Bionic Woman

NBC (ended 2007)


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  • This is a terrible remake, It would be better to go back and watch the original.

    I watched the first show and saved judgement, but after the 2nd show I realize I won't make it to the 3rd. The script writing is irratic and shallow. The acting is mostly poor, especially in the action scenes. The other scenes are poor from the acting as well as the writing. I remember the Bionic Woman as a action hero who had moral values and who's job was to do good. In one episode they have the watchers, who are probably younger, Seeing bathroom sex scenes, Someone called a "(edited)", Someone trying to justify mariuana use and another scene talking about the pill. None of them sending a moral message and none of them having to do with any part of the shallow plot. This isn't for kids. I have a hard time feeling it will really appeal to anyone. There was no real focus on the Bionic Woman, her powers, and what she can do. The show went on so many irrelevant tangets it seemed more like the writers had a hidden agenda getting other things in peoples heads rather than producing a good show. I'd recommend finding a show with better language, better plots, and better acting or find the old Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man and enjoy some classics.