Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 2

Paradise Lost

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on NBC

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  • Please, no more!

    I watched the first two episodes and there's where it ends for me. I had expectations about this series, I admit, not big ones, but still...and it is completely below what I hoped. It looks like a lot of money went into making this show, and I think it went pretty much down the drain. The characters are not believable, this girl doesn't seem to have it in her to be "bionic woman", she's too girly girl, however "tough" she might want to seem. As for the dialogue, it's pathetic. Absolutely nothing iteresting is said(or done) in this show. So, as I said before, second episode is as far as I can go. Hopefully they will have the common sense to pull the plug after the first season.
  • What were they thinking while charting up the story?

    After watching the trailer, I thought this would be in line with Smallville / Alias / Doctor Who, but its story line is much worse. Trying to pack the story info into a 40 odd minute episode, they have pushed things too fast, making this episode neither revealing nor making us want to watch the future episodes. Taking a page out of Bourne movies, the camera moves too much and is too close for a TV episode.

    I am not saying that it is not worth watching, but rather depends on how later episodes play out. When it comes to Sci-Fi, I like to get a stronger base on which the series plays on, much like Stargate or Doctor Who or Torchwood.
  • Still long way to go

    This show needs to do something radical to keep airing.
    A small progress was made in this episode, the hiring of Dr. Burke (from Grey's Anatomy) as the handler was a good call as the show is in bad need of needs actors with previous acting experience and who *feel like* acting when on screen.

    Still, the need remains for swapping the actress playing the lead character, for someone with acting skills as a show can't can't survive if the "star" can't act.

    The dialogue overall is even in the 2nd episode (or should we say third if we count the pre-air) rather stilty, as if people were reading directly from the script. A show which is steril like an operating theatre, void of any emotion and embodies a near complete lack of chemistry between the characters has some kind of inert problem which must be identified and remedied.. and quickly. Send the cast on a "teaming" weekend or try pairing them with new people (new / replacement cast members) until chemistry is found. Do something.. Please!
  • Still trying to do too much, when it doesnt need to!

    Carrying on from the 1st episode, I got the feeling the writers were trying to introduce us to New Jaime to quickly. Imo they shouldnt have begun to show us her personal-life w/o focusing on the action up front. Theres no real adhesive to keep me watching.

    I never watched the original BW, and only caught a few episodes of the BM so Im not a real fan of this franchise. However, Im a big fan of Michelle Ryan. Im afraid though that shes a bit too wooden in this. Maybe shes focusing too much on her accent. Maybe she's just trying too hard! Theres no real flow to her and that translates throughout the show, maybe to the other characters. I just feel that getting the actors in a 2part pilot may have got them enthused with their character much better and allowed for a intro that would have bind us to whole show. As it is, its two episodes in and Im still having trouble empathizing with the characters. Its a shame really, because the 1st show was quite good and this one had an interesting premise which should have been drawn out a little longer, mainly to build up suspense and drama. As it is, its too bitzy and the characters just seem to be plopped about from location to location. For instance, Jaime's supervisor could have been introduced later on with a real need for him to be there. As it is, he just pops in to a shop and sprouts some, philosophical clat-trap about wanting to do good and save the world, which Jaime takes in like some wide-eyed 12yr old.

    Wouldnt it have been better to have Jaimes sister threatened or have her partner stay for a few episodes persuading her to help him, not humanity before he dies, she leaves only to come back to the orgnasation because her sister is kidnapped or threatened and she needs their help and develop from their?!

    No time is spent getting to know the characters with any meaningful dialogue. And thats another drawback. The dialogue is pretty poor when compared to other shows.

    Still I wish this show had been given more of a chance. There are some good details here, its just the producers tried to much and delivered little. They should have taken a leaf from Lost's book and tried to develop each of the main characters more at the beginning.
  • great

    That word pretty much sums it all up ... great is exactly what it was. I liked the fast paceing and the action in this episode but I think that it became a 10 from the other side of the show ... the family side. I like seeing something actiony and then watching the characters lead their day to day normal lives. In this case Jaime taking care of her little sister Becca and going to see her in her school talent show. This episode just went to show that this is becoming a great television programme that will hopefully get even better.
  • Great!

    Jaime decides to join with Jonas. Jaime adjust to her bionic powers more while training with Jae. She and Ruth investigate a town where everyone has died. They find a live girl. Some men try to kill them. They find out that the men spread gas around the town, which killed them all. They are planning to do it again, but the bionic team stops them. Becca wants to move in with her dad. Will has died. Jaime meets Antonio Pope, a fellow Bionic team member and Nathan, a tech guy. Jaime finds a file in Will's house. It is about her and it started two years before they met.

    This episode was great! Jaime is really learning to use her powers! I'm glad she wants to save people. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!
  • is developing to be a good series

    i still think that every one is cashing inn with the super heros from the past, like smallvile with superman, and the movies for batman and superman having a new life with the return of each. In this episode the actors are coping to become a team and they are revealing their plece for us to see and understad. Still they habve to follow the foot steps of the bionic woman of the 70'. In this episode she begins her training and start to understand how to use her bionic implants. The episode end when she agrees to become a member of the organization
  • This was an attempt to define the scope of the show but it was done too early.

    This episode opens up with the funeral for Will. I honestly didn't see that coming and expected him to be saved. It seems odd they'd kill off the son of the original creator of the bionic program. I suppose this throws Jaime for a big loop though and she discovers a very detailed file on her kept by Will. Was their relationship all a fraud? Probably not, but it appears they didn't met by chance.

    After saving a woman's life, she decides to turn to Jonas and see what good she can do. Jaime gets started on some Rocky-style training and learns more about how her bionic implants work. Meanwhile some extremely deadly non-violent attack happens on a small town. Jaime's sent out on her first field mission with Ruth to find out what happened.

    They end up averting a massive terrorist plot but it seemed a bit out of place to throw in for the second episode. It was very much an Alias like moment when the scope of the threat was revealed. This was an attempt to define the scope of the show but it was done too early. There's still much too be covered with Jaime discovering what she can do to toss her into such wide scale situations. I can see why there's been such drama behind the scenes with this show, it doesn't have a defined vision. And I fear it'll be quite a few more episodes before that vision comes about.
  • 2nd Episode Syndrome

    2nd episodes are traditionally poor in the world of television seriesdom and 'Paradise Lost'. the 2nd installment of The Bionic Woman, is no exception. However because I would like this series to succeed, I am willing to give it one more try before putting this series into the slag heap of bad TV. Michelle Ryan is slightly better in her role but does not hold a candle to her supporting actors. The prime lead should never have to suffer second banana status to her supporting cast. Jamie Summers is still an ill defined character. Although I was hoping that the series will progress a la Alias, I think that Ms Ryan just is not a Jennifer Gardner.

    What is inexcusable in this episode are the lame attempts at humorous one-liners which are not funny but end up being groaners and the throw away of a plot that should have been a major story arc. Really now, a plotline by some sort of para-military group to release poison in 20 major cities gets 10 minutes of airtime? A storyline that is worthy of an entire year gets no explaination? Bad decision.
  • Behind every great pilot comes... a dull episode?!

    To make things short I almost slept during the episode, not because it was a real pain in the ass, but mostly because the way things were told was too slow and nothing REALLY happened.

    So, Jaime is struggling to find her own path in life, which got even worse with all the transformations she has been through. But instead of centring the episode in her doubts and fears, just as fast as the blink of an eye she's over them and going to the field thanks to a cliché conversation with a total stranger. And when she goes against the threat of the episode, an air-spread killing biogenic, she's beaten up easily by one single soldier, although she had showed a lot of fighting skills in the previous episode. The highest point of the episode was without doubt Isaiah Washington's character. Pope and Jonas were certainly the only characters not oscillating, by the way.

    I sincerely hoped for more and I expect this was one-time mistake. However, maybe the episode left a warning to the show not to try to mix too much drama in it. Apparently they can't handle this kind of storyline.

    Stay tuned.
  • Dead Town Walking

    A major improvement on the first episode, Paradise Lost manages to make most of the characters a hell of a lot more tolerable, and actually inject some interesting story developments into the show.

    Compared to the pilot, Jaime has suddenly become more sympathetic since she's no longer simply "Bionic Woman", but somebody we're actually supposed to root for. Her first scene, where she drunkenly makes out with a guy she picks up at a bar and then proceeds to run into a bathroom stall to barf was actually pretty funny. Michelle Ryan is surprisingly good at comedy, and hopefully the writers will utilize that more and play up the humor of the show. If everything is played seriously, then viewers would just end up feeling awkward at the unintentionally lame dialogue or accidental HoYay (hee!) between the past-and-present Bionic Women.

    The rest of the main cast have also improved. Jae's relationship with Sarah and internal conflict between his bosses and the woman he loves should prove interesting in the future, while it was great to see Ruth (almost invisible in the pilot) kicking some ass. And as much as I dislike him as an individual, Isaiah Washington did a great job as the mysterious Antonio Pope, who could easily become the Marcus Dixon of the Bionic Woman world, if his friendship with Jaime is developed. Oh, and whoever decided to kill off Dr Boring deserves some major acclaim, since he served almost no purpose in the first episode.

    Outside of the characters, the "empty city" story seemed almost like an after-thought. Not enough time is devoted to any of it, and most of what we do hear is frustratingly vague. At least it allowed for some fun action scenes though.

    While the show still has problems, Paradise Lost is a huge step-up from the terrible first episode, and manages to actually utilize the talented cast this series has attracted.

    Director: Tim Matheson
    Writer: Jason Smilovic
    Rating: B
  • Jamie begins her training and first assignment

    Well, Jamie begins her training and goes on her first assignment. As well as learn to deal with her powers and raising Becca. Jonas says that his organizaation has been keeping an eye on her for a few years. And knew what was happening. Jamie doesn't want to have known of this. But later, realizes that she could use this bionic stuff to help her country. She is in, she tells Jonas. But it will have to be on her own terms. As also her sister, Becca gets caught with drugs. As Jamie makes a deal for her not to be in the play despite Becca's own potential. Jamie learns that a town is dying or about to. She meets up with a young girl named Vivian. Whom she says, whom she can relate to. I think the show has a lot of potential. Despite not living up to Lindsay Wagner's show of the original. Well, not just yet!
  • A sad step backwards for a really promising show.

    The first episode was dark and brooding, reminiscent of it's Battlestar roots (however loose those may be). I was aggravated that they recast the sister which made the show immediately less character driven. But this second show seemed like a whole different series altogether. It's almost bright and cheery. And suddenly she can't fight? She whooped up on Starbuck in the first episode and her military training had her gracefully subduing a mugger with minimal effort in another scene, but now in this episode some random guy in army fatigues is kicking her a**? I don't get it. Keep the show dark, keep it character driven, and keep it smart. When she punches a guy in the face and he goes flying across the room and almost through a wall, he shouldn't be getting up without a scratch two seconds later. Quit catering to the lowest common demonitator. This just feels like network meddling in action. That's the problem with network television, they're afraid to take risks. That's why the cable networks now have all of the edgiest, best written programming. This could easily be this year's Heroes if they would just trust the writers to create a great, dark, original show.
  • Same old same old. I'm done with this "re-imagining."

    How is it that a "re-imagining" completely lacks imagination? I thought last week's premiere was derivative. This continues the copying. The town of dead people draws inspiration from "The Andromeda Strain," as well as the first episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, "Population Zero," which was also inspired by that movie. Miguel Ferrer continues his low-key performance as the man behind the project (shades of his role in the original Robocop movie), but if he were any more low-key, he'd be dead. I have to wonder if any original ideas will surface before this series is cancelled.

    And what's this? The obligatory bedroom scene. Of course. Why am I not surprised? When in doubt, bring in the titillation. I enjoyed Pushing Daisies far more only an hour earlier and it needed none of this kind of distraction.

    The last straw was the self-referential inclusion of scenes from the "reimagined" Battlestar Galactica on the TV, as if it wasn't enough to have Katee Sackhoff and other BG cast members. What's the matter? This show not strong enough to stand on its own?
  • Still standing!

    "the bionic woman" is fetting some training and on the other had, he relationship with her sister is still on the downside. It better improve or else I shall suggest that her little sister be moved to somewhere better like "Kid Nation." Michelle Ryan is becoming the sexiest new woman in primetime since the Cheerleader in "Heroes." Isaiah Washington is a welcome addition to the cast of the show. I sure hope the series will improved over the next couple of weeks. I like to see the show lighten up a bit. Otherwise it will be very good indeed. Can't wait for next week.
  • Jaime goes on her first mission.

    Hmmmm, I selected alternate reality because if feels like a different show. No more deaf sister, no more boyfriend.

    The show has a different feel to it as well. As a stand-alone episode this was not a bad episode, it was just a strange and disappointing follow-up episode to an excellent pilot. The continuity was thrown out of the window, which I felt was a pity and detracted from the quality of this episode.
    Let's hope the changes were for the best. I'll this show more episodes to develop its own character. I liked the BSG reference, thought that was quite a daring and funt thing to do...
  • Enjoyable and reminds me a bit of Alias.

    To be honest, I don't see what people have against this series. There seem to be some strong views despite it only airing 2 episodes, and I've seen a lot lot worse than this... two words... Flash Gordon!!

    So far, I've enjoyed it. In some ways it feels a bit like Alias and needs a bit of time to bed in. Give it a chance and hopefully it'll turn into a decent series. US TV seems far too quick to kill a series before it's found it's feet, which is a real shame. Sure, some of this could do with tweaking to make it better, but I think it has started out promising enough & the lead actress isn't soooo bad.
  • Smallville + Alias = Bionic Woman (only crappier. )

    Face it folks, this show just seems to not get it. Rushed story lines, rushed explanations, too much emphasis on the bionics, less about actually being a good episode all while obviously trying to compete for the same slice of pie Smallville has acheived only with an "Alias" flavor to it isn't working out for this show. They're trying too hard, and if they're not careful, they might not see a 2nd season. Kinda sad seeing as to how MIchelle Ryan is trying and could certainly use the break. At this rate, they might deflate before the middle. Thats a risk.
  • Although it would have been a nice episode in another context, it's like watching another story all of a sudden. They almost killed the show...

    Well, the producers of Battlestar Galactica finally managed to deliver something well done, or so I thought after watching the pilot 1x01, both the unaired version that was "leaked" on the 'net a couple months ago and the aired version. It was working, the story was there, it was well done, a good pace overall, good characters. Yes, there were some flaws but nothing critical and the replacement of the deaf sister with a non-deaf one and a way pretty actress worked as well. Then.. this episode got aired and it was like watching another version of the same show, something completely different. Characters didn't match themselves from the 1x01 pilot episode, they barely resembled them. You can only wonder what the heck did the producers and the writers think when they killed the character of Will Anthros played by Chris Bowers when it was pretty clear that he was safe and sound at the end of the 1x01 pilot episode..! Really, what the heck were they thinking ? Was it needed to introduce the new addition to the cast which is Isaiah Washington with his character in the story, perhaps ? Well, I don't think so. Does it make sense, perhaps ? No! Does it add something new and original to the story? no way! And what about Jaime Sommers character, she went looking for a guy to have some sex just after her love was killed ? That's pretty lame writing just like the producers of the show were used to with Battlestar Galactica and the pathetic soap opera type of things they turned that sci-fi show into. Well, the overall show quality is still pretty higher compared to Battlestar Galactica, fortunately BUT after such a big crack in the storyline with characters consistency almost broken all of a sudden and the lack of one of the main key characters that Will Anthros was.. well, this show is going to risk a lot to either get cancelled because people will start disliking it or to continue getting worse in a trash-style telenovelas-like manner becoming another Battlestar Galactica over-hyped low-quality stuff.... We can only wonder what executives at Universal are going to do with this serie, turn it into a jewel like the original serie it should replace or let it keep falling until it will have jumped the shark and it will need a lot of hype to survive due to a lack of depth and quality...!?

    I give this show and its producers another 5-6 episodes before saying if it jumped the shark or not BUT what is for sure is that with this second episode they caused storyline and characters development to lack consistency which is not a good sign at all...
  • great episode

    it's a really exciting episode. jaime sommers attend the funeral of will after getting assassinated. jaime's having a hard time dealing with her new powers, she doesn't know what to make out of it. her continues living her life, she gets invited back to the secret government org. she refuses, but eventually she decides to do work for them. she volunteers to a town called paradise where people have been mysteriously dying of a toxic gas. a group of people are plotting to release more of the gas to several towns across america, jaime stops them before it they succeed. it's a great episode. i can't wait for the next one.
  • great, but plot is lacking some....

    I think I liked it more than the Pilot, but I'm not sure. That rooftop scene was brilliant in the first...

    I thought the bathroom scene was pretty funny! :lol:

    I loved the fights, once more. I really like the characters in this show! I don't really like Jonas or whatever the bosses name is, but I love the other two government peeps The blonde girl (not Sarah; but I love her too ) and Jae! I really like them!

    I really liked Sarah Corvis and Lee! Is it just me, or is Sarah Corvis like Niki/Jessica? How she just did it, but it wasn't her?

    I really liked the sister/sister connection in this show. It's very, very nice!

    My only problem was the storyline! I LOVED IT! The virus thing was really cool and how the one girl survived was interesting. My problem was that it was rushed, imo. I really liked them in the town and finding the girl and all that. That wasn't rushed, imo. But, then they took out the whole group in ten minutes Also, they still didn't explain that one girl. I would've liked if it was an ongoing story and it ended with them finding the map and seeing what they were planning to do. Just my opinion, but whatever

    So, amazing. Right? YES!
  • This was nothing like the first episode

    Why oh why did they try to do it? I mean.. the first episode had the emotional packet, had the action, and the cause and consequence. It showed us some fiber in the characters. So the went wrong? I mean really? I whould have hoped atleast 2-3 episodes to let the freshly-superwoman Jamie get accoustomed to the change, not to mention "the company". The episode alone might not have been that bad for a filler but not as the second episode to a series that is just starting. It also had some odd facts like how a normal soldier beat up Jamie in the place, i mean i can understand her not wanting to accidentaly kill him, but i whould wanted her to say that instead of making me strech myself to it. In all honesty it lost me at "we basicly save the world". That just consacrated it in the book of filler-shows. I mean i know it whould more or less come to that but PLEASE atleast give us time to get the characters to grow on us. I just saw this show 20 minutes ago and all i still remeber is the main character's name, Jamie. All in all it forced too much too fast, it just made me think that this show is not about a woman forced to change into a new role in life, or about the challanges of beeing super-powered with normal responsibilities, just another "18 wheels of justice" on steroids.

    I hope this was just an attempt to get the setting down fast and focus on evreything else in later episodes, becouse if this gets to be what i think it'll be, i doubt it will get past the first-second season on prime-time.
  • Out with characters...

    The most promising story line of a new pilot has yet again fallen victim to political correctness and NBC execs. pressure sensitive value system which will surely spell doom for this potentially interesting show. In all fairness a show often has to find its feet and clearly this is the case as the target audience has been redefined from young adults to teenagers. I personally feel that the quite serious rewriting since the Pilot though which includes the loss of characters physical impairments, the gravity of a losing an unborn child as well as a lover and possibly even the Irish and French super villains is too much for audiences to handle. With the introduction of further pointless characters and more clichés it will not be surprising if this show is not picked up for a second season especially with such strong competition as Heroes. Strangely though while a girl's deafness is removed due to apparent 'group' pressure it is refreshing to see women participating in excessive drinking, smoking pot, casual sex and interracial relationships. If such brave writing is allowed to flourish the show could actually find an original niche and an unlooked for core audience which would be an unlikely development for such conformist sci-fi fare. Though such developments would almost guarantee network cancellation in today whimsical climate.
  • The great cast seem misused to propel the writer's unadmirable ambition to feign gritty drama by placing coolness and accessibility above dramatic realism and exploring the human condition truthfully as well as have The 4400 and Battlestar Galactica.

    I had high hopes at the start of this episode, and Jai still seems the show's saving grace, but it proved to suffer from the same problem that I fear will bog this series down: commercially-accessible coolness. None of the dramatic moments feel real enough. Jaimie Sommers didn't cry at her boyfriend's funeral. Though she claimed to be emotionally-affected throughout the episode, she was more interested in kicking butt than dealing with grief or even showing signs of struggling with all the changes she's been through. It feigns grittiness and dramatic depth, but is somewhat like the shameless Heroes or The O.C. in just going through the dramatic motions and supplying lots of action. However, having her get her arm stuck in a wall while trying to punch someone was a great idea of believable clumsiness.

    Even the conspiratorial world being built up seems more akin to the mess created by Glen Morgan (a producer who eventually left Bionic Woman) and James Wong on Millennium's second season. Unsatisfied with the subtle, psychologically-compelling, even humanized, serial killers which grounded Chris Carter's amazing first season, they opted for a more caricaturish approach. They created a conspiracy of villains whose dramatic motivations were so calculated and single-minded as to be inhuman. The same seems to be happening here with villains conspiring to kill human civilization -- to bring about the end of the world. There seems little chance of seeing their perspective in the context of understandable relatable emotions. They do what they do simply because they are "evil" or believe in a misguided idiology. There is no sense that the viewer could learn something of her or himself from the depiction of the "villain" -- as is so excellently done on "The 4400" or "Battlestar Galactica" -- as well as through the flaws of the "heroes". So much of TV history is filled with easy "bad guys", couldn't this show be part of the Ira Steven Behr/Ronald D. Moore revolution in realsitc writing to properly depict the human condition? If it can't, then it's just fluff entertainment with the same old plot mechanics. I can only hope what precipitated Glen Morgan's departure also pushed out away this traditional, shock value premise for adversaries.

    Even the way characters introduce themselves is very cliche with easy one-liners and none of the potential awkwardness of real life. Jamie Sommers is perhaps the worst offender, constantly shifting the mood from life-or-death seriousness with zippy phrases a la Buffy. Buffy was more successful as a comedy with nice enough drama, but was mostly a show which constantly cheated; it worked at a more superficial level and was fun yet strangely moving. It was good, but not great. Bionic Woman has none of the humor of that and yet the drama is slightly more serious, yet if it is to be something memorable and great, it can't just try to be a variation on the Buffy formula. It must be, and can, be something more engaging. Emotional realism must be the key. This present incarnation of the show is a kind of halfway commerical compromise which is not very satisfying.
  • Losing my interest fast

    This show left me unmoved and with no real feeling for any of the characters. Jamie isn't coming over as a figure that one can empathise with in any way. Her actions and decisions are all over the place and yet Michelle fails to give the impression her character is dazed or overwhelmed or suffering real anguish. Jamie comes over as being boring and listless.
    The show seemed very fast lots of important things occured but they felt superficial and without depth. It was like only hearing the punchline of a joke or watching those "Starwars in a minute" shows. Everything seemed crammed and compressed into the episode, just consider all she did.

    The show is providing interesting hooks to try to draw you in, such as why was Anthros observing Jamie for so long ? Why did he hide the file in such a strange location,one that was so easy for her to find this time? I say this time as Jamie must have been to his appartment hundreds of times before.Perhaps the file was planted there for her to find this time,who knows,time will tell,maybe. The relationship between Sarah and Jae is another hook ,infact Sarah Corvus is coming over as a far more interesting character than Jamie

    Finally ,two thoughts . One. Why did Jamie punch the soldier in the store with her left hand and not her right bionic one? Second: The survivor of Paradise,she was immune to the gas/chemical so when they let her go? Are we to assume they took blood samples etc or didn't they think it was important that she was immune.
  • Like many second episodes, this could easily been the second part of a 2 hour premiere.

    The story picks up right where it left off, and picks up speed a little bit. I was kind of surprised that the boyfriend was really dead, I expected them to fix him up somehow with Bionics. The characters feel a little bit more real this time out, with the little sister being a defiant brat and the first Bionic woman having a fling with her ex. I liked the angle of the government plot and how there are other factions of Bionicles (ha) out there. A whole town wiped out and kept secret, well that kind of darkness kind of adds to the series for me. Also the main star looked pretty darned good in the role when she was working out. I also like that she is her own woman, and not letting them control her. I can see more potential for this series after this second episode.
  • on and on

    i'll be honest, the pilot (both versions) did not do it for me, but i will always watch the second episode and it is getting there

    michelle ryan seems to be getting the character but faces a huge hill in that katie sackoff is stealing the show with her sarah corvus, the venom is dripping, the anger with a few sprinkles of sadness over things lost. As far as i know she is recurring not a regular, that would be a shame

    isiah washington does a nice job, still i expected sandra oh to charge in and scream " you left me at the altar", would it not be funny if they could get t.r. knight to play a evil character?

    One thing, i know that with lost and all it is very hip to fragment the story and to give viewers just a little info but here the whole poison gas story was a bit to flimsy
  • A good show with a great lead. Michelle Ryan is fantastic as Jaime Summers and I honestly think she is saving this show from being 'just another show'

    I really enjoyed the pilot but in some ways I like this more or just as the pilot because this showed us character development.
    I admit there seem to be plot holes but I think the writers are gearing up for something big and once that happens, everything will fall in to place and all the plot holes in the first 2 episodes will feel like nothing.

    On top of this I love Michelle Ryan. When I first heard she was going to play this role, I couldn't believe it because she's from a popular UK soap show called Eastenders, now she was great on that but I had no idea how great she can play an american. I forget she's a brit and it is Jaime's vulnerbility that draws me even more close to her and therfore to the show.She reminds me of Jennifer Garner's character on Alias, which is why I like it even more. If this show doesn't become a hit, one things for sure and that is a star has been born, Michelle Ryan. I honeslty think this show will get better and I am giving the writers the benefit of the doubt, I just hope they deliver on that, sooner rather than later.
  • Paradise is not Lost, I am.

    Good news, Anthros is dead. This may be cruel point to make but I'm glad that this character is gone. In fact, I was glad to see that he could not be saved through the magic of television i.e. the gun with never ending bullets or performing a miraculous surgery (Oh wait, that's what happened to Jamie; d'oh). He took a direct hit in the chest and boom, end of story, dead as a doorknob. This now forces Jamie to deal with this new bionic situation by herself. What I did not like or expect Jamie to go after the first John or in this case, Steve she saw. Granted, having discovered that dossier Anthros had on her and the fact he was tracking her for two years prior to have formally met her is creepy. I just think that the last thing on her mind is to sleep with some stranger. Anthros wasn't buried more than 24hrs prior and she brushes this off. Character wise, I thought this was a poor choice of direction for Jamie.

    Read more at my blog:
  • Not too bad.

    The second episode of "Bionic Woman" seems to be getting a lot of criticisms, a lot of which I read before viewing the episode. After seeing it for myself, I don't really see what the problem was an enjoyable episode, nothing too horrible.

    Jaime is coping with the death of Will, her boyfriend (who by the way, I don't think was originally supposed to die). She tries to have sex with a stranger at a bar but breaks a rib. She's approached by that company again and finally decides to join them after saving the life of a woman who's attempting suicide. Her first mission takes her to the town of Paradise, where a toxin has been released that wiped out the entire town - except one girl who was in town visiting her grandparents.

    With this episode we get to know the supporting characters a lot more and get an idea of what the show will be like. I thought the fight scenes were fairly realistic, considering that it's a sci-fi show. I hope Jaime doesn't become a good "soldier" anytime soon, seeing her as a normal person trying to cope with this incredible situation makes the show easily to believe in. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
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