says that she doesn't look like a freak, but Jaime tells her that looking one way and being another is something she knows something about. Jaime suddenly hears someone and stops. Men with guns come around the corner and one of them tells her not to worry, that they are the good guys. She uses her bionic eye to look at him and sees his eye dilating, indicating that he is lying. Jaime asks the girl if she can run, and then they do. The men chase them. They hide behind the counter in a shop. The girl asks Jaime what is going on, and who she is. She tells her it's a long story, and that it will be all right, people will come to help them, and right now she just needs to be quiet. Then Jaime's cell phone rings. It is her sister asking about a t-shirt she can't find. Jaime tries to tell her that it is a bad time, but she keeps yelling. Becca says that she doesn't have to worry about her because she is moving in with her father. Jaime asks her not to do anything until she gets home. She hangs up and tells the girl that it was her sister, who hates her. A man comes in the room and yells at them to get up. Jaime jumps up and punches him and starts to fight him. The girl stays behind the counter. She ends up getting her fist stuck in the wall but recovers and punches him, sending him into the wall hard. Jaime asks Vivian if she is all right. Meanwhile the man gets back up and she kicks a paint can at his head that knocks him out. Truewell arrives and tells them that they have to get out; more people are coming their way. She sees the man on the floor and tells Jaime that she did nice work. Truewell tells them that they will leave them a little parting gift. They leave. The men enter the shop where there is a tripwire with a grenade. One of the men trips it and it blows. Another man comes up to them with a gun and tells them to get on the ground. He yells to lower their weapons, but he is talking to the other men. It's Antonio ANTONIO: Guess I'm not too late? VIVIAN: Who are you people? TRUEWELL: We're with the Department of Agriculture. ACT FIVE Back at the hotel, Jae and Sarah are lying in front of the fire place after making love. He asks her why she killed people. She tells him that she already told him that she wasn't in control. She thinks that someone hacked her. He tells her that he watched her die, and she tells him that she knows he didn't have a choice. Sitting at a diner, Jaime asks Vivian if she is all right. She says she guesses and thanks them for all they did. Her ride shows up and she leaves. Jaime asks if she was the only one who survived, and Antonio confirms this, and says that she must have an immunity to the gas. He tells her that now they need to find out if there is more of the gas, and who has it. She asks how they do that, and he says to leave it up to him. Antonio has one of the men cuffed in a chair. He demands he tells him where the DMC30 is. He says that if he doesn't tell him, he will get a pair of grip pliers and show him something that someone once showed him. Bledsoe's phone rings. It's Antonio, who tells him that Truewell was right – Paradise was just a test run. They are rolling out twenty trucks at midnight. Bledsoe tells him that he is on his way. A man comes out of a building with a manifest to bring to the trucks. They grab him and continue to sneak around. They break a window and throw in a smoke bomb, forcing them to come out. They force them all to the ground. They go inside the building and there is a map with all the cities they were going to hit. Outside, Bledsoe talks to Jaime and says that she is either thinking that they just saved tens of thousands of people and that it is great a feeling, or she's thinking that she knew the world was scary, just not that scary, and wants to run and hide. She tells him she is feeling both. He apologizes to her, saying that it was too soon to send her. She says it wasn't, and that she is in. He tells her it is good have her with them. Jaime goes to the talent show to see Becca perform. After, Jaime meets up with her and gives her flowers. She tells her that she was the best one. She also tells her that she is going to live with her and never Dad. Becca asks if she is sure – she's holding her back. She tells Becca that she is the only thing that makes sense right now. They leave to get pizza.