Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 2

Paradise Lost

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on NBC

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  • Still trying to do too much, when it doesnt need to!

    Carrying on from the 1st episode, I got the feeling the writers were trying to introduce us to New Jaime to quickly. Imo they shouldnt have begun to show us her personal-life w/o focusing on the action up front. Theres no real adhesive to keep me watching.

    I never watched the original BW, and only caught a few episodes of the BM so Im not a real fan of this franchise. However, Im a big fan of Michelle Ryan. Im afraid though that shes a bit too wooden in this. Maybe shes focusing too much on her accent. Maybe she's just trying too hard! Theres no real flow to her and that translates throughout the show, maybe to the other characters. I just feel that getting the actors in a 2part pilot may have got them enthused with their character much better and allowed for a intro that would have bind us to whole show. As it is, its two episodes in and Im still having trouble empathizing with the characters. Its a shame really, because the 1st show was quite good and this one had an interesting premise which should have been drawn out a little longer, mainly to build up suspense and drama. As it is, its too bitzy and the characters just seem to be plopped about from location to location. For instance, Jaime's supervisor could have been introduced later on with a real need for him to be there. As it is, he just pops in to a shop and sprouts some, philosophical clat-trap about wanting to do good and save the world, which Jaime takes in like some wide-eyed 12yr old.

    Wouldnt it have been better to have Jaimes sister threatened or have her partner stay for a few episodes persuading her to help him, not humanity before he dies, she leaves only to come back to the orgnasation because her sister is kidnapped or threatened and she needs their help and develop from their?!

    No time is spent getting to know the characters with any meaningful dialogue. And thats another drawback. The dialogue is pretty poor when compared to other shows.

    Still I wish this show had been given more of a chance. There are some good details here, its just the producers tried to much and delivered little. They should have taken a leaf from Lost's book and tried to develop each of the main characters more at the beginning.