Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • Great ep!!!

    This episode was just amazing it really had promise if only they could make the rest of the episodes like this! Michelle Ryan also had a good start. For some reason she got worse hummm??? WEIRD or wat! Katee Sackhoff ofcourse was stellar. the fight scene between Sarah and Jaime was great it so reminded me of B and Faith fighting eachother. The death was quite sad it seemed Jamie really loved him. Jamies lil sis was also good. Lucy Hale really has talent!! The rest of the cast was good and all together it was a good start which turned for the worse.
  • i really enjoyed this episode and all that followed...

    This is one of the best pilots i have seen in a while last one probably being the lost pilot so thats alot to say and i watched this show weekly before it being pulled from the schedule.This episode shows just how anyone would react in a situation that leaves you less human and more machine.But for her she has only lost one arm ,both legs,her right ear and right eye.So she hasn't lost every bit as much as the original bionic woman who is introduced in the first minute or so of the pilot.The first ended up completely bionic so in a was jamie the new one is more human with having one arm left an eye and ear.So lets see what would happen in a fight a cyborg win jamie, or sarah the robot i believe its all speculations now since the show was cancelled so check it out its worth a watch..
  • a decent pilot

    If anyone but a creative force behind the new Battlestar Galactica hadn't been involved with another 70s science fiction remake, no one would have taken any notice. Since one did however, it became a promotional frenzy as NBC piled huge stacks of money to promote the show and label the show as the second coming. For if the mind behind Battlestar Galactica can update an old franchise gracefully, maybe he could do the same for the spinoff to The Six Million Dollar Man. I was curious to see if it would be worth it. The pilot episode. . .it's not the best pilot episode out there. Pilot episodes are always strange. Some can be good, for example the Heroes, House, Scrubs, and Supernatural, etc. pilots were pretty phenemeonal. And this episode wasn't completely awful. The problem was, it felt extremely. . .rushed. It was like they were literally trying to cram as much drama in forty-forty-five minutes as possible. The first Bionic Woman is shot by her former lover/agency agent, Jamie must deal with a bratty sister that doesn't want to be near her and still be the idealic big sister, figure out if she loves her boyfriend Will, telling Will that she's pregnant and Will proposing, B.W. 1 ramming their car because Will's father is a criminal jerk that made her bionic, Will turning Jamie into a half-robot, Jamie finding that she lost her baby, but no matter, now she has juiced up robotic superpowers, escaping from the evil agency her boyfriend works, managing her superpowers, an odd sexual scene (PG-13) with B.W. 1 and a priest, Jamie struggling with her new superpowers, battling B.W. 1 after she killed Will, Jamie agreeing to work for evil agency, and Will's evil father busting out of jail. And this is all in forty-forty-five minutes. The scenes are so rushly edited and tight, emotions are barely shown when there should be. For instance, Jamie barely gives a second thought that she lost her unborn child and she shows almost equal impassion for Will's death. If they really wanted to fit all that material in, they should have spread it out into three episodes, because all this material should have fit between three episodes, not stuck in a tight wild maddash. The special effects are, for tv standards, pretty amazing. The Jamie run scene was particular amazing to watch. There's a wonderful fight scene between Jamie and Bionic Woman 1. The acting was pretty good, with a particular nod to Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff, as the emotionless, homicidal Sarah "Bionic Woman 1". However the material was too packed in and it would have been better if the writers had just taken their time to relax and enjoy it a little. Could it have been more? Yes. However, the show was untimely axed so it will forever be relegated to being a failed remake attempt.
  • the start of something amazing

    I never the saw the original Bionic Woman. I am only 18 so I wasn't around but I really enjoyed this one. I only decided to watch it cos I used to watch Michelle Ryan in EastEnders (I'm British) and I wanted to see if she could pull off an American accent. I really enjoyed this episode and will definitely be tuning in next week and the week after and so on. This is one of the best pilot episodes I have seen in a long time. It is also a great new edition to my Sunday television lineup. Fun, fantastic stuff.
  • Pretty good!

    Jaime Sommers is a normal woman with a boyfriend and a little sister to take care of. Becca, her sister, is a teen with attitude. Will, her boyfriend, loves her. She tells him that she's pregnant and he's thrilled and wants to marry her. They get into a car accident. Jaime is fatally injured, so Will takes her to a labratory where they put bionic parts into her. Now, she is almost indestructible. She meets Sarah, another bionic woman. She caused the car accident and is believed to be dead. Jaime begins to understand her powers. Will is shot by Sarah in the shoulder.

    This episode was pretty good! It's kind of confusing, but the action is cool! I recognized Lucy Hale from American Juniors. I give this episode a 9.0 out of 10!
  • The episode where Jaimie Sommers becomes Bionic Woman

    This episode's just aired tonight in New Zealand and I didn't really know what to expect when I saw the previews a few days ago. It's a pretty good episode and what you'd expect for an action serie's pilot. It will be interesting to see how the following episodes develop and to see how Jaimie's character enfolds, as well as how she copes with her newfound abilities. I must say it's quite a transformation for Michelle Ryan, from Zoe Slater in Eastenders to Jaimie Sommers in Bionic Woman, and as a reviewer mentioned before, her US accent is pretty good! Looking forward to seeing other episodes.
  • Careful what you wish for

    Well after a long wait we finally get a chance to catch this here in Ireland. I'm not sure how high my hopes for this were but having made a deliberate point of finding out as little about the new series as possible I was disappointed in the pilot and I'm not at all surprised to now read some of the negative things said about the series if this is any indication.

    Some of the casting choices weren't great IMO, including Will Yun Lee because I associate him with the sub-par Witchblade. Good to see Molly Price again though, since the cancellation of Third Watch (lookin' good too) as well as Miguel Ferrer (although what's up with his voice?) The general air/atmosphere was very typically 'this was made in Canada', and that's often not a good thing; it almost felt like a Canadian series, with the modest budget that implies.

    The pacing I found very poor - it's like they wrote what they wanted to do, it would naturally have taken a movie-length pilot to do properly, but were forced to squeeze it into 40 minutes regardless. From accident to amputation to new limbs in what, five minutes of actual airtime? The weakest element though had to be the ease with which our heroine adapts. Initially she can't feel her arm or legs but she's running in maybe another five minutes from the time we first see her with the new limbs, without any physiotherapy that they offer to her. And then the bionic hearing and the eyesight kick in a short while later and seem to work just fine, without training, in nothing flat. Just didn't ring true - the writers bring up the subject of physio and then miraculously she doesn't need ANY to perform at a high level? It's not just the actual physical stuff, which maybe you could explain away as being inherent to the technology, what about being perfectly capable of judging distance in heavy forest running for the first time ever at 50-60 mph... nah, don't buy it. But worst of all is that she's capable of holding her own in a fight with a trained and much more experienced user - who has two replacement arms, not one - in what I assume is supposed to have been a couple of days, a week at the outside (hard to know as the director didn't do a good job of indicating the passage of time).

    One thing I was impressed with is Michelle Ryan's accent, or lack of one; surprisingly good, subtle American accent from her, so much so that I bet many US viewers wouldn't realise she's British (in common with many new arrivals on American television and in the movies).
  • intresting to see how it come together

    i think that the industry is following the track of smallville and reviving the olg stories that were a succes in the past, no will be the turn of the six million dollar man and all of the other comis caracthers. In this episode the writers give us a new view on how the bionic woman comes together. We see a young cast that has his work cought out for them, it will no be easy to come to the challengeo f been a succes storie. I like how the directors makes the blending of the storie and how the plot is lay out. We will see how they evolved
  • once again a super girl...

    I began to watch the pilot with no expectations and happily I was not disappointed and just as well not fascinated at the end of the first episode. Jaime works in a bar, takes care of her younger sister and has a romantic relationship. She lives her life just as any other regular person. All that soon changes after the car accident. Her fiance takes care of her and literally patches her together with bionic parts. Jamie survives and gains special power but is not happy about what was done to her. She would like to live normal life again... I believe that watching just one of the episodes will not reveal all the god or bad points of the upcoming continuations.
  • A new take on an old classic, but well worth a viewing.

    As pilot episodes go, this one has it all. Murder, intrigue, drama and 2 bionic babes fighting on a roof top.What more could anyone want. i was hesitant when i heard about this series being made as there is allways the possibility that they would destroy the classic by producing a mediocre show when the original was so great. Okay even the original was a rip off from the 6 Million Dollar Man (those were the days hey, 6 Million Dollars could buy you a bionic body, imagine how much it costs today with inflation), but even so it was enjoyable. this new series of the bionic woman also promises, if the first episode is anything to go by. The effects were perfect, not too over the top, but great to see on screen. The main character is throuroughly likeable and sure to prove a worthy bearer of the name of bionic woman if her performance here is anything to go by. As for the choice of a villain...brilliant casting with Katie Sakchoff.
    Lets hope the producers can make this more lastable than just one season, because I am hooked.
  • good but not very good

    bionic woman needs an improvement, its like when you're watching the series,its like you want to see more fighting action scene.the plot is not as good as it is i think there is something to do with this series or else it will go down, the lead character play well but it doesn't matter how good the character but story is bad it doesn't make any sense. as my conclusions: its a good series but its early to tell ill expect more to this series, cause the scene sometimes so predictable some of the characters needs improvement acting is bad at all.
    so suggestions:bring it all and let the viewers ask question i mean give the viewers some question every ending of the episode cause it will help the series to go further. jhd*
  • Has potential

    I really want to like 'Bionic Woman' and intend to give it some time to find it's way. However, the pilot episode illustrates some distinct problems that I hope will be resolved as this series finds it's legs. Once again, this show illustrates the problems that occur when network suits get into the act and sabotage the potential of a interesting series. Luckily the weakness of the series is balanced out by the inclusion of 3 Battlestar Galactica alumni that may save the series from oblivion.

    The confusing storyline of the pilot is saved by the inclusion of Katie Sachkoff as the origional biionic woman. Her role and the role of other supporting cast members balance out the inexperience of the series lead, Michelle Ryan. In defense of Ms Ryan, who has been criticised by professional critics, I would like to believe that her miscasting might actually be part of the plotline, iPerhaps this unlikely bionic woman will be transformed over the life of the series first year into a full blown interesting character with better acting skills.

    The real problem with this series pilot is that the network chose to revive the bionic woman instead of the bionic man. This decision seems to me too obviously a ploy by television market executives to attract female viewers. This is a mistake. The original bionic woman was an unsuccessful series. The original bionic man was not. The network suits would have made a better marketing decision to revive the original bionic man series to attract the essential TV audience of males between 12 and 24. I do not think that female viewers will support this series for very long and that male viewership will not be very strong. The network has missed a opportunity to increase TV market share.

    I wish the best for this series and I continue to watch it as long as it is..., well, watchable, but I feel that this series will only last a year at best.
  • My Bionic Eyes

    The basic storyline and script was this episode's core weakness. For some reason, the writers decided Jaime's entire bionic evolution should take place in the timeframe of 30 minutes. Obviously us viewers are too stupid to see a story unfold realistically. Jaime went through the bionic motions way too quickly, growing into her powers and kicking Corvus ass too fast to be taken seriously.

    If we had been given more time to get to know her, and like her, then maybe the story would have worked better. The closing confrontation with Miguel Ferrer was also uninspired. Jaime came off like a spoilt child, instead of the relatable, ass-whooping superheroine she was supposed to be. The dialogue mostly failed too, and some scenes came off like rejects from Dark Angel or Birds of Prey (which happened to be created by the very writer of this episode, who clearly hasn't learned from past mistakes).

    Michelle Ryan was a strange choice for the lead role. Whilst her acting wasn't terrible, she didn't exactly bring anything unique or memorable to the part. Comparing her to other actors who led shows with kick-ass female leads, she's certainly no Jennifer Garner. Or Sarah Michelle Gellar. Or, admittedly, Jessica Alba. The writing can be blamed for a lot of the character's lameness, but a strong actress can usually overcome a bad script. Ryan didn't, and her accent didn't help either.

    Katee Sackhoff was, as many have already said, the saving grace of the cast. I've never seen Battlestar, so her ability to create a memorably convoluted and dangerous character really surprised me. I loved her in the climatic fight scene, her snarky "ta-dah" was great, and she has this raw, sexual energy that made her way more interesting than the bionic woman we're supposed to be rooting for.

    The rest of the cast were less great. Whilst Will Yun Lee and Miguel Ferrer performed well, they're characters weren't hugely interesting. The less said about the wooden Molly Price and forgettable boyfriend character Dr Boring, the better. I also disliked Jaime's kid sister, who'd clearly walked straight out of a flat Canadian action series from the mid-90's. "Hot teen computer hacker"? I don't really see how that's better than Mae Whitman, who was unfairly cut from the show after the original pilot was filmed.

    Whilst it was still moderately enjoyable, Bionic Woman failed in too many places to fully work. Any of the spark and entertainment of the pilots for Buffy or Alias wasn't present here, and you know a show's in trouble when a recurring guest star is by far the best character. It could get better, but I'm not holding out much hope.

    Director: Michael Dinner
    Writer: Laeta Kalogridis
    Rating: B-
  • Good but needs improvement!

    This is a remake you can call it that. Of the
    Lindsay Wagner 1970's show and despite it being campy
    Still, Wagner is the original Bionic Woman and always will be in the hearts and minds of those that loved the show.
    The remake is an update. Jamie Sommers is a working woman that is a surrogate mom to her little sister and has a loving fiance. But he is hiding a secret to be revealed as she is run over by a car. But instead of dying, she has a bionic body and the leader of the government agency that now her boyfriend works for, insists she has $50M of "stuff" inside her. She is reluctant to play the part of super hero and wants to get on with her own life. But as you can tell, that will be impossible. She has now become "The Bionic Woman!"
  • Shows promise...?

    Great, well not quite, but when the competition is so tough it's not hard to fall flat on your face. The most interesting aspect of the show will be the development of the sister two sisters relationships. Siblings, one physically challenged, failed by nature, struggling to find a place in a society obsessed by perfection, the other genetically enhanced by the same science that alienates the other. Will the bionic woman follow her originals path to enhance herself, to replace her failings and try to 'fix' her sister or will she struggle to accept that which makes her different, the real freak?
  • What comes around goes around. Whether an old movie or TV show the remake is far from being a new concept. So, how will the new stand up to the old?

    Well here we are with another remake of an old yet successful idea, bringing back an updated "Bionic Woman" series. It essentially has good potential given the fact that the show deals in the "Sci-Fi" genre which has taken a firm root with many TV viewers today. Its fun indulging the imagination a bit with these shows, given the vast improvement of special effects, and the networks willingness to spend money on them the end product makes for a visually believable story. Now I am old enough to remember the premiers, and watched both series of the original, "Bionic Man" & "Bionic Woman", which I'd thoroughly enjoyed both. With advanced modern day technology in the entertainment industry they are able to rebuild these shows faster, better, and stronger, sorry about that I couldn't help it. Oh, and one other thing, bionics sure have jumped substantially from the 70's don't you think, from your average "Steve Austin" model of $6,000,000., to roughly $50,000.000, for the (2007) "Jamie Summers" model. Wow, I assume that's at cost, I wouldn't want to know what they are at retail, ouch. Like the shows production cost have probably taken quite a leap as well compared to the first time around, but with what they charge for a 30 second commercial spot I guess it works out in the end, especially if the show becomes popular. The SFX were good, and I'm certain as the show progresses it'll get better but that'll depend on the actor's, and their stunt personnel as well. not just the SFX. No matter how good the SFX are at the end of the day it's really up to the stunt people, and even more so with the actors ability to express the use of these fictitious enhanced capability's they have so as to make them seem believable. Normally as the show goes on any competent actor becomes better at conveying these things to us the viewers. I'm certain it takes a little getting use to the feel at what your expressions would be after jumping across roof tops of 10-20 story buildings, or running 60mph., or acting as though your listening to a conversation half a mile away as if your standing right there in front of the person speaking. So, I think it's fair to allow a little slack to these actors that have to pull these things off because it's not something they, or we normally do in everyday life, that is unless there something were not being told, hm-mm? I've always wondered how my wife's heard my mumbles and grumbles from afar. I guess if you're new to it as an actor it's a lot of trial & error. Case in point if you've watched Tom Welling on the "CW's "Smallville", a show currently in its 7th season that chronicles Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton's journey from High School to manhood, and the evolution that would lead him to one day taking up the mantle of "Superman". Watching the 1st season on up you see him become proficient in doing the SFX scenes, honing his craft to a razors sharp edge, and the SFX Team that creates those "special effects" to team up with his acting giving us a convincing performance. As time goes by on the "Bionic Woman" I'm confident that they have nowhere too go but up. So, let's hang on for the ride awhile, and try not to be presumptuous because the pilot may not have met all your expectations that it's time to throw in the towel. Time will tell the tale as to whether this series holds its own, or falls flat, and personally I think it'll do fine but that's just one mans opinion, my own.

    As to the storyline I didn't think it was going too be much of a stretch to establish the main character's role in the series, how she comes to be bionic, and after all Steve Austin's story was told pretty much in the opening credits of the "Bionic Man" series. So, we aren't looking at a year of a "Hero's" type storyline when it comes to the genesis of her becoming bionic, how it happened, who she was, and so forth, but as to the development of finding her way from that point on is what I expect will be hashed out in this part of the season . The storyline may've felt a little rushed at first, and there is a lot to be absorbed, but in doing a once popular remake I think it's more of matter of updating and putting their own signature on it. I also feel that the turn of events leading up to her change with the suddenness of it all, and the vast amounts of info coming at us with her reactions thereafter, as well as the mystery of the company and it's purpose in being could've been done too immerse the viewers into her state of mind with what's happened to her. Now it's time for her to discover her purpose in life, to adjust to her bionics, to understand the company that made her what she is, and what they now want from her. Also discover the bad threats out there that she never knew in her everyday life, and to polarize herself against it, or she can choose not to do anything and try to go back to her old life and deal with the consequences of that. There are plenty of unknowns that lay ahead in her new life so which road will she choose to travel, and at what price will her decisions come with. With an average of 20 some odd 1hr. episodes over a season, I am certain that even in as little as the next several episodes a lot will be revealed that'll pull things together for the character, and us the viewers. One thing that tends to happen with redoing a show that was popular the first time around is the skepticism it inherits from fans of the old show, but I think we should give the show time to find its footing thus allowing it to put a new signature on an old story. If after a sufficient time it fails to do so well then it's only fair that critics can say, at least we gave it a fair shot, before we pull the plug on it after all it is filling some awfully big bionic size shoes of it's predecessors. As for the actors & actresses of the show I've found them for the most part doing a fine job portraying their characters.

    In conclusion, though there may've have been a lot for viewers to take in initially, especially anyone new to the storyline, I think that if they stick too it it'll all come together shortly. Strong storylines, proper character development, strong acting, great SFX is always a great start to having a long running popular Sci-Fi series. Yet there's one other thing that could have an even greater impact on the success of a new series and that is really listening to the fan base opinions about the show, whether good or bad. Doing so gives the fans deeper sense of involvement, and conveys to them that their opinion truly matters. Having the fans involved helps to grow and maintain a loyal following, so please remember that.. With that I will leave it there for now, and I look forward to seeing where this series goes, I remain optimistic. Take care.

    Peace To All.
  • Jaime Sommers and her Government operative boyfriend get hit by a car. Jaime needs undergo serious reconstructive surgery in order to save her life. By having 3 limbs replaced with bionic technology, Jaime becomes faster, stronger and more powerful.

    All I can say is that this how, which has so much potential, had better get a whole lot more interesting FAST! It was a bit too in-you-face for a pilot episode, and not enough was revealed to the audience: Who was that Sarah Corvis chick? Did the boyfriend die? Why was there a court order preventing the sister from accessing the internet? I get taught in drama to not give too much away, but the extent that this show did that last night was just silly (Australian premier was last night). And the actors need to stop mumbling their lines, and the camera man needs to be sacked. At least it can't get any worse.
  • We can make her faster, stronger, better...

    NBC heavily promoted its new science-fiction outing, "Bionic Woman" - a reimagining of the cheesy 70s cult favorite - over this past summer, obviously hoping it would catch on like "Heroes" did last season. The premiere's ratings were pretty strong but after episode two's ratings have come in, it looks like the fate of this show is up in the air. For a pilot episode of a show that's had nothing but trouble behind the scenes, I quite liked "Bionic Woman". The aired pilot is a bit different from the first version I saw. Jaime originally had a deaf sister, who has since been replaced with a more attractive sister who is also good at computer hacking. This difference didn't bother me much, I like both sisters but I don't think having deaf-related storylines would have added much to the show other than predictable stories involving a possible bionic solution to the sister's deafness.

    Michelle Ryan is likable as Jaime, but for some reason they downplay her looks in the show. She's a strikingly beautiful woman but in the show it looks like they put makeup on to make her look more plain, which is quite odd.

    Overall, while the pilot is flawed and the show needs fine-tuning, it's overall a good show, and one that I hope gets enough time to find its footing creatively.
  • High expectations and flashy adds that weren't fulfilled.

    After all the hype surrounding this series, and the fact that it is essentially a remake, I was slightly skeptical.

    The opening of the episode seemed too long and boring. For the first part I didn't even know what I was watching until the break. I know they need to develop characters but it just missed the mark and was just boring.

    Jamie's relationship with Will at first seemed loving and then after the accident it seemed like a complete 360 change and he seemed more interested in the technology than her.

    Another grip I had with the episode is the amount of 'sex' scenes placed throughout the episode - if they thought that would save the episode to make it seemed hip and modern, from my view they were wrong as again, it only dragged out the episode. The whole shooting of Will was also annoying as if the other woman, Sarah, was such a warrior, why couldn't she just shoot her ex?

    Overall a feeling of fakeness surrounded the episode and if I wanted to be bored to death, then this would be one of my first choices.
  • After one episode, all I have to say is, "So far, so good."

    Based on the strength of the creative staff behind the show, I was really, really looking forward to seeing Bionic Woman.

    That said, I was kind of worried that NBC might be hyping it too much--ratcheting up my expectations to such a height that virtually no show could live up to them.

    After one episode, all I have to say is, "So far, so good." I don't recall much about the 70s version of the show. I do know it was a spin-off of Six Million Dollar Man and that it had Lindsay Wagner...but that's about it. Oh and that it was kind of campy. So, I guess you could say I'm coming into this one fresh.

    Now, I'll admit--the first chance I had to download and watch the pilot, I took it. And when I saw it, I have to admit I liked...especially the second-half when it gave off the Buffy-vibe (I was having flashbacks of Buffy and Faith battling as we watched Jamie battle the evil Bionic Woman played by Katie Sackoff...and in a good way). It's interesting that the show would remind me of Buffy. It's certainly playing off some of the same themes--woman leading an ordinary life one day is suddenly given powers and has to learn how to use them in order to "save the world." On Buffy, we battled the supernatural forces and here...well, I guess we'll wait and see. The interesting part is that we have the dark Bionic Woman introduced early and it should be interesting to see how that give and take develops. I'm glad they signed Katie Sackoff to a recurring role status--the scenes with her character just had a lot more pop and tension. I will admit, some of the elements of the show were a bit forced...the whole sister angle, not sure where that's going. But I'm willing to give the show a chance based on what I've seen here. The first episode is good and I can't wait for the second.
  • Not bad but no so good

    This is the story of a woman who has a car accident when with her boyfriend. The guilty is another blond hair woman who seems really mad ... Because of the injuries, her boyfriend who is also doctor replaces one arm/ legs / one ear and one eye and she is now able to fight like a bionic soldier. There's like a company in which are taking part the actors of well known series like Battlestar Galactica and Crossing Jordan. Unfortunately, I think that this is too fast and unconnected, The superpowers of the woman are too fast presented and the story looks like a bit DarkAngel. Let's see the second episode in order to confirm or not those impressions.
  • Not all that good, but hopefully it will get better.

    I was really looking forward to Bionic Woman after reading about it and seeing clips online, but was actually disappointed with the pilot episode. The premise and 'reimagining' is interesting enough, but a few things didn't work out so well. First off, the editing wasn't very good: scenes didn't flow very well and felt less like 'scenes' and more like vignettes. I felt that the character of Jamie Sommers didn't react all that realistically to what was happening to her and adapted much too quickly (by the end of the episode, she was already saying 'I know what I can do now'. Really?) A little more self discovery here might have went a long way.

    Good things in the Pilot: Katee Sackhoff. Personally, I fond her more interesting that the lead actress. And overall, the premise is interesting, so I hope it will get better. I'll give it another 2 episodes before deciding if I'll continue watching or not.
  • this was not a good pilot all !! i don't know what the writter were thinking when they wrote this show and the piolt! why would anyone watch this show better of watch cartoon network, at least that we know from the begennig its gonna be stupid!

    was anticipating good things from this show and was ultimately extremely disappointed by the first episode. The plot was convoluted, unfocused and tried to cover way too many things within the first hour. It may have been smarter to focus on just Jamie, or on the company or on the main villain, super-hot Katee Sackhoff. Instead the writers threw viewers in head-first to all storylines with little clarity and flow. In a few episodes this may correct itself as the show starts to find its footing, but IMO the acting is not good enough to keep me interested that long.
    The brilliant acting of Katee Sackhoff (one of the only good things in the show) is not even enough to save this doomed remake. The score provided reflects Katee's contributions to the show as the rest of the show scored 0.
  • The most anticipated show falls flat out of the gates.

    Bionic Woman, from producer David Eick, one of the guys who brought forth the fantastic Battlestar Galactica, is about Jaime Sommers (played by Michelle Ryan) who is having a turbulent life only to have become shattered during a car accident.

    The episode starts out with a look at a patient (Katee Sackhoff) who apparently lost control and is put down. After that, we get a look at Jaime Sommers in what her life was before the accident. We find that she has to take care of her younger sister where her parents are, that's yet to be seen aside from both of them abandoning them. Soon we get to take a look at her boyfriend, Will Anthros (Chris Bowers), who happens to be a professor and a pretty good doctor. Then we're suddenly hit with the car accident. For those wondering, that all happened within the first half of the show.

    The rest of the show seemed to be geared towards the showdown between Jaime and Sarah Corvis (Sackhoff), who both are bionic women. The pace of the show just wasn't what you would expect from the producer of Battlestar Galactica, a show that relies heavily on great characters.

    As from what I've said, Bionic Woman was just flat. It doesn't do a great job at painting the characters or the overall path of the series. There was just too much going on and too much that didn't make too much sense. I like seeing pilots as being the first taste or first impression, and Bionic Woman did not leave a good impression. Hopefully the other episodes pick up the slack.
  • We can rebuilt her....again!

    the second reincrnation of "the bonic woman" is much better than the 1970's series that watched the first bionic woman go slo-motion. this new version is much better with a newcomer Michelle Ryan taking over as Jamine Summers. After surviving a dfeadful car accident, she was bough back to life again withn new poers and as in whjat the line said in Spider-Man,'With great powers comes great responisbilty." the only problem is that the show is up against another show I like "Kitchen Nightmares." during commerical time, I went over to "Kitchen Nightmare" for only a few minutes before I went back to BW. Didn't work. Can't choose.
  • Too many abilities learned too soon...

    This show is good with the exception of her learning her new abilities way too quickly. She has been with the new equipment for only 3 days and she is already a pro at it. Even better than her nemisis that is near 100% bionic according to her on screen testimony. Both legs, arms, eyes, and some chest. And now the father is loose and no telling what he is going to do. Maybe he is going to create a lot of them bionic people. I think that guy is like super rich and has an exact lab already waiting for him. Up until next week...
  • It's ok - could be better! Shows great potential.

    I love new shows! Bionic Woman is one of those shows that has great potential of flopping - reason! It's based on a sci-fi comic and demands that the audience accepts some truths which are farfetched and in some sense almost impossible. With the Bionic Women that truth is - well basically everything from the part where the car slams into the tree. It isn't to say that bionics is not possible, far from it - it's almost a reality. The acting is not splendid but what would you expect, in short the acting is OK. The actors got the point across and made it almost believable. Some scenes were too much of a cliché. The pilot was in all not bad, it shows great potential, there are several points that could be developed into something great. Before I totally condemn or accept the show I need to see the next episode. A pilot is only there to set the scene - the second episode will show what direction the show will take.
  • One of the best pilots so far!

    There's a lot of talk lately about strong women on television. Women play doctors, lawyers, police officers, scientists, we've even seen a woman president in recent years. One major element of this recent trend is the female hero. In fact, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was arguably one of the first in this trend of strong women. It's good to see a strong female hero on the screen again.

    I think this show is going to be very good. Every character has an interesting story to tell. There's going to be some epic battles, and the good guys are not always going to win. There's wonderful relationships to explore. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Jamie and Will, as well as the sister relationship, because I doubt Jamie can keep this secret forever. And I'm looking more forward to learning Sarah's secrets and history. She's fascinating.
  • One of the shows I was excited about the most...until the first episode.

    Who wouldn't want to watch Bionic Woman? It's a remake of a fun old series, and it features a few nice looking ladies smacking each other around. I gotta say, I was really excited about it, but the pilot did not blow me away. The story was all right, but was basically what everyone expected it to be, an origin episode. There was an accident and the rebuilding of the main character. Starbuck from Battlestar is the somewhat evil first Bionic Woman which is fun casting. But other than these two bionic ladies, everyone else, and I mean everyone, feels rather bland so far. Not only that, but after shows like Smallville and Heroes have cool powers and special effects, these two woman almost like a step backwards. Is it more realistic than those show? Not really. Basically the series has to have some really good writing, and make the rest of the cast feel alive to keep me coming back here. I'll watch the next few and hope to see some progress, because the potential is there.
  • Bionic Woman a classic then and still a classic today, even with a new concept and storylines

    I had pretty good feelings when I first heard of this show but then I feared that it would drag the reputation of its earlier counterpart in the dirt, or the rain, but in the end it was pretty good and action packed. A great storyline, concept, a unstopable villain with the same powers and strength, and an array of characters. After a fatal car crash the only way to save her life was to replace her body with robotic pieces - one arm, one ear, one eye, and both legs. This gives her powers she couldn't of ever dreamt up. Able to leap tall building with a single jump, super speed, and enhanced seeing and hearing capabilties. Now she must not let the machine half take over her human half so she doesn't become a killing war machine like she was meant to be. Even though its a new concept of an earlier show, and it might not do it complete justice in the translation, this is one show that anyone, fan or not, could get into. This episode gets an above average grade of 8.2 out of 10 - sort of slow in the beginning and a bit throughout it. So what is in store for this show who knows but as for me I have good thoughts on the episodes to come, and hopefully it will be a pretty good series that doesn't get pulled a few episodes in.
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