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  • This is a terrible remake, It would be better to go back and watch the original.

    I watched the first show and saved judgement, but after the 2nd show I realize I won't make it to the 3rd. The script writing is irratic and shallow. The acting is mostly poor, especially in the action scenes. The other scenes are poor from the acting as well as the writing. I remember the Bionic Woman as a action hero who had moral values and who's job was to do good. In one episode they have the watchers, who are probably younger, Seeing bathroom sex scenes, Someone called a "(edited)", Someone trying to justify mariuana use and another scene talking about the pill. None of them sending a moral message and none of them having to do with any part of the shallow plot. This isn't for kids. I have a hard time feeling it will really appeal to anyone. There was no real focus on the Bionic Woman, her powers, and what she can do. The show went on so many irrelevant tangets it seemed more like the writers had a hidden agenda getting other things in peoples heads rather than producing a good show. I'd recommend finding a show with better language, better plots, and better acting or find the old Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man and enjoy some classics.
  • jaime sommers was a normal woman taking care of her sister and being a good girlfriend;until she was hit by a car and she turned into bionic woman.


    michelle ryan plays jaime summers and does a great job playing her. jaime sommers takes care of her younger sister becca and she is a good girlfriend to her boyfriend will. jaime works as a bartender.

    one night jaime is hit by a car. will knows the only way to save her.will decides to replace jaime damage body parts and replaced them with machine parts that the governemt has. as jaime wakes up she sees parts of her body have been replace with machine parts. jaime is angry by this and decides to live the place where they made her. as she gets out she keeps it a secret from her sister becca.

    jaime discovers the governemts wants those body parts back from her.jaime decides to kill those who comes after her. once the government sees they cant kill her.jaime and the government comes to an agreement. jaime will work for them and theyll leave her be. jaime, when she works for them she saves the day by solving crimes and stopping bad guys.

    i actually like the show and thought nothing was wrong with it. michelle does a great job at the fights scenes and all the action. i like the chemistry with jaime and her sister becca. the plot was very good.i like how they got into the story about the bionic woman.and the 1st bionic woman was a great villian.

    the only problems that i have with this show is that the show is that there are only 8 episodes which suck. and those episodes are just okay.there not bad but there not good either. there just okay except for the first ep which was great.. besides the 8 episodes,and the episodes being just okay i give it a 7.

    this show had so much potential.

  • Great show WHY OH WHY did it get cancelled?

    I love this show sometimes i think reviewers just say it's bad to agree with the rest who don't like it obviously it's not a super smart perfection show but it's fun action packed show. The show has a different mission each week it's great it's kind of like Dark Angel with the different missions each week. I love katee Sackoff in it her character is chilling and sooooo funny in episode 3. Isiah Washington finally makes a return to TV that sure taught him he was jobless for a week and since when do u go to rehab for making fun of gay people. Anywho a fun action show! PS Bring it back NBC!
  • "Bionic woman"? I don't think so!!

    I watched the first two episodes and there's where it ends for me. I had expectations about this series, I admit, not big ones, but still...and it is completely below what I hoped. It looks like a lot of money went into making this show, and I think it went pretty much down the drain. The characters are not believable, this girl doesn't seem to have it in her to be "bionic woman", she's too girly girl, however "tough" she might want to seem. As for the dialogue, it's pathetic. Absolutely nothing iteresting is said(or done) in this show. So, as I said before, second episode is as far as I can go. Hopefully they will have the common sense to pull the plug after the first season.
  • Over to soon

    Such a great show with a fabulouse lead finished way to soon why this wasn't a hit is so beyond me i loved the original bionic women but i like this to it's so good Michelle Ryan one of my favourite actresses is brilliant in it, a new twist on an old show, it was one of the few remakes i've ever seen that was fresh new well made and wasn't trying really really hard to be like the original i say bring it back, bring it back, or at least make the rest of the season and tie up all the loose ends.
  • If I could I would get it back...

    I liked this show from the first time I saw It and I was looking forward to see such a cool Tv show like this but some where along the road with all those troubles of that time when this show was aired and the writers strikes Bionic woman was buried...

    If it continued till now probably it would have been one of the best shows but what can I say the timing was just not right.

    the thing that made it so frustrating the end,we were watching good action and then suddenly out of no where bam (show canceled) with no proper ending,no finale just nothing!!!
  • remake of the 1970's show of the same name. jaime sommers is a woman with bionic implants who works for a secret agency fighting crime.

    canceled too soon! i just watched the bionic woman on dvd. the show started to get interesting and then poof, canceled. the second half was definately better than the first. the first 4 eps were a little too dark in nature, i enjoyed the missions in the last 4 eps. jaime sommers is a bartender, raising her teenage sister, becca, alone. she almost dies in a horrific car "accident". her fiance is a surgeon and bionics expert. he can't stand to lose her, so jaime becomes his next project. jaime is given bionic legs, arm, ear and eyes. she has super strength and speed along w/accelerated healing. at first she is horrfied and feels like a feak. she eventually accepts what has happened to her but is not ready to work for the berkut group as one of their operatives. then her fiance is murdered, by the first bionic woman, sarah. jaime finally joins the berkut group. she has a few m ore run ins w/sarah. sarah is dying and she thinks jaime's implants are the key to her survival. sarah eventualy fades from the picture. second half--- jaime is commited to the berkut group, she quits her bartender job and must tell her sister she works as a consultant w/a time share company. on one of her missions she works w/cia agent tom hastings and they start dating. miguel ferrer is excellent as always as jaime's boss jonas. isiah washington also did a good job as pope, another one of berkut's operatives. nbc should have given bionic woman another chance.
  • This show is much better than it's limited number of episodes would suggest.

    The show is basicly a remake of the classic 70's series of the same name. It follows a young woman who has her body bionicly enhanced following a near fatal accident. After this she is recruited by a top secret espionage agency and begins takling all manner of assignments.

    I will be honest this is not the best show you will ever watch but it is good. The characters are well formed and very well acted. Michelle Ryan in the lead is particularly good. The special effects are also top notch and not over the top as is so often the case in shows like this. The whole things has a very cool Jake 2.0 vibe to it and had the potential to expand and turn into a very worthwhile show. Unfortunately like so many shows these days it was not given the chance.
  • Jaime Sommers is badly hurt in a car crash and doctors change her into a bionic woman.

    I started watching the pilot episode and the beginning made me think twice about this series but then the mad woman scene changed and we saw Jamie Sommers for the first time. I thought that the first episode was quite good and the fight between jaime and that blonde woman was very good but hard to see in the darkness and the rain.

    Then I watched the next episode 'Paradise Lost' and I absolutely loved this episode, especially when they had to hide in the shop.

    But then I saw the episode after that and got bored half way through and turned it off. I don't think they kept the audience interested and there wasn't much in it. Then again maybe it was just because Michelle Ryan isn't american and her accent scared everyone off!
  • The government needs a special secret agent and they turn to a bartender named Jaime Sommars after saving her life...

    I thought this was a very good remake of the original series. NBC was made a major mistake in cancelling it. No show does very good in in its first season (hello, remember "Seinfeld?"); "Bionic Woman" only needed one thing: a better night. On Wednesdays, it was up against "Lost," "Mythbusters," "Ghost Hunters..." The only problem the series had was that NBC had no faith in it. That's why they stuck it on such a bad night, and despite that bad night, it STILL found a fan base and STILL became a hit show, but I don't think NBC cared about that. I think they stuck it on such a bad night with intentions to cancel it. Michelle Ryan was excellant in the role, and smokingly sexy. I just feel sorry that she never got the chance to shine in a series that would have most definitely made her career!
  • Jaime Sommers didn't think life could get much harder, struggling as a bartender and surrogate mom to her teenage sister, Becca. But when a car accident leaves her near death, Jaime's only hope for survival is a cutting-edge, top-secret technology that c

    While I appreciate that everyone has different tastes, to this day I don't understand why this show did not do so well.

    Sure, some of the dialog beyond the pilot needed work and the camera operators would have been better off studying "Alias" to get a feel for frantic camera work rather than Blair Witch, but it had all the makings of a multi-season show where you could really feel for these characters.

    Speaking of Alias, Jaime Sommers isn't a Sydney Bristow type character and I think a lot of people have knocked the show based on the lead character not being "tough" enough. Personally I feel Michelle Ryan played this role perfectly. She's not a special agent, she's just a woman who has been thrust into this assignment. With the bionic enhancements, it's obvious she has the physical skills to do this, however she's missed out on the years of training in combat and mental toughness, this really shows in her character and is one of the reasons I watched the show.

    The supporting cast is also outstanding. Miguel Ferrer (Crossing Jordan) and Will Yun Lee (Elektra) move the word-heavy script along very well, and Katee Sackhoff as the Bionic Nemesis Sarah Corvus is very good at being bad, while also conveying the pain she is in.

    The show itself moved in typical "bad guy of the week" fashion, however some very interesting story arcs were developing before the series was cancelled and it's such a shame that we'll never get closure on them. Will Sarah Corvus' bionics be repaired? What will happen to Jaime as the lifecycle of her Bionics ends? How and who will continue development on the bionics? The only reason I would not recommend watching this show is it may just leave you wanting more.
  • OBNOXIOUS camera work and sub-par writing doomed this series.

    I love video games as much as the next person... but what is it with shaking the camera so much it distracts from anything and everything? I got so sick of it, I stopped watching this show. I thought it had some great potential - reimagining a series like this could have opened some really cool doors. Sadly, after a few of the shows, the writing slumped. Not terrible, but not really worth 60 minutes of my life each week. Not surprised it was cancelled - just sad. Some great parts (characters, new setting for Jamie, new idea for the old "OSI", etc.) but too hard to watch and just not enough well thought out writing.
  • I respect everyones opinion but i don't feel it was as disappointing as people are making it out to be!I believe Michelle Ryan done an amazing job.Think about it,her accent and no prev martial arts training! I respect but don't agree with others opinions!

    I respect everyones opinion but i don't feel it was as disappointing as people are making it out to be! I believe Michelle Ryan done an amazing job. Think about it, her accent and no previous martial arts training! Although i respect that people have their opinion, in my opinion i feel some folks are being a bit harsh!! If the show is a flop, which i don't believe it to be, I do not feel it had anything to do with her character!!! I started watching this show a few months back, now i'm desperate to see what happens in the next episode!! I hope peoples minds will change about the show!! peace out!!!
  • a remake that was heavily hyped but failed to deliver

    Every once in awhile a network attempts to remake a tv show. The results are often interesting to notice. Usually the remakes fail to work and are sent off to the scrapyard, written away as another failed remake attempt. And this is the story behind NBC's major effort, Bionic Woman. Enough people grew up with Bionic Woman and loved it and I guess NBC thought that the premise was workable for another attempt of the show, if that new show could update the original for the 21st century. And some changes from the first are noticeable. Jaime Sommers in this incarnation is a bartender, not a tennis player. She has a younger sister, Becca, she needs to take care of in their parents' place. Her boyfriend is not Steve Austen but Will, a guy who secretly works in a top secret federal agency. And to update inflation, the bionic tune-ups are $50 million, not $6 million. And in the pilot episode, more differences became pronounced: Jamie is made bionic because there is an orginal Bionic Woman, Jamie being technically the second attempt. To adapt to the 21st century, Jamie is a single woman raising her sister, managing a career, and still trying for love. And instead of trusting the agency completely, the show originally follows the 9/11-esque paranoidic distrust for a secret government agency. The show should've been able to work. The special effects were amazing, updated with the best 21st century technology. And the acting was pretty good as well. Michelle Ryan played a sympathic, likeable Jamie Sommers and Katee Sackhoff was pitch-perfect as the evil Sarah "Bionic Woman 1". The story though was probably the weakest asset. For one, there are plenty of cliches abounding: single working sister for a bratty sister, boyfriend works for a government agency that can convienantly repair Jamie after the accident and are shady enough not to be trusted, Bionic Woman 1 has an ex-lover in the agency, sigh, that are all annoyingly obvious. Bionic Woman 1 was an interesting subplot but it wasn't utilized to its full potential. The stories each week just weren't interesting enough to hold attention for an entire season. The pilot was too rushed. And all the rumors of on-set infighting, the revolving door of producers going on and off the show, the numerous rewrites before the actual pilot (few probably can't remember that Becca was orginally going to be deaf and played by a different actress), the overhyped, oversaturation of a show before it came out, not to mention the 2007-2008 writer's strike, sank this show before it could rise to any potential. Now, Bionic Woman (2007) is tossed into the failed attempt category and will remain there. It is obvious that another remake attempt isn't needed on this show.
  • Even with all the behind the scenes problems...there's so much more that could have been done better.

    Okay...let's get this one over with. yeah...I held off on watching this. I had a ready made, and biased opinion....which was , "There is only one Jamie Sommers, and she is played by Lindsay Wagner. " Not only was I a fan of the original show, but THAT Bionic Woman and her male counterpart were my childhood heroes. But something hit me today, and that was.. Why don't I just set all that aside, and not listen to the nay-sayers..and see for myself, and judge for myself. Nice idea...but it didn't change a thing. In fact, viewing just the pilot only reinforced my negative perceptions. Now, I didn't go into this thinking I was going to see a re-tread..and in no way did I expect Ryan's Jamie to resemble Wagner's Jamie in any way. I knew that this series had plenty of offscreen problems to doom the concept from the beginning. First of all, the Bionic concepts used in the original stories were all tied into concepts introduced in the Martin Cadin book, 'Cyborg", the contents of which are all copywrited, as are virtually all elements of the original series via continued litigation between the Cadin Estate, Universal Studios and Dimension films. Therefore, Universal, NBC, and Eick himself only have access to the name Jamie Sommers...and that is all. Everything else had to be completely re-done, and could not resemble the original in any way, shape or form. All the more reason to expect a great writer-producer like David Eick to come up with concepts that would overcome those shortcomings. Not only did he doesn't even look like he tried! So, let's examine what could have been done here.....1. Characterization; virtually nonesistant: each act is designed for viewers with very small attention spans. The average scene is over within a minute , maybe two...(tops) of it's beggining. This leaves no time to explore any of these characters..let alone Jamie herself, using any depth whatsoever. And without depth, without being allowed to get to know the woman to whom these events have swept over, and totally changed the life of.. you give the viewer next to no reason to care what the hell happens to her... so you almost strip clean any sense of drama right there. All of the supporting characters are pretty much cardboard stereotypes, with no personality at all. 2..... Action and Flash; Oh, you get a decent amount of that here. This factor is probably the only acception to the scene time problem stated above. You just know when it comes time to see a fight, that's gonna be a longer scene. But, God forbid the audience should have to sit through even a five minute conversation. Please, we'd grab the remote the first chance we get, right? And i really hope that the editor on this was one of the highest paid on staff. he certainly seems to be the one who did the most work here. 3. What is up with all this grunge/metal/whatever blasting on top of all the scenes? This is on so many shows today....and I am soooo sick of it. All of this flash and fancy footwork looks good, and yeah..the Bionic effects look cooler know than they did then...but, so what? It's not like I expected slo-mo, or the TM Bionic sound effect of old. I did however, look for the one aspect...the one quality that made the previous series the success that it was, and made it so appealing in the first place. I'll tell you what it is. You ready? Can you handle it? Per-son-a-li-ty. Jamie.. as far as the old series goes, was intoduced as a 1 shot guest star on The Six Million Dollar Man. She was also killed off in that first story. But the actress playing her, Lindsay Wagner, injected so much sparkling personality into the character which was so well written in the first place... that audiences would not tolerate seeing her die. The writers had to really come up with a believable concept to bring her back....which they did, but not without a price...she looses most of her memory, and has to begin anew. But her personality, her spirit, her charm.. not her Bionic abilities, not the missions... is what endured the character to audiences so much.. that after being just a two time guest star...she had to have her own show... thanks to the fans who demanded it. Indeed, the whole key to the phenomenon of the earlier series, is that these people did NOT loose their spirit, their humanity, in spite of their new found classification as a much needed weapon or commodity. The fact that the writers and producers of this show lost sight of this, is why the show only lasted 8 episodes. I don't expect a blatent re-make , guys. But a little forsight, common sense and TLC might be nice. And this from one of the creators of Battlestar galactica. Tsk, Tsk, David. You should be ashamed of yourself. There is NO excuse for this.
  • Should have been given a chance.

    The show was pretty good. It had a good premise and strong characters. Thought the actors were perfectly suited for their parts and were doing a great job. The episodes were pretty well written. The show probably could have used a bit more action or intensity or something. It just wasn't edge of the seat, nail biting television. Definitely deserved a chance to make it though. Writers strike definitely did not help an already fragile show. Bad time slot too. Hope to see Miguel Ferrer in something else real soon. He's an amazing actor and was a pivotal part of the show.
  • Ultimately disappointing

    High expectantions quickly gave way to resignation, esp. when it became apparent the show was cancelled after 8 shows. Too many of the weekly plots werent different enough and should have focused on her learning how to use each of her abilities one at a time, over several increasingly difficult tasks that taxed her ability to use each bionic. That would have been the clever way - but once it was decided to rush into the action w/o building an affinity between the audience and Jaime, the show was ultimately to fail on the rating front.

    A decent cast, built up a good base for character relationships that may have helped this show survive later on. However, the premise of the bionic abilities really didnt come across to well. The graphics just werent good enough imo. Add to that production that never settled and the disappearance of the only really well acted character (Corvus) and its clear to see why this failed.

    I felt that Ryan took to long to get into her stride and that also the lack of a main story arc to tie the episodes together would have helped. Ididnt think her personal life w/ her sister was strong enough to do this.

    I do feel however, that if they had a 12-15 episode run, that there would have been enough to get another season. Then again, when you look at shows like Jericho getting cancelled then maybe there was no chance for this show.

    To add insult to the injury, the 8 episode season is now being marketed on DVD! Go figure!!!

    Shame its gone, but there can really be no surprises, which is unfortunate for the hardcore (and realistic) fans such as myself.
  • new version new century .a young woman thrown into a secret world after her boyfriend save her life.

    darker series than the original one .
    Michelle ryan not bad,room for improvement.
    katee sackhoff good in short doses .sorry waiting for a cylon to appear.
    stories: to much on who you can trust,not on helping to save the day.[back to the cylon references]
    by the way not dissing battlestar it works there.
    eight episodes not long enough to fully decide to end.
    some needs one or two series.
    saying that like how she had to keep her new world secret from her sister.
    supporting cast was good .character's backgrounds good but when we heard too much they die . not fair
    sorry away to see battlestar now bye.
  • "Bionic Woman" has a great preformance by Michelle Ryan and has really great action sequences. But I wish the story was more intersting.

    "Bionic Woman" is the remake of the hit 80s show named "The Bionic Woman". This is a darker and more serious version than the 80s show. The main character Jamie Sommers is played by Michelle Ryan, who gets into terrible accident and is saved from death with reconstructing some of her body parts with bionic parts. She is raising a rebel of a younger sister played by Lucy Hale. "Bionic Woman" has very good performance by Michelle Ryan and has very good action sequences. But, the story has an interesting character but, the story is sometimes confusing and not so interesting. "Bionic Woman" is o.k. at best.

    I think Bionic Woman could become a cult show.
  • At first, Jaime Sommers is a bartender a guardian for younger sister, Becca. After getting in a car accident with boyfriend, Will, her serious injury forces an incredible bionic fix. She then must juggle keeping up with her family and saving the innocent.

    This show was definitely underappreciated and really needs to be brought back. Every week I tuned in for the next episode full of action, amazing actors who gave their all, and such a great story. This remake series is much darker than the original series, althouh it is still very much enjoyable. The show did not even end in closure, it was left so open, which could have at least been written better. The writing all throughout the series was so wonderful though, very witty at times and I really want this show back! If you have not watched it, I think you should!
  • NOOOO!!! How can this show be cancelled!!!

    This sucks, I thought this new show was great... and they left us with Jamie not telling the sister about her, will she ever tell her sister about it???
    I love this show, they had exciting bits. There have been times where I didn't watching some episode, but then when I go back to watch the show, I will be thinking why did I not watch the past week ones, because the episode that I watch was good.
    I wish they given the show a second chance as it has so much promise!!!!
    I love this show and it will be missed. W_C
  • A show that I tried to stick with on the strength of its producer, David Eick of Battlestar Galactica, that could not keep it together and was usually underwhelming. Did not live up to its potential.

    [Does not include episodes after "Trust Issues"]
    I really wanted to like this show and I kept giving it chance after chance but there just wasn't anything engaging offered by 'Bionic Woman' and I eventually gave up. I hoped to find a series that had something similar to what 'Battlestar Galactica' had to offer being that some of the same people were involved. Sadly, I believe that many of the problems behind the scenes caused this series to lose focus and doomed it.

    The main problems were that I couldn't really relate to or care about the characters and the plot for each episode wasn't that interesting. I really had no reason to tune in each week except that I did because I hoped that each new episode would be "the one that turned the series around" (which didn't happen.) They even managed to get me to dislike Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from 'Battlestar Galactica') because her character was boring.

    Mainly, I'm disappointed that this series couldn't come together and be something other than a "super-powered" clone of 'Alias.'
  • A remake of a famous serial we all loved in the 80s, point is that they could have really spared us this one.

    I have one word for this show. Tragic. Instead of making a decent remake of an all times classic, or at least picking up where the original serie left it they decided to completely redesign the show transforming it into a psychological-drama garbage. In the original show, a woman caught in a terrible accident gets picked up by the government that rebuilds her body with cyberware and hire her as a secret agent. In this remake pretty much the same happens, with the exception that it's all about her drama of her getting used to the new implants, his poor husband getting killed by another cyberwoman and similar trashy ideas. We could have really lived without this one, I couldn't even manage to get past a couple of episodes before sending the show to the trash can. Really.
  • Action Built remake; Bionic Woman takes superheroes to a new level.

    Everything for this show happened so fast viewers could barely keep up. The pilot started off on an interesting take where it caught viewers attention. From the time I heard that there was a new version of Bionic Woman on, I knew I had to catch it. The previous Bionic Woman was a hit, I expected this one to be the same, but I was disappointed. Jamie, (the new Bionic Woman) started off on a normal lifestyle, we are slowly introduced to her boyfriend, we learn he is a doctor of some sort, they go out, she tells him she's pregnant, he proposes, they are going to get married... wait...wait... slow down, I could barely keep up with the storyline. Everything is jumbled, like the writers were trying to build everything in one episode. She ends up in critical care and fine they replace her parts with bionics but the show is quite unconvincing, already, halfway through the episode she learns to master her skills, that the we haven't even come to terms with as yet. She attempts jumping off of a building because of course she knows that with her new abilities she could jump over unto the next building and not plummet to her death. The action scenes are good, but for someone who now is coming to terms with her abilities should have a little doubt with what she could actually do. The whole story line is a good idea, but the plot needed to slow down. Otherwise this would have been a new interest for those past Bionic Woman fans. This was a perfectly good idea, but everything was just clustered in the pilot that it barely had enough breathing space, which sucks because I really wanted to like this series.
  • Why do they have to cancel a great show?

    Bionic Woman was about a woman, Jaime, who gets in a car accident and has bionic parts added to her body. She learns to adjust to them and goes on missions with the company that gave her the power. She also handles raising her sister, Becca. Her co-workers are Jonas, Jae, Ruth, Nathan and Antonio. She also has a new boyfriend, Tom because her fiancee, Will, died in the crash. Sarah Corvus is also out to get her. She is the first Bionic Woman.

    This show was so great! It had action, drama, and mystery! I loved watching each episode and I don't know why the writer's strike had to happen because it cancelled a great show! Bionic Woman gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Well it certainly wasn't the best remake but it was adequate for an hour a week mindless entertainment imo. The show was weak but forgiven in it guest star Katee Sackloff. She provided not only great acting but a much needed familiar

    Well it certainly wasn't the best remake but it was adequate for an hour a week mindless entertainment imo. The show was weak but forgiven in it's guest star Katee Sackloff. She provided not only great acting but a much needed familiar face from the established scifi world. Along with her we had Miguel Ferrar the veteran actor from Crossing Jordan and Will Yun Lee another recognized tv actor. An added treat was Isiah Washington who did well as a seasoned operative and played well off Michelle Ryan. As to the actress herself who starred as the bionic woman. I thought Ryan was ok but apparently that was not enough. Her acting wasn't ground breaking her role was to provide the beauty quotient and some recognition from the Eastsiders. Not that great in the face department but the show adapted with plenty of neckline and back angle shots. For me the acting was never a problem but a lot of the storylines had no depth. On top of that the feminist statement of the original bionic woman being a teacher smart and stong. Is replaced by a college dropout who waits for men to call her very odd. All in all this show would've been basic cable fare if not for the budget. Scifi Channel would never have paid as much as it cost to produce this show but like a high priced version of Andromeda I would've gladly tuned in each week for premium scifi cheese.
  • Bionic Woman not resistant to criticism

    According to recent news out of NBC the story of Jamie Sommers may live on for an extended season. However that means that viewers are just going to be treated to more episodes of a show that is going downhill fast.

    While I recognize that a show's pilot may not be it's best material due to time constraints, early casting and so on it's unfortunate that each subsequent episode has gotten worse.

    Characters seem driven by seemingly random events and the story arc seems to be going nowhere. Even the smallest CGI used in the show feels low-budget... and for a woman that is "bionic" she sure knows how to whine.

    Seriously, where are the kick ass fights? Put your hand threw some walls and knock heads. You can move at lightning speed! Do something!!

    I'm disappointed that after Michelle Ryan's great character in BBC's Jekyll that she'll be remembered for this. Hopefully Galactica fans can forgive Katee Sackhoff for this ill-thought out remake. I know I will.
  • Surprised

    I saw the commercials for this show and didn't want to see it at all, thought it looked dumb. I was home sick for a few days and watched it... I fell in love with this show. I hope it's not gone!! I think there is still a lot of work to be done. Michelle Ryan is good at this character and I hope to see her continue as the Bionic Woman. I don't understand why so many people give this show a hard time. It's refreshing to see an actual tv show instead of a stupid game show or a reality show.
    Go Bionic Woman!
  • It could have been better. By trying to tie it to the old series they were caught between the changes they wanted to make and the original and ended up mediocre.

    I liked the storylines of the show, for the most part, and some of the twists like a second bionic woman rival...but they weren't enough to for me to do more than TiVo the show to watch when I was really bored and didn't have something better to watch. Don't get me wrong the series was good. But I can see why it got canned. So if you haven't seen what they did and are curious if it is worth watching, then I'd vote for "yes it is worth watching" but not more than once...and I wouldn't pay to watch it.

    Here's why I think it failed...

    A few series this year (and last year) have been based on classic tv shows and movies. Flash Gordon, Knight Rider, (Battlestar Galactica) and the Bionic Woman. Flash Gordon's cheese was well captured, in my opinion by that remake and it wasn't based off of a popular tv series, so it had enough "new" to make it an interesting follow; Knight Rider is too new to judge it though they are building off of the old tv series not trying to remake the series. Battlestar is probably the closest comparison, because it attempted to remake the original with a serious tweeking to the storyline--but still pulling from the original from its base story. This is what the Bionic Woman tried to do as well...and that is why it failed. If they had done something simular to what Knight Rider is doing, they may have had something "original" enough to cause more than a raised eyebrow...but as it is, everone kept comparing the current model to the original...and the current model couldn't hold up.

    Now Battlestar took this same approach and is doing better...but not by much in my opinion, but that is a review for another day.
  • A farewell from a fan, and a wish for things to come...

    The way that TV's going at the moment just makes me sad....Now more than ever, shows are judged so quickly by the powers that be in every aspect of things from production to airing.....the studio's decide to can it based on a few days worth of ratings, the Stations take shows off the air if they dont have the same lightning fast feedback. Shows like MASH, and so many others would have been canned if people on the inside hadn't fought for them early in their life....

    The sad thing is that were watching these series, and some of us actually really like them, and their wrenched away so quick it's ridiculous. I liked Bionic Woman, and it had real potential....I'm not going to get so fired up that I end up emailing the network and picketing the studio, but how many series do they expect us to become invested in before we see the NBC logo and run the other way.....I watched the pilot of Knight Rider, and wondered what exec thought that series was any better than bionic woman. At least Bionic woman felt slightly less cheesy than knight rider. It had a more gritty feel, and I connected with the characters.,....I didn't much with Knight Rider, and yet, that show will be picked up for 3 seasons, and ten other series that had such potential will be axed within a few episodes.....

    Journeyman and Bionic Woman should have more of a run.....Even if it's just to finish the season and have some kind of ending....Finish it off properly...dont leave this as just one more thing hanging there unfinished....

    Firefly, Tru Calling, Dresden Files, least Joss Whedon pushed and was able to make Serenity, but to the others, take some responsability for tying up loose ends....
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