Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

4:28 AM WOLFCREEK BIOTECH FACILITY ACT ONE Men run down a hallway filled with dead bodies. They come upon a blonde woman crouched over a body. She turns and tells one of the men that she didn't want to do it – she's not in control. He tells her he knows. She says to tell her he loves her, and when he doesn't answer, she runs and leaps at him. He shoots her in the chest and then says to her, "I love you." He then shoots her again. THREE YEARS LATER SAN FRANCISCO, CA Jaime Sommers is a bartender at the bar. Jaime comes home to find her sister asleep on the couch. She turns off the television and covers her up. Jaime is awoken by loud music at 8:42 am. She yells at Becca's door, which is locked. Her sister opens it and she tells her that the music is too loud. She shuts the door, so she knocks. When he opens it again, she asks why it was locked and what she was doing. Jaime comes in and picks up the end of a cord. She demands to know where 'it' is – her sister is not allowed near a computer attached to a phone line. She tells her there is no computer in there – the only thing that doesn't belong there is her. Jaime tells her she's driving her to school in ten minutes. Becca goes to the window and pulls up a laptop she had hanging outside, and says, "Too easy." The two argue on the way in the car. Becca is angry because her sister is trying to control her. She tells Jaime that her father trusted her, and she counters that their father dropped her off on her doorstep. She tells her to go live with him if she wants – if she can find him. She tells her to go find a protest rally and find the nearest bar. She tells Jaime that she thinks she [Jaime] remembers, but she doesn't. Upset and angry, she gets out. Jaime watches her leave. Jaime comes into a classroom where a professor, Will Anthros, is giving a lecture. He shows photos of a victim from a car bombing who needed transplants and facial reconstruction, then a triathlete with fake legs who was told he would never compete again, and then a woman in a bikini. He says that what they have in common is that on some level they have each altered themselves. He asks them where the threshold is – when is it okay to intervene in God's work? The question is the very cornerstone of Bioethics, which is what they are going to be studying. The bell rings. Jaime and Will walk outside and she tells him she's a bartender and a drop out. He is a professor and a surgeon, how can he take her seriously? She questions why he is with her. He says she's different. She was unexpected, the one choice his father didn't make for him. They kiss but his beeper goes off. He tells her to meet him for dinner at 8:30; he has to go to the lab first. Before he leaves he asks her why she is with him. She says he's not entirely uncharming. Back at the house her sister argues with her because she doesn't want a babysitter, especially not her weird friends. The last time she left her sister alone; however, she started a fire. Jaime agrees that she'll watch a double feature with her tomorrow. At dinner, Will is telling her that he thinks the grant will go through. He wants her to come with him to Paris. She tells him she can't; she has a job and responsibilities. Then she drops the bomb – she's pregnant. She knows it isn't something you spring on someone, but that is what she is doing. She rambles on that she knows he is in a place where he can't even think about it, and she's only twenty-four. He tells her that it's been five months and fourteen days since they started dating, and if someone asked him then if he believed in love at first sight, he would have said no, but the next day would have been proved wrong. He then asks her to marry him. They are in the car and she tells him he doesn't have to do this. He knows and is still asking. Suddenly, before she can say anything, a big truck smashes into them, on her side. The car goes flying. He is alive but she doesn't answer him when he calls. The blonde woman from the teaser gets out of the truck. ACT TWO Jaime is being life flighted. She has extensive damage to both legs and her right arm. Will tells her that they are going to put her back to sleep and promises that she will be okay. WOLF CREEK BIOTECH RESEARCH FACILITY It's a restricted area. He's in scrubs. They are going to have to take both legs and her arm. Will tells them to prep her. Jonas Bledsoe asks Ruth Truewell why no one stopped him. She tells him that he had full clearance and they didn't have the authority to stop him. They watch the surgery from the window. Will is the one performing the surgery. Truewell asks if she should intervene, but he tells her that the operation on this patient doesn't officially exist. It's a freebie. They can always deny it later and terminate her if need be. He tells her to get Jae. In her mind's eye, Jaime sees the truck hitting her, and the woman driving it. Meanwhile, the blonde woman goes to see a man who is stitching up his arm. He asks her if she killed Anthros, and she tells him it was like a ride at Disneyland. He asks her which one, but she's never been. He tells her he will take her. She asks if he misses the way things were, and he says that if he could remember, he is sure he would. They move close and she asks if she reminds him of 'her.' Her skin does. She says to tell her he loves her and then pushes him up against the wall and they make out. Back at the hospital, Jaime is waking up. Will tells her there was an accident, and she lost the baby, but will be able to get pregnant again. She can't feel her legs. He says he needs to tell her about what he does for a living. He says her legs, arm, right ear, and right eye had to be replaced. Molecular machines – anthracites – have been substituted for one-eighth of her blood cells. He shows her her arm, and she can see them moving beneath her skin to heal her. He tells her that she should have lacerations bone deep all over her face, but the anthracites are healing her at an exponential rate – all of her, making her better. As he says this, he takes the bandage off of her eye and shows her her unmarked face in a mirror. Jaime's confusion and fear has been increasing, and she throws the sheet off of her legs. She starts to scream at the sight of her legs, which look somewhat mechanical as they haven't been completely healed yet. He tries to calm her down, but she pushes him away, not knowing she has increased strength, and he slams into the glass door. She continues to scream. Nurses come in and give her a shot to knock her out. Jaime wakes up again, thinking it was a dream. She looks at her legs which look normal now. Will comes in with his arm bandaged. He tells her that bionics enhance baseline human strength. She is scared, but not quite as hysterical, and asks what he has done to her and why. He tells her she was going to die. ACT THREE Truewell arrives for a meeting, as does Jae Kim, who is the same man that shot the blonde woman in the teaser. At the meeting, Truewell talks about Jaime and thinks that she is a good candidate. She's stable and shows loyalty because of her sister. She's also very smart. Bledsoe, who seems to be the leader of the group, asks Jae if he can train her. He says that the first one they trained and she was a soldier. Will says that they always talked about non-military applications. Jae says Will is too close to the subject, and he responds that Jae "played house" with the last one. Bledsoe wants fresh data and tells Truewell to talk to her. After the meeting, Jae tells Will that he once had a wolf, and a wolf only makes a good pet if it thinks it's a dog. They are keeping his girlfriend there against her will. How long will it be until she realizes that they can't control her? Will says that he's talking about killing a human, but he says that he's not, but rather talking about killing a wolf. Jae tells Will that what scares him about him is his father. He seemed normal too. Will says that if he is anything like his father, he just made a big mistake. Meanwhile, a nurse tries to get Jaime to go to rehab, but she refuses. Bledsoe is watching her through a two-way mirror. She walks up to the mirror and says, "Boo." Jaime is drawing when Truewell comes to talk about her feelings. She tells Jaime that her sister is staying with her landlady and thinks she is skiing, and that Will injured his arm skiing into a tree. She asks if that means she is going home at some point. Truewell says that they have a contingency plan if she is going home, and one if she's not. Then she asks her, true or false: you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Will talks to Bledsoe. He tells him that he would have done the same thing. He says that Will has never met his wife. For two years he watched her die in the hospital while they disassembled her, and all he had to do to save her was to bring her there, but he couldn't because it was not the mission. Bledsoe asks him how long it is until she will be combat ready, but he tells him that she is a civilian. Bledsoe tells that everyone there has to sing for their food, and asks him how long it will be until the rest of her implants come online. He doesn't answer him. Truewell talks to Jae, telling him that Jaime likes to draw, and then shows him the drawing. It's of the blonde woman. She asks him who they buried – did he see the body? She only showed it to him. He says to keep it that way. There is a security breech. Bledsoe comes into her room to find her gone. Jaime is with Will, who tells her that he can't protect her while she's in there. She asks why she should trust him, and he tells her he is the only one she can. He tells her to go back to her life like nothing happened. Jaime runs as she is followed by a helicopter. The scene changes to show the mechanics working in her leg as she runs faster and faster. A girl sees her run by their car, but her mother thinks she is making it up. She thinks it is cool that a girl could do that. Security catches up to Will. He tells Bledsoe to let her go and give him time to make her understand. Truewell also thinks this may be a good idea – if you want her loyalty, give her freedom, or the illusion of freedom. All but Bledsoe and Jae leave. Jae tells him that he thinks it is a mistake to let her go. He tells Jae that the accident was not an accident. The autopsy revealed that the driver's neck was broken an hour before the crash. Someone else was driving that truck and they need to find out who it was. ACT FOUR Jaime goes home and there is a message from Will on her machine. He says that they need to talk – he needs to tell her about things before they happen. Jaime cries in her bath at everything that is happening to her. Later she looks at her body in the mirror, as if she isn't sure that it is really her. Jaime is outside, on the roof, standing at the edge of the building with her eyes closed. She opens them and then turns away, backing up. She then turns back and runs and jumps over the edge, leaping to the next building. She almost doesn't make it. Later, she tells her sister that she is sorry for leaving and not telling her first. Becca says that their father always said not to believe anything until it had been denied. She tells her not to lie to her – they both know she doesn't ski. She wants to know where she was, but Jaime tells her that she can't tell her. Becca goes in her room and slams the door. Meanwhile, the blond woman walks into the room the man was in before. There is writing on the wall that says, "You failed me." She remembers the crash. A man, Bobby, is sitting at a bar when the man from earlier that was with the blonde girl comes up to him and starts bothering him. Bobby walks outside and the man follows him. The man tells him that they both know he works in a super-max prison one thousand feet below Florence, and that they both know that it is the place where they stick people when they've outlived their usefulness. He threatens to have his brother hurt his wife if he doesn't do what he says, and then hands him a cell phone where he hears his wife pleading with him to help her. BLACKWELL SUPER-MAX PRISON FLORENCE, CA Jae comes to see a prisoner. He asks him how he did it – Sarah Corvus is still alive. He questions that he came all the way there just to tell him that. Jae says that Sarah Corvus is a time bomb and they both know it. He tells Jae that time bombs only matter to those who have time. He then says to give his regards to Will – tell him "Daddy said 'hello.'" Jaime is working at the bar when the blonde girl tells her that she seems too innocent to be working at the bar. Jaime gives her a free drink, asking if she knows her. She says that they met very briefly, well, they didn't actually meet. Jaime asks her where and she tells her to guess. Jaime cuts herself while slicing a lime. The woman says to let her look at it, but she tells her that she is okay. Then suddenly Jaime starts acting strange as her bionic eye activates, and then her ear, giving her information overload. She runs to the bathroom to vomit. The woman comes in to help and tells her just to breathe. She says that it's like that the first time your eye implants come online. You have to learn to focus it and turn it on and off at will. She sees her hand has healed and says that she is a fast healer - the anthracites are doing their job. Jaime asks who she is and the woman just asks who she is. When Jaime looks back up, the woman is gone. Jaime goes back out into the bar and hears someone whisper her name. She turns and sees the woman, and she whispers to tell everyone "Sarah Corvus says 'hello.'" Jaime walks out into the alley behind the bar. She hears and sees a man coming from down the street. He comes towards her and asks if she is looking for something, and then pulls a knife. She suddenly reacts automatically, fighting him off and knocking him to the ground. She catches the knife that had been knocked into the air and holds it to his throat, ready to kill him. He pleads with her not to kill him, and she lets him go, throwing the knife into the ground. She is scared of what just happened and runs off. ACT FIVE Jae is watching Jaime from a car. She comes to tell Will what happened and asks what he put in her head - she almost killed man and didn't know what she was doing. He tells her that microscopic chips were implanted into her cerebral cortex. His father developed the technology for the military. It was meant to help amputees in the Gulf, and of course he saw the combat applications immediately. She is upset and angry – he made her into a soldier. He tells her that she is hardwired for highly specialized warfare. She says that she was going to kill the man, but he argues that she didn't – she is still in control. She interrupts him when he starts to talk about her getting the proper training. He tells her that they are the only ones that can protect her, and to let him. She asks how he can protect her if he is scared of her. Will tells her that he never meant for any of this to touch her, he just couldn't bear to lose her. He hugs her. They go to bed together, but she stops him, telling him that it isn't even her. He tells her that it is. Later, when getting dressed, she says that she has to get back to Becca, and can't keep leaving like that. She asks him what they do anyway, and he tells her that it's complicated. He says that the world is further along then anyone wants to admit – technology is at the point where science fiction isn't fiction anymore. They keep the technology from getting into the wrong hands. She asks him who gets to decide right from wrong. She asks where Sarah Corvus fits into it. He asks her where she heard the name. Before she can answer, a gun shot comes through the window and he goes down. Using her bionic eye, she is able to see Sarah far away on a rooftop. She goes to shoot again and Jaime moves them out of the way. She tells him to hold on. Having heard the shots, Jae gets out of car and goes to them. He gets to Will, but Jaime is gone. He asks him where she is, and then phones someone and says that he needs everyone. Jae goes outside and towards Sarah. Once she sees it is him, she leaves. Jaime is outside and runs until she sees Sarah. She runs and jumps over to the other roof where she is at, and lands, badly. Sarah throws a pipe at her, which she blocks with her arm. Suddenly, Sarah says "Time out," and stops to smoke. She explains that the anthracites in their blood can filter out any impurities in the lungs - one of the fringe benefits of being a freak. Jaime asks what she wants from her, but she says she honestly doesn't know. JAIME: Who are you? SARAH: Without being too melodramatic about the thing, I'm Sarah Corvus. The first bionic woman. Sarah asks what they replaced on her – she guessed her eyes and ears. Both of her own arms and legs, and one eye, were replaced. Anthros wasn't sure about the optical interface, so she did the other eye herself, as well as part of her chest – she's cutting away all the parts of her that are weak. She then says, "Time in." She goes after her and they fight. Sarah grabs her arm and chokes her, realizing she only has one bionic arm. She tells her she should really do something about that. Sarah then throws her over the edge of the building, but she hangs on. She tells her she's going to have to do a little better than that. Jaime then propels herself back over. They continue to fight. She throws Sarah through a skylight. JAIME: How am I doin' now? SARAH: Not bad. Not bad at all. A helicopter comes and Sarah runs off. She tries to track her but she gets away. Bledsoe drives up and then goes to the ambulance. He asks if Will is going to make it. Jaime comes up as the ambulance leaves. Bledsoe asks her to her let him get a look at her. JAIME: Who are you? BLEDSOE: You have fifty million dollars worth of my property inside you, so I guess you could say I'm your landlord. Jaime asks him what he wants. He says he doesn't know - maybe she died three days ago and just hasn't realized it yet. She asks if he is threatening her. He tells her there are no free agents – she's sooner or later going to make a choice that goes something like "heads you lose, tails you die." He says, "Welcome to the game." She tells him that if they do this, they do it on her terms. If that's not okay with him, she knows what she is capable of now. He can send whoever he wants to send, and she'll bury one guy after the next. She then adds that, "Sarah Corvus says hello." She walks away and Truewell walks up. He tells her to tell Jae that they have a candidate. Back at home, Jaime watches her sister sleep. SONORA PASS, CA The man that threatened the prison guard is with Anthony Anthros, who he has somehow gotten out of prison. He tells him they have work to do. The scene changes to show a close-up of Jaime in bed.

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