Bionic Woman

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

BIONIC WOMAN 1.03 - SISTERHOOD TEASER Jaime practices fighting with Jae. He tells her that part of her programming contains artificial intelligence – the ability to learn, and more importantly, to unlearn. They fight again and he mentions how she is still defending herself the same way each time. They fight again. He wins once again and tells her that she can't be too predictable. He tells her that she can circumvent the programming and go way beyond what it intended. She questions that he is saying she can hack into herself – change the information. He says all it takes is practice. Jaime eats lunch outside with her sister. She is trying to bribe her because she has been away, and her sister wants $170 jeans, which she tells her she can't have – she's only fifteen. Jaime gets a call from Bledsoe who needs her to do something for him. She says she is with her sister eating lunch, but he knows where she is at, because they built a GPS tracker into her brain. She does not like this and questions that he said she wasn't ready. He says she isn't, but she is the closest operative. He asks her to keep the man there until backup comes. To distract her sister, Jaime gives her a credit card and tells her to go buy the jeans as an early present. Jaime goes over to the man's car and gets him to roll down the window. She asks for directions and he just tells her he doesn't know, and puts the window back up. She forces the window back down again. JAIME: Ok, listen. I've been asked to make sure you don't go anywhere, ok, so is there anyway we can wait here for five minutes until backup gets here? Feel free to turn the radio on. The man goes to punch her so she moves on to her "plan B," and grabs him through the open part of the window and slams him into the steering wheel, knocking him out. ACT ONE Becca comes back to the café with many bags - she got tons of shirts too. She says that Jaime was supposed to be there when she got back. She tells her that she went to the bathroom and suggests they go to a movie. Bledsoe is telling Truewell that he loves her and such, as part of a lie, to show he can beat the lie detector test. When she asks him how he can do that, he tells her that he's been married. Anthony Anthros, Will's father, is talking to Sarah Corvus, looking at her diagnostic on a cell phone, which says "life expectancy erosion 80%." She is shaking badly. He says that she gets bad ideas in her head – feelings she doesn't understand, and impulses to do things that frighten her. She questions that the bionics changed her, turned me into this "thing." He opens a cabinet to get some vials out and tells her that he cannot help her until she has more information. He then tells her he wants her to take something for her nerves that will calm her. She asks if the same thing is going to start happening to Jaime. He tells her he doesn't know. The only way to know for sure is to evaluate her in person. She asks him if he finds differences if could he help her. He says that it is unlikely, but not impossible. He tells her to trust him to make her feel better, at least for the time being, and to bring Jaime to him. He then injects her. Jaime goes to see Bledsoe in his office. She is really angry about there being a tracker in her, and even more so when she finds out that there is also streaming video coming from the video camera in her brain. She tells him she wants it out. Bledsoe tells her that it isn't in her eye, but in her brain. He tells her that it is all graphed onto her cerebral cortex, and that they could take it out, but she wouldn't be able to move the left side of her body. She wants her privacy and tells him they are perverts. Bledsoe says it is for her safety, but she knows better, and tells him that it is for watching his investment. He admits it is for that too. Bledsoe has a job for Jaime. The daughter of a major Canadian defense contractor, Heaven Von Fleet will be visiting the US for three days, and needs protection. She questions that she will just be a "bionic babysitter." He tells her just to enjoy it. Jaime talks to the girl's father the day before and he tells her that his daughter is to have no tattoos, drugs, or the like. The girl is a brat and is rude to her father, and to Jaime, telling her not to talk to her and to walk five steps behind her at all times. Jaime dances around and sings and her sister eventually joins in. Sarah is watching them through the window. She jumps to their building. Jaime senses that someone is there, but doesn't see anything and tells her sister it is nothing; however, Sarah is right outside their window. While looking at the sisters, Sarah remembers being in the car with her own sister. Her sister tells her that they always miss the fun stuff and that she is too slow. She calls her a 'sissy,' so Sarah speeds up. Sarah can see Jaime letting her sister have a 'sip' of wine, who of course tries to gulp more down. Back in the memory, Sarah is arguing with her sister, trying to get some of the drink off of her. She doesn't want to share what's left. Suddenly a truck crashes into them on her sister's side. Her sister is dead. Sarah screams and cries. While Sarah remains outside the window, shaking once again, Jaime and her sister look at photos on Becca's laptop. She has a photo of their mother's grandmother, who had some kind of genetic disorder. Jaime asks her why all of it is important to her, to learn everything about their family, and she says that she wants to know the truth about everything – she doesn't like secrets. Jaime has a dream where she is talking to Sarah, who tells her that their human brains filter out things that it doesn't want them to see, and not to let it. She says to see everything. Sarah says that they can know what each other is thinking if they want to. Sarah enters her room and wakes her up. Jaime goes to attack her, but she tells her to not even try, because she knows how she thinks. As Jaime looks at things with her bionic eye, trying to decide what she can use, Sarah knows exactly what she is thinking because she has the same base programming. She says that she knows Jaime better than Jaime knows herself. She realizes that the group is watching and that they can see what Jaime sees, and that she doesn't have very long until they will be there. She tells Jaime that she needs her help. Jaime yells at her – she killed the only man she ever loved and also her unborn child. Sarah tells her that she needs to believe her, it was never about her. She isn't there to hurt her or her sister, but needs her to trust her and meet her the next day at noon where they can talk and she can't be cornered. She wants her to come alone without any backup. She tells Jaime that she needs her too, and that they will see if the trust works both ways. ACT TWO Back at Berkut, Bledsoe says that he wants Jaime under lockdown, and the entire organization on full alert. He wants Corvus found and brought in, dead if necessary. He also wants Jaime's streaming optical interface tracked permanently, so she can't make a move unless they know when where and why. Jaime tells him she refuses to do that. She's not hiding, and she's not running away. She's angry that he is talking about her like she isn't even in the room – like her opinion doesn't matter. It's not exactly the attitude adjustment they talked about. Truewell says that they did talk about that, and he calms down somewhat and apologizes. Jaime proceeds to tell them that she thinks that she should draw Sarah Corvus out, but she needs to talk to her before they bring her in, and find out what she wants. Bledsoe says he won't let her – they have experts in that category. She gets up and says she's sure his experts have a lot to talk about. Bledsoe stops her and agrees that they will stay back until she tells them move in. Jaime tells them that she thinks Sarah is in pain. She wants a promise that if they bring her in, that they are going to help her. She tells them not to make a liar out of her. Jae says to consider it a promise. Bledsoe tells Jaime that Sarah lost a sister in a car accident, and she was driving. She pretty much went 'scorched earth' after that. If Sarah wants something, she will tear through a wall to get it, and make sure the wall isn't her. Sarah does some pushups, and then after walking to the window, she sits on bed, still shaking. She acts almost like she is in some sort of withdrawal. She then traces a crack in the wall, and then punches it. She continues hitting it, breaking through the wall. Jaime is at a store with Heaven, who is ordering people around. Meanwhile, Jaime is on the phone talking to Nathan. She's complaining about the babysitting. He tells her she is bionic, and to multitask. She tells him she's looking for sympathy and for him to agree with her – she's trying to be his friend. So he tells her that she is right and they are wrong. He then asks if it would be inappropriate to ask her out for drinks. She tells him it would be, so he questions that she wants him to be like one of her girlfriends. As he talks, Jaime realizes that Heaven is gone, and tells him that she has to go. Jaime goes outside and scans for the girl. Bledsoe calls her. She can't lie because he can see what she sees. She tells him that it is not a camera, but a violation of privacy. She threatens to call someone – the justice department or Hillary Clinton. He tells her just go find Heaven so they don't have to go to war with Canada. Jaime finds the girl at a tattoo parlor and goes in after her. She brings her back to Berkut and she asks if it is punishment, and mocks her that she is scared. She says she should be and then takes her to Truewell. Ruth asks what she is doing at a top secret facility. Heaven asks if she is supposed to be impressed. Jaime tells her that she is going out for a few hours and Ruth is going to run some tests on her. Heaven just looks at Ruth and asks if she is a lesbian Jaime goes to see Antonio and tells him that she is going to see Sarah Corvus soon and feels in the dark. She wants to know what Sarah wants with her. He tells her that they think that she might be working with Anthony Anthros, who broke out of prison. He was in prison for treason – he tried to sell bionics to the highest bidder. He questions that she and Will apparently didn't talk very much. She says that apparently she's the most gullible person on earth. She asks him what Anthros wants with Sarah, and he tells her that he created and designed her – both he and Will did. She asks again what they want and he tells her that if he has to guess, he would say her. Jaime meets with Sarah, who tells her that she is sick, and she thinks that Jaime is the only one who can help her get well. Sarah says that she doesn't know what they have told her, but she has done some bad things. Jaime tells her that she knows. Sarah continues that Jae shot her and as far as the world was concerned, she was dead, but Will revived her surgically. Jaime questions how he raised her from the dead. Sarah doesn't know how he did it, but whatever he did changed something in her - like her emotions were gone with it. She felt like a pure machine, like she could do anything, and loved it. Jaime asks her why she needs her, and Sarah says that she is losing control again. Sarah has a flashback of Anthros tells her to take her medicine and she will feel better. Back in the present, Sarah tells her that whatever he did to save her was temporary, but Jaime's anthracites, the way they interface with her body is more advanced. She says that if they can isolate those properties they can make adjustments in her. She can save her life. She then asks Jaime how well she you really knew Will. How sure is she that the only reason she became a bionic candidate was because of the accident? Jaime tells her that Will didn't know she was going to slam that truck into them. Sarah ask how she knows she didn't just expedite and that she wasn't being primed anyway – used by a man looking for the next candidate to serve up. Jaime tells her that they are finished talking. She doesn't need Sarah, she need her. Sarah realizes they are coming after her. She tells her that she expected more from her. Jaime just tells her to run. Sarah runs and dives into the water. ACT THREE Jaime is angry because Bledsoe broke their deal. She asks him what Sarah was about to say that they did not want her to hear. She asks if she is a ticking time bomb too. She tells Bledsoe that she is going after her and if they can, they are going to help her. He says that Sarah killed fourteen of his men. She tells him that that was a tragedy, but not her and he knows it. He questions that she believes her "insanity" defense. She tells him that there is a difference between going crazy and have your identity stolen from you. Jaime then tells him that she wants his video tape turned off. Jaime practices fighting Jae again and she takes him down. He tells her that interesting things start happening once you learn to let go. Antonio questions if she thinks Sarah is going to bring gloves to fight. He says that what they need to find is the animal. He picks up a crow bar, and says that if her training is worth a damn by now, he should be able to swing the crowbar as hard and as fast as humanly possible and never get close to her. He says that he is about to get analog on her ass. He asks if she is ready to find the animal, and she tells him to bring it on. They fight and she wins. Jae stops her. Antonio says, "There's the animal." Sarah tries to eat while shaking so hard. She starts hallucinating. She gives up and gets a vial and needle and injects herself. Jaime says to Jae that Sarah thinks she betrayed her and asks him what he thinks she will do next. He says that he doesn't know, but she does hold grudges. He tells her that she has twenty-four hour security, and is not in it alone. She then tells him she has to go, she's on assignment, and Heaven needs a pedicure. Ruth is still talking to Heaven, who doesn't seem very happy. Truewell says they will move on to her mother, and asks if she infantilizes her as well. She tells Ruth that she would like to stop now and tries to leave. She tells her that door is locked and to sit. Jaime comes in and Heaven tells her that she is sorry about ditching her at the store and that she would really like to leave now. Jaime, knowing it worked, thanks Ruth and they leave. Jaime and Heaven are at a salon getting manicures. Heaven is still being a brat. Sarah comes in and sits next to Jaime, who asks her what she is doing there. She just tells her she is getting a pedicure. Jaime tells her that she is looking better, and she tells her it comes in waves. Sarah questions that she is on baby detail. Jaime tells her that she is sorry she brought back up with her before, but she killed fourteen people and was lurking outside her window. She questions that Sarah can't see it from her side. Sarah tells her that she can see everything from her side, that's the point, they need each other. Jaime tells her that she doesn't think she needs her. Sarah questions this as there are four gangsters coming to get Heaven. The men come in and yell for everybody get out. Jaime tries to hide Heaven, and then fights them. Heaven watches her. Jaime looks to Sarah for some help, and she tells her that she thought she said that she didn't need her. Jaime finally admits she needs her. Sarah pulls a gun from the one guy knocked out on the floor, and tells her that bionics are great and all, but nothing beats a little firepower. She shoots the one guy. They continue to fight and Jaime kicks the last man, knocking him out Sarah tells her that she is not sorry that Will is dead, but didn't know that she was pregnant and is sorry about that, but she needs her help. She is dying and her bionics are the only things that can save her. ACT FOUR The three of them walk through the parking garage. Jaime tells Heaven that she will be okay. Berkut is watching them and she has a tracker in her eye. Heaven starts asking questions and Sarah tells her to get in the car and shut up. Sarah questions that Jaime hasn't figured out how to turn off the GPS yet. She tells Jaime she has to or the Berkut guys will watch her in the shower. She tells her that the point is that they don't tell you anything, which is why they need to stick together. She tells her it is like hacking, and to visualize the tracker and disable it with her thoughts. She does it, but her nose bleeds. Sarah says that she will cut to the chase, and tells her that she wants her to come with her to Anthros so they can study her technology and update her. She says that when they put the bionics in her, the system wasn't perfected. Sarah will die within a year if she doesn't go with her and help her. Jaime tells her that she can't go to Anthros - she won't get cut up by Will's father, but to come to Berkut. Sarah questions what surgeons could do it, because Will is dead. Jaime apologizes, but she can't risk it, it's not just about her, she has a sister and she is her guardian. Sarah gets angry and turns and walks away. JAIME: Where are you going Sarah? SARAH: I'm gonna go lay down on the sidewalk and die. Jaime tells her not to be so dramatic. She says that she was just told by the one person who can save her life that she's got better things to do. She takes off. HEAVEN: She's scary. JAIME: Yeah I know. Jaime takes Heaven home and she hugs her father, telling him she loves him. She thanks Jaime and tells her that she is going to take up karate. Jaime calls Becca and says she'll pick up dinner on the way home. Sarah is at the hotel with Anthros, who tells her that she is losing control. After yelling at her, he tells her that maybe Jaime really can help her, but she is never going to be able to trust Jaime until she can truly relate to her. She tells him that Jaime is never going to trust her – she can't reach her. He says that she will trust her when she gets to feel what she felt. Sarah has a flashback of the crash. She wakes up in the room alone. Jaime comes home to find Becca talking to their new neighbor - Sarah. They talk and then Sarah knocks Becca out and then hits Jaime. After, Sarah tells her that she just put something in Becca's tea and that she is not dead yet. She will stay that way as long as Jaime comes with her, otherwise she will have to take Becca out of the picture so that Jaime doesn't feel so torn. She tells Jaime that she knows what it feels like to lose a sister – she killed hers – oops. It sucks, but she feels like there is a silver lining – she'll lose a sister but gain more of her – they'll be even more connected. Jaime tells her that she knows she doesn't really want to kill her. She knows Sarah thinks she is this pure aggressive animal, but that's not all of her. She says that she knows she loved Jae and he loved her. She knows she loved her sister. Jaime continues that there is some humanity left in her, she can see it. Sarah lets go of Jaime's sister. Jaime's nose starts bleeding. She tells Sarah that she is sorry and to run. Sarah is angry she chose Berkut over her, and tells Jaime that she is going to have to live with that. They will destroy her. Jaime says that if she ever comes after her sister again, she will kill her. Sarah tells her that Will studied her like a lab rat and set her up. There was never any reality to what she shared with him. She tells Jaime to remember that next time she's trusting in someone, that she meant nothing to him. She leaves and Jaime goes to her sister. She tells her it that is going to be okay. TO BE CONTINUED…