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  • jaime sommers was a normal woman taking care of her sister and being a good girlfriend;until she was hit by a car and she turned into bionic woman.


    michelle ryan plays jaime summers and does a great job playing her. jaime sommers takes care of her younger sister becca and she is a good girlfriend to her boyfriend will. jaime works as a bartender.

    one night jaime is hit by a car. will knows the only way to save her.will decides to replace jaime damage body parts and replaced them with machine parts that the governemt has. as jaime wakes up she sees parts of her body have been replace with machine parts. jaime is angry by this and decides to live the place where they made her. as she gets out she keeps it a secret from her sister becca.

    jaime discovers the governemts wants those body parts back from her.jaime decides to kill those who comes after her. once the government sees they cant kill her.jaime and the government comes to an agreement. jaime will work for them and theyll leave her be. jaime, when she works for them she saves the day by solving crimes and stopping bad guys.

    i actually like the show and thought nothing was wrong with it. michelle does a great job at the fights scenes and all the action. i like the chemistry with jaime and her sister becca. the plot was very good.i like how they got into the story about the bionic woman.and the 1st bionic woman was a great villian.

    the only problems that i have with this show is that the show is that there are only 8 episodes which suck. and those episodes are just okay.there not bad but there not good either. there just okay except for the first ep which was great.. besides the 8 episodes,and the episodes being just okay i give it a 7.

    this show had so much potential.

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